31 March 2009

Fake Blood - Darude Sandstorm Remix :)))

I could not resist myself and had to post it. Apparently Fake Blood made a remix of classic chesseeeeee track by Darude. A snippet can be checked here

I don't know if it is true or fake, but I definitely don't like this remix, but please check the comments section related to this track on this blog
I absolutely laughed my ass off reading 100+ comments. A real joy for any fan of 'blog' music :)

God-Willing Mark Ryden's YHWH

One of my favourite painters, Mark Ryden produced a first toy commisioned by http://necessariestoyfoundation.com/ It is called YHWH and I would never allow my kids to play with it, he he he. What do you think?

Raffertie - Bigger Than Barry Mixtape'

Raffertie - Bigger Than Barry Mixtape'

Totally crazy, killing, pounding old-school / nu-school mash up banger shait !!!! Twisted rave step clashed head-on with breakbeat mayhem and heavy bass. I hereby, officially declare Raffertie most insane artist of 2009. Barely 22 years old, this Birmingham producer has very strange music taste and DJ skills indeed, and this is no coincidence that one can hear him a lot on Starkey’s Seclusias Radio Show in SubFm. Anyway, I write no more as no words can prepare you to what you will hear. Perplexing mix, I’m totally impressed and surprised.


30 March 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs Pacific Coast Clash pt. 2 TAKE vs. TEEBS vs EXILE

(Take's photo by Anthea Christensen)
Mary Anne Hobbs Pacific Coast Clash pt. 2 TAKE vs. TEEBS vs EXILE

Mary Anne Hobbs has been seriously hooked up on the West Coast sound recently. I definitely have the same view thus I really welcome another great show on BBC 1 radio – Pacific Coast Clash pt. 2 – a follow up to the show aired a few weeks ago (remember, this absolutely fantastic mini-mix by Nosaj Thing!). I am even more pleased as this show starts with another congenial track by this producer – IOIO. His Drift album to be released in June on Dady Kev’s label will be the record of the year – I have absolutely no doubts about it. Another great highlight in the first part of the program must be of course EPROM vs. Boreta 64 Bytes remix – for me personally, a new glitch hop / mid-tempo anthem. Perfect track, full of depth and making my head nod like crazy! Also check out Ikonika and Quarta 330. (BTW, Hyperdub rulez – absolutely the best label on dubstep / intelligent electronica scene). What is particularly pleasing for me as a Pole, was also a jazzy track from the Polish concept-band - BandFx presented in Headz Up series. Great music – check their myspace!

And now, let's hear the mixes.

First – Teebs, a young producer, now under the wings of mighty Flying Lotus, working on a new EP and album to be released by Brainfeeder. Light, spacey and melodic journey through electronic landscapes with glitchy breaks playing somewhere in the background. The mix builds up nicely and really helped to elevate my mood this gloomy Monday morning. Check out Dimlite – ‘Bad Dad Nr. 2’ [Kitchen Table Version] – what a strange track! Teebs is another producer I will closely watch in the future!
Then Take – another great producer hailing from LA working with experimental hip hop beats. He describes his music as: “A continuously evolving collage that leads listeners down the dust-covered road of bit crushed melodies and jazz samples over walls and walls of bass”. For real – this is exactly how he sounds. He has a few releases to come (a split EP with Nosaj Thing!!). Best mix in the show.
Finally – Exile. Exile is a very inventive producer, actually a big name in hip-hop circuits. He worked, among others, with Mobb Deep, Jurassic 5, Akon and Snoop Dog. This year he released critically acclaimed and pretty brave album ‘Radio’ on Plug Research label, made up of samples lifted from the radio. As he says: “Good and evil are present on the radio. With this record I express love in contrast to evil. I did not want to put an album out showing only my talent… I needed to share with the listener what I have learned from my life. In this case, the radio.” Thanks for sharing! Exile’s mix in Mary Anne Hobbs show is another tight and powerful piece of music. Experimental hip-hop in the best style of plunderphonics. Entertaining and original.

I must say that all the shows devoted to showcasing West Coast scene were absolutely stunning, this one including. Definitely thanks to a very interesting ‘movement’, comprising of fantastic producers boiling with fresh ideas and the fact that the entire scene seemed to gain the right momentum and move forward at interstellar speed. It’s great that Mary Anne Hobbs – an icon of dubstep and intelligent electronica – followed that direction. I hope to hear more from these regions on her shows.


29 March 2009

Top 11,5 tracks – March 2009

Tracks on permanent rotation in my player in March:

1.Eprom – 64 Bytes (Boreta Remix) Great track remixed by one of the best and busiest glitch hop producers from Glitch Mob family. Perfection!!

2.Nosaj Thing – IOIO. Anything produced by this man is pure genius. I am eagerly waiting for his album Drift to be released in June. You can hear a fragment of this track here on Mary Anne Hobbs show from 25 03 2009 - a first track of the show.

3.Ben Samples Drank in my cup. Head-nodding banger slowly burning holes in your mind by a talented young gun on the scene (Also check his fantastic crunk / hyphy live set Live at B.side Lounge 2009 and a free 3-track EP. Ben Samples is another producer fished from an ever-expanding glitchhop forum.

4. Starkey – Gutter Music ft. Durrty Goodz . I’ve heard it months ago, but I had to somehow mark the release of this track (just a few days ago).

5. Th’Mole – I hate you. – Best track on his album released on 10 March 2009 Greatest Hits (Ha, Ha, Ha) vol.1 – check my blog for more info.

6. Mochipet vs. A-ux – Sharp Drest Remix A ‘romantic’ twist added to fuc…g great track by one of my artists of the year – Mochipet (He will throw a live set here in Warsaw, Poland on 17 April, YES YES YES!)

7. Robot Koch vs. Cerebral Vortex – Upside down (forthcoming EP on Jakarta records ) One of the best producer – vocalist duos strikes back. I am eagerly waiting for their EP – the title track is dope.

8. Kat1lyst – Gun Cocked Mental Distortion. Distorted glitch hop at its best! Track from quite a good 16-song release Walk With Me which you can download for free here (Big up the entire DirtyFilthyWhomp crew).

9. Knowa KnowOne - Free Energy feat. Seasunz, Firewater, Wiseproof and New Eon – great midtempo, whompy track with fantastic hip-hop / reggae vocals. Check the entire EP by Knowa KnowOne.

10. Hostage – Murder Rocket – lifted from noisepornblog – Hostage is Da Man! Huge, bassline plus old-school breakdown in the middle works amazingly. Bang your head, bang, bang till you drop! Hostage, next to Don Diablo, is definitely the name to watch on nurave / banger scene.

11. Calvin Harris – I’m not alone (Herve’s See you at the festivals remix) thanks to voulesrandom blog Another banger from Herve and quite contagious shite.

11.5 Forensics – Music Box Dancer (Hibernate EP) - The Master of atmospheric dubstep in a beautiful and much too short intro on his new EP. Pure nostalgia…

26 March 2009

A-Trak Fabriclive 45

I’ve just received a hot package with the forthcoming A-Trak mix for Fabriclive mix series – Fabriclive 45, to be released on 13 April 2009 in UK and the rest of the world apart from USA (the release date here is 5 May 2009).

A-Trak, a head of Fool’s Gold label (with his mate Nick Catchdubs), former tour DJ of Kanye West, but most of all winner of the World DMC’s at the age of 15 (!!!) and member of legendary Q’Bert’s Scratch Piklz crew, is just barely 26 years and has 10 years of extremely prolific career track. For Fabriclive he prepared a mix covering a wide range of club music from Boys Noize through Baltimore edits to Skepta or Todd Terje remixes. I am not a big fan of nu-disco or house music but the name of A-Trak guarantees that the mix will not be a waste on my precious time. A-Trak somehow managed to prepare an edible cocktail of hot and funky dancefloor stuff with some pretty contagious beats and pieces (mostly well known in the club circuit). Highlights of the mix are: Daft Punk rmx, Aeroplane rmx (they visited Warsaw last Saturday), Dance Area - AA 24-7 (I love this track), Zombie Nation - Forza, Rob Threezy. Well, all in all A-Trak’s installment in Fabriclive series is nothing special, but still entertaining and could be quite handy at any home party.

A-Trak Fabriclive45 release party will be held on Friday 3 April:

ROOM ONE: Chemical Brothers (Exclusive London DJ Club Set), Riton, Shinichi Osawa
ROOM TWO:'FABRICLIVE 45: A-TRAK' ALBUM LAUNCH...A-Trak, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) DJ Set, Scratch Perverts, Greenmoney DJs
ROOM THREE:BLACK RABBIT...Serge Santiago, Guy Williams, Bones

If you are into A-Trak stuff, check Hotbiscuit blog – they are organizing a contest in which they are giving away a very nice package, incluiding a.o. the newest release from the man – Infinity +1.


Memekast038 Sexytime (Sleepyhead + Mimosa) and Memekast037 dj SpaceInvaders

Thanks to dancefever5000 for turning my attention towards memekast again. I forgot about them for some time after this absolutely gorgeous mix delivered by Mochipet in Jan 09. As it turns out the newest installment is equally good. Hail memekast for their fantastic work! And remember to check previous podcasts – their catalog is full of goodies.

Sexytime is comprised of Sleepyhead Sleepyhead (LowPro Lounge) and Mimosa Mimosa (Muti Music). They have been detected by my radar very recently, but I am absolutely sure they will stay there for a long time. Sleepyhead has been collaborating with KnowOne (as KnowSleep) and their self-titled album from KnowSleep, available on Addictech, is highly recommended, definitely one of the records of 2008. Now also available on Beatport. Mimosa's debut EP, Hostilis, is out now on Addictech, with appearances from Colorado MC Souleye and Canadian vocalist Sasha Rose. Another highly recommended release. It’s no surprise that collaboration of these artists produced such results.
I love low, sub-bass and in the memekast, Sexytime delivers music ‘soaking’ with merciless power making my head swing and ass shake (as promised by memekast crew). Sexytime presents glitchy and crunky dubs with strong dubstep sub-bass and smooth synth melodies on top. Just take Freeway for example – spacey melodies and distorted vocals with heavy sub bass wobbles work perfectly!!!. Dubby riddims subjected to serious deconstruction (like in I’m a Flirt) make your head swing a bit slower than usually but still there is no chance you can sit still listening to this. But the best treat waits at the end. Mimosa’s remix Forget About Dre is even better than Megasoid’s edit of the same track which was on permanent rotation in my car’s SS last year! Actually, the mix includes ONLY killing tracks. Definitely the mix of the month for me.

Memekast 037 - another mix worth mentioning by the resident and founder of Memekast – dj SpaceInvader.
In general I would call this mix: hit parade, as the tracklist includes the examples of the best trends and artists on the wonky / glitch scene (with more focus on wonky, and yes I know the name ‘wonky’ sucks). Definitely you’ve heard all of them already. If not, I can hardly imagine a better introduction to this uber prolific scenes. Memekast 037 is a nice mash up of wonky stuff represented by Zomby, Joker, Lorn or Eskmo and glitch-hop from Megasoid, Glitch Mob, Rustie or Squincy Jones. BTW, Chimpo - Lockoff / Gucci Mane ft Ludacris - Freaky Girl [Squincy Jones Nintendub edit], was in my opinion the best track of last year! Yes, I’m glad someone is rotating this track! A model example of the formula: dubstep + hip-hop = glitch hop. And thanks Dj SpaceInvader for a really nice mash up of Zomby’s anthem Spliff Dub vs. Damian Marley – Fire. Entertaining.


25 March 2009

FORENSICS – Have you seen any aliens lately?

A very special blog today about a very special artist who has just released a new EP. Forensics is a compulsive creator of top quality mixes and a gifted producer of his own music living in South East London. I have been following and downloading his music persistently for the last two years. His selection is always very eclectic and inspiring, actually I learnt a few great artists through his mixes. He releases mixes and records with the machine-gun speed and regularity, I wish I was a friend of his PC’s hard-drive, as it is probably full of still undiscovered gems. I have never heard a weak installment in his mix series and all his productions fall into the category of good-better-best. And believe me, there is no exaggeration in my statement. His music can be broadly described as atmospheric dubstep, although it goes much beyond the restrictions of one music genre. Forensics creates absolutely beautiful, extraterrestrial sonic journeys to undiscovered fairy lands. I do not know what are his eating or smoking habits (wink, wink), but I wish he continues them in the future.

If you never heard Forensics, try and download the following mini promo mix from February 2009 including his own releases. Just to get you in the right mood and to see whether his music attunes well with your emotions and sensitivity. For me personally, the music created by Forensics clicks immediately with my nervous system and listening to e.g. All to waste, Empire, 2029, The depths, Your blood, my hands, transports my mind into the dimension overloaded with endorphins and tranquil joy (sorry for such grandiloquent description, but it is sooo difficult to verbalize one’s emotions and impressions when listening to this type of music).

Three releases by Forensics strongly recommended to any fan of intelligent cosmic music:

Hibernate: released on 2009-03-23 (hail Eris!)

“Hibernate” released just a few days ago, is much to short to satisfy my insatiable mind. It includes the best intro track I’ve heard in ages, a very cinematic and absolutely contagious Music box dancer (but why, oh why, is it so short?). Besides, we get a very fat track, i.e. Untitled Riddim (This One remix) which has been in rotation for some time already and I can never be bored of it. You should not also miss a heavy bass trip in Your blood, my hands – a typical track for Forensics. All in all, top-notch release again.

The Horror and the Glory, released on: 2009-01-26

A very tight and consistent concept with fabulous and touching gems of spacey music. Ready-made movie score for an alien SF Drama. The Depths, Empire and All to Waste are the absolute highlights of this much too short album. I would call it heavy bass ambient music. Or post-apocalyptic beats. In my private ranking, best release by Forensics so far.

Silver Linings, released on 2008-11-02

Definitely a record inspired by some encounters of third kind. Beautiful, melancholic trip across the landscapes of long gone or never discovered planets. I am currently reading a book by British SF writer – Peter F.Hamilton, thus the music on this release evokes deep images of a starship flying across the cosmic voids, but this can be also some barren arctic ice desert or whatever your imagination will produce. I often ‘see’ music in the form of moving pictures, thus my descriptions. Anyway – Silver Linings is a great food for any mind. Highlights of these release are: 2029, Atlantis, Exile, Endgame VIP. Go get it, you will not be disappointed

Furthermore, do not forget to check an extensive catalog of mixes by Forensics. My favorites are: Tripping Point, Adventures in Death Star Valley vol.4, Dark Matter vol. 2., Automatism vol.2.

Other Forensics’ links: Virb, Blog

M!SHKA: Keep Watch vol. 7 – Trouble & Bass + Bassnectar new dub

Another killing mix from NewYork’s M!SHKA presenting their homies from Brooklyn - Trouble & Bass. This is definitely one of my favorite crews of the moment hitting the music scene with a bomb after bomb. The mix showcases the entire T&B family with the highlights for me being: a fantastic intro mosh by T&B, absolutely amazing bootleg remix of Prodigy’s rave anthem Everybody in the Place by AC Slater !!!! Killleerrr!!! (I remember the time in the mid 90's when I danced my ass off at rave parties to this track). And the track which I played to death in my car SS, namely Cardopusher – Double Dragon Dub. In general the selection of this M!SHKA installment is stellar and very tight, just check the tracklist.

A word from M!SHKA:Keep Watch is back for lucky number 7. This month we’ve got Brooklyn’s own Trouble & Bass who really need no introduction at all, quite simply they’re the masterminds behind some of the heaviest music production and the rawest parties New York has ever seen. They’re Mishka family and we’re hyped they put this together for us (and you). The mix is flooded with tracks and remixes from virtually the whole T&B extended family. Right from the start, Keep Watch 7 - Trouble & Bass has the sole purpose of getting the party started and keeping it going. Here’s 35 minutes of Trouble & Bass.

Don'n miss this one. It's a must.

Bonus: a new remix by none other than Bassnectar – Bassnectar - Kingstown Town remix. Wicked stuff!!!

23 March 2009

Bossasaurus: Dino Riders Megamix

Bossasaurus, "an electro/prog-hop music production team from Oakland, CA" (their own description) hit my mailbox with a nice package, including uber funny promo video. Watch it before moving to their Dino Riders Megamix:

Meet Bossasaurus from AlwaysHustle.com on Vimeo.

Got it??
Bossasaurus: Dino Riders Megamix can be downloaded here and here
The mix is free for download and features 16 minutes of Bossasuarus original music and remixes.
The guys from Bossasuarus must have a lot of fun deconstructing and cutting up various tunes (some of them quite known and classic) filling them with hilarious samples more or less related to the long extinct animals which appear in the name of the project. Their kitchy music sounds like a clash of progressive rock with lounge / nu-jazz / downtempo hip hop with electro beats on top of that. In general, the mixtape is quite chaotic, with fast-changing tempo, moods and music styles - which I actually like as you can never expect what comes next. For sure it is worth giving it a try, definitely an original and funn(k)y trip among the music flooding the blogosphere.

Bossasaurus is currently working on their debut album which is being mixed by none other than Mike Cresswell (Blackalicious, Lyrics Born,Third Eye Blind, etc.) and features collaborations from some of indie hip-hop's most revered artists. The megamix shows that the release might be quite entertaining and I'm absolutely positive it will be funsaurastic.
Check their site

20 March 2009

Graintable - Live in Portland Mix

Graintable - live in Portland 16 Jan 09 mix

Graintable is a producer and DJ from Portland, US. Thanks to glitchhop forum I grabbed his live mix – actually an opening set for an Abstract Earth Project life music event in Portland which took place in January this year, with none other than turbo crunk master – Megasoid playing as the main guest. And let me tell you, Graintable delivered a very, very tight mix which in my opinion is a must for any glitch hop fans, not necessarily those seeking pure dancefloor bangers (though listening to the mix you will definitely have your share of head swinging), but those appreciating the quality of music coming from this eclectic scene full of creativity and raw energy. The mix is a great showcase of the variety of influences in a broadly understood glitch hop / turbo crunk / dubstep scene starting from ‘big names’, like e.g. Prefuse 73, Starkey, Ghislain Poirier, Rustie, Pinch through younger blood represented by e.g. Lazer Sword, Subvert, Excision, Ill Gates to the producers which came to my radar very recently like Architeq, Heyoka, Mimosa, Eliot Lipp. Plus of course there are tracks by Graintable and his new project Chip Chop – with the drummer/producer AD / AM (the guys are currently working on an EP to be released early this summer, watch out for this – definitely worth checking). In general, the selection is great and mixing skills top-notch.

Highlights of the mix for me are: Machinedrum remix of Mux Mool (f…g infectious shit), Pretty Lights – How We Do (never heard of them, what a great track!), Chip Chop – Bitch Tip (heavy bass overlaid with ambient-like textures – I love it!), Lazer Sword remix (well, I may not be objective as I absolutely love the work of this duo), Ill Gates – Eggplantation (a very typical cut-up sample!- I LIKE), Starkey – Pressure (well this one needs no explanation), Subvert – Size Matters (classic!)

Quite unexpectedly, Graintable also has made a very nice edit of Crookers – What Up y’all track – and this rocks! Check it here

Enough of this verbal diarrhea, just listen to the music and check Graintable beats here:


19 March 2009

Charles Manson today and 29 years ago.

Th' Mole - Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) vol.1 + booking call

Doktor Krank's highly recommended release!

“Fuck the world! Jump motherfucker …”

Th’ Mole has been an active producer on the low-budget (or no-budget) music scene for years. Just check his bio at wiki
On 10th March 2009, Th’ Mole released his full-length album called The Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 in the Mochipet’s Daly City Records. Greatest Hits is not just an ordinary album, it’s got tones of bonus material, including a music video directed by Th' Mole's dad and nine extra songs including remixes by Mochipet, Robot Koch, DJ Amazing Clay, Bloody Snowman, and Preshish Moments. Very good remixes actually, word!

You should definitely check this release, even if you never heard about this guy. His music escapes easy pigeonholing as its creativity goes much much beyond one music genre or style, which is quite a painful thing for music journalists, but a real treat for any intelligent and open-minded music fans. Turbo wonky apocalyptic madness delivered by Th’ Mole with the help of his fantastic vocal cords in a goofy hip hop manner, built on glitch and free-style electronica will elevate your mood instantly! You will be surprised, your mood will swing like in kaleidoscope. But you will definitely love the man behind this entire bombastic nuke dropped unexpectedly on you. Writing about Th’mole music you just cannot escape being a bit bombastic in your selection of words, sorry I can’t do anything about this.

Th’ Mole takes you on a crunky psychedelic ride through crazy songs which sound as if written by musicians with ADHD and a vocalist who digested too many energy drinks and has problems with finding the right pitch to his voice. Yet, they deliver absolutely top-notch productions in an extremely funny and funky cocktail, putting e.g. a pretty spacious, progressive rock-like suite of Don’t be sad – nothing matters next to crunky cabaret/ wonky country bravado of Heart Phire. Other highlights of this record in my opinion are I hate you (in both versions) – a raw killing energy and fantastic vocal. Th’ Mole rambling about a bitch who (as I presume) left him, is very catchy, a potential hit without a doubt. Sonny Boy is another contagious little gem with great vocal. Whirled fusion is the future music is pure electronic free-style fantastically crowning this interesting release.


Download the album from Gigacrate, iTunes or Limewire.

Or order the CD directly from Th' Mole for $15-20 (sliding scale, postage included) (US/Canada) (Outside US/Canada $19 minimum) - Paypal contact@motionrecordings.com at PayPal.com

Th’Mole is currently looking for promoters interested in booking his shows in Europe. Thus I’m calling all pimp and funky promoters in Europe and in particular in Poland – contact the man and invite him to a show, you will never regret this brave move. Check the dates on his myspace (if I remember correctly a possible gig in Poland could be organized around 16 – 23 May).

Then maybe we will have another representative of Daly City Records on a gig in Warsaw. The first one will be none other than Mochipet – a head of Daly City Records. He will play a live set in Obiekt Znaleziony in Warsaw on 17 April 2009!!!! The only show in this part of Europe! The official info with a flyer will be posted soon on my blog.

Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) vol. 1 tracklist:

01) Zombie Dance Mind Programme
02) How 2 B Cool
03) Jump Jack (featuring Warrior Queen)
04) Caitlin (Uh, Sorry)
05) I Hate You
06) Don't Be Sad, Nothing Matters
07) Heart Phire
08) People R Good
09) Sonny Boy
10) Secret Hidden Bonus Track
11) Whirled Fusion Is The Future Music

Bonus MP3 Track List:
01) Tick Tick Blam
02) How 2 B Cool (Robot Koch Remix)
03) Go Horsie (DJ Amazing Clay Remix) Part 1
04) Go Horsie (DJ Amazing Clay Remix) Part 2
05) Tick Tick Blam (Preshish Moments Remix)
06) Jump Jack (feat. Warrior Queen) (Mochipet Remix)
07) Tick Tick Blam (Bloody Snowman Remix)
08) Captain Daydream "Brush 'Em"
09) Tick Tick Blam (Instrumental)

Music Video:
A Meticulous Fondle (Original Long Version) (by Th' Mole's dad)

18 March 2009

Glitchy & Scratchy vs. Crendore - laser bass / Squincy Jones - nintendub

I’ve just noticed that one of the first posts on this blog from last year was prepared only in Polish, whereas quite a lot of English speaking viewers would definitely like to see it posted in a more comprehensible lingua. Thus, by popular demand I re-post this properly.

I present here two mixes which I listened to hundreds of times last year (and continue doing so this year). Lazer bass, glitch hop, dubstep, wonky, turbo crunk - or wot u call it? The music, full of inspiration, invention and creativity going far far beyond the limits of one music genre.

First,Glitchy & Scratchy vs. Crendore "Laser Bass"

I am very pleased to confess that I can call this mix, without any exaggeration, "the mix that opened completely new music perspectives for me " and converted me instantly into lazer bass / glitch hop maniac I am today! And paradoxically (or maybe not) thanks dubstepforum.com for the tip. Integrated Grime Unit (Glitchy & Scratchy) and Crendore aka dewey db deliver absolutely hammer-like beats and heavy bass, in some places lifted directly from dubstep dancefloor killers and then they collide this thick base with dirty street hop rants. I LIKE!!!! Just listen.

Another great mix in a package is: Squincy Jones - nintendubA recipe required for cooking of this fantastic music excursion is quite simple: dubstep + rap + 8 Bit nintendo loops. Squincy Jones smoothly incorporates Nintendo sound into the mix, thus adding another, weird dimension, to the tracks. In general, one of the tightest and creative mixes, with great concept, I’ve heard. And apart from that, Squincy Jones pumped some fresh air to the dubstep scene which recently has slowed down visibly as if losing its potential in the multitude of new artists just copying the style and forgetting about originality.

BTW. I really encourage you to check the glitchhop forum run by dewey db (crendore of lazer bass mix) - a great place for all people who love heavy bass on a collision course with dirty street hop. Oi! Oi!

Link to the old post in Polish


Lazer Sword at Legion Bar, Thugs & Hugs London

16 March 2009

Eprom - the Mixtape 2009

Eprom - The Mixtape

F...g huge mixtape, distributed by Eeprom during his show at Bassface Portland. The mixtape blew my head off!!! I should not have listened to it at work. Now, I can't focus on business matters at all. Glitchy, scratchy, bass heavy and pounding pounding pounding music. All Eprom's own productions. Pure sonic pleasure.

Eprom provided a tracklist!
EPROM - Sweatboxxx
EPROM - 64 Bytes (Remix)
EPROM - Busted
EPROM - Bubble
EPROM - Tocatta
EPROM - Shoplifter
EPROM - Lick Out
EPROM - Phaseknocker
EPROM - Throbbin' Hood
EPROM - Untitled
EPROM - Ghost Hunter
EPROM - Untitled

15 March 2009

Fake Blood - Essential Mix 14.03.09

Fake Blood aka Touche visited Warsaw just a week ago at the Sorry, Ghettoblaster party series and totally destroyed the dancefloor in 55 Club located in the old Stalinist-era Palace of Culture and Science (actually the symbol of Warsaw). The club was packed uber-full, and only thanks to the thick walls and high ceilings the entire venue survived the beats and hundreds of people dancing, or rather jumping, to the tunes played by extremely crafted artist. Fake Blood served banger after banger, while mixing the music from two decks and two laptops! His mixing, toonz selection and control over the dancing crowd was absolutely amazing. He made me sweat, he made me laugh, he made it worth waiting in a f.....king queue for over an hour.

You can check some pictures from the event here
The main picture in this post was nicked from this blog :)

And now he dropped a 2-part mix set for BBC 1 Essential Mix. 1st hour of the mix presents more or less what he plays at the parties and the 2nd part is more free-style, deeper and not necesserily banger-like. Although I definitely prefer listening to Dj's of Fake Blood's type at the parties, when I need an adrenalin kick and can forget about repetititious patterns and dull rhythm which are the trademarks of this music, the Essential Mix is still worth listening.

Essential Mix: Fake Blood


13 March 2009

14 tracks in search of wonky

14 tracks in search of wonky part two

A very good boomkat’s set of "14 tracks in search of wonky". Good selection and very good music.

My personal highlights:
Chris Sattinger’s Timeblind – Strategy decayBeautifully decaying track indeed!
Debruit – So Baylanever heard of this artist. But with this track he (she/them?) goes to the top of my list of names to look for.
Modeselektor – The Black Block (Rustie remix) - Rustie’s show-off at his best.
Zomby – speceman - Yes yes yes pure wonky heaven !!
Starkey – gutter musicanother classic track (also check the version with Durrty Goodz)
Dorian Koncept – Chocolate milk - nice beat
Dr Who Dat – Bumpy bum facenice little roller
Joker – Digidesignanother great track from Joker, whatever he touches, turns into gold instantly!
Dabrye – Smoking the edgethe track from 2001 and still sounds great.

PS. If the number of highlights (or really worth recommending tracks) of any given compilation exceeds 60%, such a release is a must-have. Now, do the math.

Fisherspooner - Entertainment (2009) NO GOOD!!

This record is totally, totally weak! I do not even see a reason to write a proper review. A major disappointment! All creative energy must have been sucked out of the artists to produce such a crap. I'm sorry for these words, but ... I WANT OLE GOOD FISHERSPOONER BACK!! This new one completely lost its appeal.

.s0n!ka & Cosmetics (UFO! & .s0n!ka) Filthy 07 released

s0n!ka & Cosmetics (UFO! & .s0n!ka) Filthy 07

Two fantastic, filthy, dirty and evil tracks by production duo from Costa Rica have been finally released! And yes, one of them is this UFO!, whom dnb headz should remember from the times back then. Check this out as these tracks are pure sonic pleasure.

This is what I wrote some time ago after listening to these tracks for the first time and I definitely hold my opinion after listening to these tracks for a dozen or so times:
Among tones of harsh dancefloor smashers, bangers and killers, very often of mediocre quality, it’s nice to find in a blogosphere the music of clearly different nature, definitely aiming at the dark side of the moon. I’m talking here about two tracks by two guys ‘broadcasting’ from Costa Rica, namely s0n1ka (Federico Gomez) and Cosmetics (Federico Gomez + Edwin Garro – aka UFO!). I am not a big fan of drum and bass productions, but this double pack exceeds narrow restrictions of the genre and has so much darkness embedded, that it will definitely appeal to a more dubstep-oriented souls (I include my soul here, if I have one of course).

Doktor Krank highly recommended release!

11 March 2009

I love glitch hop

One of the reasons why I love glitch hop - Glitch Mob - Local Area Network mix

An old mix but kicks ass all the time. Give it a try.


Mary Anne Hobbes - Pacific Coast Clash Ras G Nosaj Thing MonoPoly

Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental_Show 2009-03-04 Ras G, MonoPoly, Nosaj Thing

Mary Anne Hobbes continues the presentation of prolific and wonderful producers from the West Coast. Nosaj Thing mini mix is amazing, the best electronica I've heard in ages. What a feeling for elegant structures mixed with glitchy beats! This music leaves listeners craving for more, much more. Nosaj Thing will be huuuggeeee! Ras G and MonoPoly sets are also fantastic. Another higlights for me are Joker and Pinch tracks. In general one of the best Experimental shows so far. LISTEN TO IT! It's a MUST HEAR!


10 March 2009

Wonky Ketamine Dubstep Zomby WTF???

A well known journalist and writer Simon Reynolds, which has quite an impressive record of publications about diverse music styles and theories, focusing quite often on the role of drugs in the circles of music-lovers, went much much too far in his theoretizing about the role of Ketamine in the 'wonky' music scene. What a total pile of rubbish!

In the Guardian's article "Feeling wonKy: is it ketamine's turn to drive club culture?" he proposes a theory about ketamine being the drug of choice for producers and listeners of wonky music (I will leave aside his definition of wonkiness). He mentions producers from Hyperdub label and adds Hudson Mohawke from Lucky Me on top. His stupid (yes, quote me on that) argument follows the logic along such lines, more or less: "And how about the fact that Zomby is the name of the genre's leading producer, while "zombies" is the most common description of K-heads made by people who deplore the drug's effect on the vibe in clubs? Just coincidences, maybe" Ohhh purleeeeasseee give me a break man .................

Robot Koch - Robots dont sleep mixtape

The Hip hop of the future is here!

I’ve never been a big fan of classic hip hop or gangsta rap, however with the emergence of glitch hop, strip hop, lazer bass and the similar post-modern music styles last year, with the entire army of talented producers and remixers releasing fantastic beats for emcee’s who use their skills for more ambitious projects than just mere signing about pussies and cash, I had to open my ears (which I did quite willingly in the end) , to an alternative hip hop flavored electronica. I must honestly admit that I found there an ocean of interesting, creative and fresh music concepts supported by top-quality production skills. I really hope this scene will grow. BTW – check a new forum devoted to glitchhop

Robot Koch is one of such future-oriented producers. He resides in Berlin, is part of famous Jahcoozi trio, and is also busy working on his solo projects. He has just sent me a new, hot of the press mixtape – robots don’t sleep

It’s a kind of sequence to his great mixtape released last year - death star disco mixtape (more hip-hop oriented, and also definitely worth downloading - great beats, great emcee’s again - spank rock - loose feat. amanda blank & rich boy - throw some d..s - starkey rmx - killing tracks!!!).

Robots don’t sleep is full of exclusives and unreleased goodies, and honestly speaking pretty strange ‘mash up’ remixes like e.g. Conquest vs. Perseph One or Skream vs. Jahcoozi (!!!!) But, you know what – this shit f…g works. The mixtape includes heavy, classic dubstep tracks and pop melodies plus glitch hop, distorted beats which create quite a unique final product. Apart from that, Robot Koch delivers a wide range of his own productions and remixes which are the true highlight of this tape. I mean here in particular his collaboration with Cerebral Vortex and ‘madness’ which I’m sure will be another hit, just like vortex cookies. Other strong items on this mix are: fantastic Dabrye+MF Doom – Air20(Robot Koch vs Flako20rmx) , a beautiful nosaj thing’s “aquarium” (I love this guy), Frikstailers -tartamoodo disco and many others.

In April, Robot Koch will release two new records:

Another project by JAHCOOZI – Watching You (suagarcane rec) (incl. rmx by oliver $ and two fingers) and ROBOT KOCH VS CEREBRAL VORTEX – Upside Down (jakarta rec) (inl. bugatti force rmx).
I will be eagerly waiting for both releases, in particular for Robot vs. Cerebral Vortex, as I believe this duo has an enormous potential, already proven by fantastic Vortex Cookies.
Tracklist in the comments section.


09 March 2009

Mackaveli fabriclive promo mix + party tip

James Mack aka Mackaveli sent me an interesting promo mix for the Fabricklive party taking place on 13 march 2009. Check the artists on the bill. Great selection, as usual for Fabric :) Mackaveli will play in Room Three alongside none other than MJ Cole, Toddla T, Martelo and Oneman!

Mackaveli – fabricpromomix

The mix starts with spacey dubstep (or should I say dub-tech?), with Headhunter, Joe and Ramadanman represented, and then moves into a rather different territory, which recently sees a mini-revival in my music player, namely 2-step / garagey beats. A second part is much more entertaining, with highlights of the mix for me being the killing Dexplicit – Resistance track (arghhhh, pure, raw energy) and one of the best and most contagious piece of music I've heard in ages, that is The Lie by Zomby.


06 March 2009

Lowfreq Poland - Apparition Recordings


Już 12 marca nakładem Apparition Recordings ukaże się wyjątkowa składanka Lowfreq Poland, prezentująca 11 kompozycji polskich producentów z zamiłowaniem do głębokiego basu.

Całość do kupienia wyłącznie na Beatport.com

Apparition Recordings

Solidne wydawnictwo pokazujące że i Polacy nie gęsi i swoją muzyczną reprezentację ciężko-bassowców mają. Taka inicjatywa może tylko cieszyć. I to jest największa wartość tej składanki, bo muzycznie wyszło solidnie, ale bez wielkich fajerwerków. Cóż, nie od razu Rzym zbudowano. Kojarzę i znam też inne dokonania większości zaprezentowanych tu artystów i widzę postęp w jakości ich produkcji, poszukiwanie własnego stylu nie ograniczającego się wyłącznie do mrocznego dubstep czy wyraźnego wobble’a. Zresztą cała składanka brzmi tak naprawdę bardziej dub-techowo niż dubstepowo – taki trend?? Niestety, nie jestem wielkim fanem akurat takiej stylistyki. Najważniejsze, że artyści podjęli wysiłek, wyszli z muzyką w świat a taki namacalny produkt jak wydana płyta na pewno da im kopa do dalszej pracy. Poza tym może za sprawą Lowfreq Poland nasz kraj wreszcie zaistnieje na dubstepowej mapie muzycznej szerzej, na co czekałem od dawna. Składanka stylistycznie trochę odstaje poziomem od tego co obecnie się dzieje na scenie, ale z drugiej strony trudno spodziewać się, żeby ludzie debiutujący bądź z niewielkim stażem produkcyjnym, od razu produkowali Bóg wie jakie killery. Poza tym głupio tak uogólniać, bo na płycie można znaleźć kawałki różnej jakości. Zdecydowanie płyta, którą każdy szanujący się fan ciężkich bassów w Polsce powinien znać. Oby natchnęła do pracy również innych utalentowanych producentów.
I na koniec moja osobista prośba – Panowie, następnym razem poproszę o WIĘCEJ CZADU!!!

Tracklista i moje krótkie komentarze ‘na gorąco’. Nie jestem ekspertem, ale jednak chciałem każdy kawałek potraktować z osobna:

1. Anansi - Spook Country
Niezła produkcja, płynące dźwięki, fajne freestylowe kręcenie gałkami przypominające słynnego Rolanda TB-303, które niestety po pewnym czasie zaczyna trochę irytować. Co za dużo to niezdrowo Stylistycznie kawałek brzmi jak z zamierzchłych czasów (może to zamierzone?). Mnie nie ruszył.

2. Fau - Dwarf Scullcap
Kawałek brzmi na niedopracowany, i za mało rozwinięty, chociaż sam patent muzyczny na początku bardzo przyjemny i zapowiada dalsze rozwinięcie, które niestety nie następuje.

3. FusionArt - Wind Up
B. przyjemny klimat, nieźle się rozkręca, autor dobrze trzyma tempo, stopę etc. sporo się dzieje w tle, nieźle rozwinięta przestrzeń kawałka. Wpada w ucho.

4. Hansollo - Victory Over Babylon
Taki sobie numer. Mnie jakoś nie przekonał.

5. Kaosbreed - The Bell
Świetnie dopracowany kawałek. Z interesującą linią basu, słychać też dobrze niskie częstotliwości. Produkcyjnie tip top a i muzycznie niczego sobie. Zdecydowanie wyróżniający się numer.

6. Lukeing Forward - Forgotten Feeling.
Troszkę się rozczarowałem, bo uważam że Łukasza stać na więcej. Na szczęście jak zwykle w jego produkcjach słychać świetną wyobraźnie muzyczną, bogatą teksturę i te nu-jazzowe klawisze w tle. Miodzio! Za to stopa IMHO psuje ten numer.

7. Paranoise - Sleepless Shadows
Znowu dub-techowe struktury. Mimo iż kawałek zdecydowanie bardzo dobry od strony produkcyjnej (jeden z lepszych na płycie!), nie podszedł mi zupełnie.

8. Playing Heads - Less Cocaine
Solidny numer. Dobra linia basu w drugiej części. Miła przejażdżka.

9. Ptr1 - What I am
Ujdzie, ale bez rewelacji.

10. Substacja - The True King
Kolejny bardzo dobry numer. Rozbudowany, dobrze skrojony z bardzo dobrym wokalem i taką zadziornością, której jest za mało na tej płycie. Najlepszy numer w selekcji, obok Kaosbreed i S.I.

11. Substep Infrabass - The Unstoppable
Piekielnik, pieron siarczysty, ognisty! Więcej takich poproszę! Świetne zamknięcie w sumie całkiem udanej płyty.

Na koniec apel do Polish dubstep massive – słuchajcie, rozgłaszajcie, podczepiajcie linki (nie zapomnijcie włączać scrobblingu last.fm), oceniajcie. Ci ludzie swoją pracą zdecydowanie sobie na to zasłużyli. Mam nadzieję, że kolejna składanka w drodze?

05 March 2009

Speakerbruiser mix for Made in Glitch

Oh, c’mon c’mon let’s move. Here we come here we come, yo…
You’re so sexy baby, so sexy Yeaahhhh…

Rob Speakerbruiser (Megasoid) delivers a fantastic mix for Made In Glitch Great glitch / turbo crunk electronica with top notch mixing skills. Head-banging heaven. Thanx God it is so short, otherwise I would have serious problems with my neck! An ultimate tool for corporate office fitness. No tracklist sadly, although one can definitely here Megasoid, Lazer Sword, Dizzy Rascal and the likes.

04 March 2009

Fake Blood & Sorry, Ghettoblaster @ 55 Warszawa

Szykujcie nogi, Pan Krwisty zawita w nasze skromne progi!

Już w najbliższą sobotę 7 marca na cyklicznej imprezce Sorry Ghettoblaster w klubie 55 (PKiN) w Wawie wystąpi świetny producent i remikser Fake Blood. Nie podzielam bałwochwalczych wręcz zachwytów nad jego produkcjami, bo trochę za często jadą na jednym patencie, ale jednak kilka killerów zrobił i w sumie mam nadzieję, ze rozniesie dancefloor w pałacu w pył a wartością dodaną z imprezki będą litry potu (więc i kilogramów) zostawione na parkiecie, czyli samo zdrowie! Więcej przeczytacie tutaj

Low End Theory Club podcast #1

Low End Theory Club in LA released podcast # 1 by the Club’s resident Dj – Daddy Kev and a very interesting producer Samiyam. Glitch electronica, full of surprising melodies, mutated sounds, heavy bass, enriched with funny samples and distorted hip-hop rants. Plus very spacey rock compositions with typical guitar riffs and powerful vocals reminding me of a combination of Pink Floyd with Guns’n’Roses (well it’s California, USofA, remember). Although I still believe that Rock IS Dead, in this podcast such a strange mix works very well. Very nice flow, very nice ‘oldschool’ keyboards. Well, you should just listen to it, as any description does not reflect the full spectrum of presented soundz. Although done by the Club crew, the music is not necessarily dancefloor-oriented, but provides a great listening pleasure at home (or at boring work). West Coast at its best! Sadly no tracklist.


A teraz coś z innej beczki :) Gdzie piniondze som za las remix

Cóż, nie mogłem się oprzeć. Wybaczcie. OSTRZEGAM: Bardzo wulgarne i chamskie słownictwo, a jednak wyjątkowo śmieszny remix totalnie zajechanego remiksu Caspy, na który mam już alergię. Posłuchajcie. Oceńcie sami.

TC - Where's my money Caspa remix (Gdzie są k...a moje piniondze za las remix)

"Oddajcie mi piniondze pierony siarczyste ogniste! Gdzie piniondze som za las" - no k...a, klasyka.

03 March 2009

Skream, L-Vis 1990, the Captain and Star Eyes - Three Musketeers (and one Milady) in da mix

Three fantastic mixes hit the blogosphere nearly simultaneously. They have been heavily promoted recently but I could not help myself and have to post them.

Fabricpromo mix Trouble & Bass The best of the three mixes - T&B crew represented here by the Captain and Star Eyes. Full of goodies, heavy bass and fantastic remixes. Including one of my favorites of the moment, that is Supra1 remix. They will play in Fabric on 6th March. I wish I was there.

L-Vis 1990 Dubplates mix Then we have a mix by another DJ who will play in Fabric on 6th March along with T&B. L-Vis dubplate only mix includes his own productions and remixes. Ths highlights are Crazy Cousins remix done in collaborations with his Alex Bok Bok and L-Vis version of heavily remixed La Roux - in for the kill track. Pure, bouncing roller!

Mishka Presents: Keep Watch vol. 6- SKREAM And finally the filthy, dirty and naughty Croydon boy, Skream in a smasing mix for Mishka. Here is the message from Mishka crew: For our 6th installment of Keep Watch, we’re excited to have Croydon, UK’s own Skream keeping our speakers on sonic overload. Skream helped build the burgeoning dubstep scene through the UK and we’re honored to have him drop this mix for you guys, exclusively through our Keep Watch series. A perfect example of the dark and grimy vibes coming out of the dubstep underground, Skream unleashes what we can only describe as bass bazookas into your headphones and speakers. The mix goes from heavy and murky to quick and danceable and calms it down near the end with a soulful