29 October 2009

Piotrus Pan vs. Halfmanhalf - Beat your block


I'm really proud to post this banging, crunky tune on my blog. East - West cooperation between Piotruś Pan, a young beatmaker from Poland and Halfmanhalf, producer and emcee from Portland who collaborates with e.g. Lazer Sword! I nod my head like crazy listening to bouncy beat, lazer synths and infectious rapping of Halfmanhalf. Hit proper this is, I tell you young padavans!

Piotruś Pan is 22, he is a DJ, producer and turntablist. He has won the Skrecz.Com Battle in 2006. He has created an exclusive compilation of 20+ drum loops, synth lines and chordes “BEAT + Piotrus Pan” for Beatmatch.info  He is currently working on his EP, which will combine hip-hop, glitch, IDM and dubstep. His collaboration with Halfmanhalf is just a begining of the bigger project (I really cant wait to hear more stuff from these guys).

Check more music from Piotruś Pan and Halfmanhalf:

An ancient, very ancient track from 2001, a collaboration between Low Limit from Lazer Sword and Halfmanhalf - Touch My Hand. Oh, well I nearly shed a tear from my glazed eyes and felt so uplifted :))


"We'll bounce, and we'll pump, and we'll blow your house". So they bounced, and they pumped, and they pumped, and they bounced, and at last they blew a f...g hole in my head with their frigging music!! I love oldschool rave frenzy and sheer no-limit approach to production of Clever Dick + Smart Alec from the Squire of Gothos. Therefore I grabbed this stuff and immediately fed it to my player, while at first switching off a few million neurons and immersing head-on in the sick mix of S.O.G. own tunes and remixes. Chewing Minnows, Old Skool Shit and a remix of Bruce Stallion's track are simply amazing! Take the rollercoaster ride without any restraints and reset your mind before the weekend. Refreshing...

1 S.O.G - Pleasant Tings / 0:00
2 S.O.G - Chewing Minnows / 3:44
3 Little Jinder - Youth Blood ( S.O.G Remix) / 7:24
4 S.O.G - Lypo / 11:16
5 Bruce Stallion - Drugs = Bad (S.O.G Remix) / 13:48
6 S.O.G - Old Skool Shit (V.I.P mix) / 16:59
7 S.O.G - Piss Takers / 21:06
8 S.O.G - Phonin' 4 Shinez / 25:23
9 S.O.G - Big Yellow Smiley Faces / 27:17

28 October 2009


One more fresh joint from Trouble and Bass. Splaterbass' kid Kanji Kinetic has just remixed Drop the Lime's Devil's Eyes. He did it in the beautifully exeggerated way with ultra distorted bassline and off-kilter, crazy beat that probably only Raffertie could try to compete with. And just listen to this cut-up vocals. Killer! Immerse and die madafakas'


Trouble & Bass - AC Slater vs. Supra1

The day of heavy bass has come (as many similar days before). The weather is pretty nice for this time of hte year here in cold Poland, the sun is shining, ergo I need some pumping sounds to grace my ears. I wanna jump I wanna shout I wanna ... Erhh just kidding, white collar workers are not supposed to behave this way at work. Such behavior will not be tolereated. Anyway today there is no other better crew than Trouble & Bass on which I can always count looking for some banging mayhem of bass and pounding beat.

Let's start from AC Slater and his mix. You know what to expect, right. AC Slater is currently slaying the crowds in Europe during his tour. Friends who experienced hims first-hand say the show is not to be missed!

But I am really proud to present another mix from the mighty Trouble and Bass roster, namely by the freshest members - Supra1. A duo of homies from Cracow in the souhthern part of Poland. The boys really kick ass with their fat bass and infectious synths. In their latesst mix for discobelle they present much more eclectic and less bouncy selection than AC Slater with wonky stuff by Rustie, Gemmy, Bracles or Mark Pritchard and a few unreleased by Supra1. I really dig this bass mish-mash. You can catch them at the T&B and Fool's Gold Halloween's party in NYC.

Supra1 described each track of their mix in a few words. Check discobelle for details.


27 October 2009

Glitch that beat up bitch (and drop some acid in the mix).

I've downloaded tons of good and very good glitch hop remixes wihtin the last few weeks. It's time to load some of them.

Dirty Circuit Radio with Ale Fillman, DJ Aporia and guest airs every first Tuesday of the month on sub.fm Check their show as the boys really know how to please your sub-bass speakers. On 6 October 2009 their guest was none other than S.P.E.C.T.R.E. from the notorious Denver Bass Squad. I'm a big fan of his live shows and his mixing skills. He not only offers a selection of great bwampy bombs but is very skilfull with all the knobs and buttons. He really knows how to shake my ass. Heavy!!!!!!



Starkey feat. Duurty Goodz - Gutter Music
Terror Danjah - Big-E D: Frontline (Terror Danjah Remix)
Virus Syndicate - Bitch
Joker, Ginz - Purple City
Mik - Wear My Flow
TRiLL BASS - Dizzee rmx
Gemmy - Supligen

Ale Fillman

Ale Fillman - Bass Rock (Pacheko Remix)
Patrick Wallace - No Gravity (ClawVon Tiestofold VIP)
Emalkay - When I Look At You (Sduk Remix)
Excision, Datsik - Swagga
Zeno - AC Slater Remix
Hulk - Angel Dust (King remix)
Bassnectar - The Churn Of The Century


Samples ¬ Crypt Tales
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ¬ Savage Wayne mashup
Ill Gates & Meesha ¬ Irma Vep (Heyoka Remix)
Big L ¬ Thick (acapella)
Hovatron - Gas Brake Dippin rmx
Clipse ¬ Fast Life (Lunice rmx)
Akira Kiteshi ¬ Boom n Pow
The Prodigy - Breathe (NumberNin6 dubstep remix)
E-40 ¬ Tell Me When To Go (acapella)
The Heavy - How You Like Me Now (Joker rmx)
Siren ¬ Hotley Cru
B-52¹s ¬ Love Shack (Subvert remix)
Mimosa ¬ Flux 4 Life
Craig Mack ft Biggie Smalls ¬ Flava In Ya Ear remix (acapella)
B1t Crunch3r ¬ Coronal Mass Ejection (Zeno remix)
Ginuwine ¬ Pony (acapella)
Editor ¬ No Diggity
DJ Blaqstar w Rye-Rye ¬ Shake It To The Ground (acapella)
PantyRaid ¬ Enter the Machine
Akira Kiteshi ¬ Lorraine Kelly
Low Limit - TrapperKeeper
Ester Dean ¬ Drop It Low (acapella loop)
Richie Spice - Marijuana (acapella)
S.P.E.C.T.R.E. ¬ Bad Girls Go To Hell


Hulk - See You
Kry Wolf - Mucky - High Rankin Remix
Kosheen - Catch (SymbL Remix)
TZR & Dubtek - The Haunted
Noah D - Seeeriousss
Zeno - Lazer Wolf 2010
Suspicious Stench - I Am What I Am

Ale Fillman

Ale Fillman - Press Go (Downlink Short Circuit RMX)
Hot Mess - Settle The Score
B. Rich - We Ball Harder
Emu & Pawn - Threadz
Surpass - Loot
Ale Fillman feat. N:Coder - Murder Low
Dread Foxx & King Rubby - BlockBleeder [Fragile VIP]
Product 01 - Ready2Rage (Bassnectar & Jantsen remix)
Emalkay - Explicit
Koan Sound - Mafia (TRiLLBASS Pots N Pans VIP)


Roomate & The Bassist - Rub-a-Dub (Ultrablack Slaughter rmx)
Marschmellow - Hate 2 Love U

De Novo Creation hailing from Bloomington, Indiana (US), delivers a pretty diverse and eclectic mix where ambient space and extensive sonic textures meet dubstep sub bass and glitched up synths. This combination really works for me.

Between Zero and One - HipGnosis on GlitchFM recorded (10 21 2009)

This is the dopest mix in the pack! HipGnosis hosts a f...g mental show Between Zero and One on my favorite Internet Radio glitch.fm. His latest show is no exception. This is a journey through alternative electronic sound and dub-tech territories in a strong acid flavor (e.g. Jokers of the Scene - another fave of mine) plus some heavy bass bombs from e.g. Hostage, Udachi or Raffertie. Mega kudos for including Psychic TV, the group which I have loved for years. I wish glitch.fm acquired more artists with such a perplexing music erudition as HipGnosis.

Psychic TV - Drone Zone
kryptic minds - one of us
recue - korento
Psychic TV - united (sabres of paradise mix 1)
martin bros - dum (ill cosby mix) (carcrashset)
plastikman - helikopter
intrinsic - gibbous
scuba - hundreds and thousands
throwing snow - been a long while (ThrowingSnow)
swarms - never step on me (vishnu rmx) (vishnu)
skream - sublemonal
fever ray - seven (martyn mix)
scuba - klinik
helen austin - when we were young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Rmx) (http://helenaustin.com for original)
pericles - flatface
nasty nasty - no names
ellie goulding - starry eyed (jakwob rmx) (jakwob)
ill cosby - lo oyen (emvee rmx) (carcrashset)
dj fresh - hypercaine (nero dubstep mx)
hostage - hangin
hadouken - M.A.D. (detboi rmx)
vishnu - power of love v2 (vishnu)
cat power - deadman (dj belly mix) (djbellymusic)
dj belly - ooohh (djbellymusic)
plastikman- plasticine
psychic tv - united (sabres of paradise mix 2)
hostage - badman sound
the brown acid - try humanity (starkey rmx)
jokers of the scene - baggy bottom boyz (dz ravestep rmx)
the brown acid - try humanity (zomby’s vitamin e rmx)
big gigantic - polarize (http://biggigantic.net/)
the scarlet harlots - backlash (raffertie rmx)
broken note - war in the making
kryptic minds - six degrees
quetzal - whompa ambush (Quetzatl)
calvin harris - not alone (doorly rmx)
sub version - soul jah boogie
m83 - we own the sky (udachi rmx)

Ficus Fresh Beats radio show // podcast 02 //21 10 2009

Fred Ficus from France is a host of the Fresh Beats radio show in radio404.org every Wednesday at 6p.m. He's pushing the West Coast Sound in Europe mixing it with solid electronic tunes of the local scene (Fulgeance I LIKE). Just listen to the intro by Vlooper Neon Venus :) His latest podcast showcases jazzy electronica / IDM and crunky beats made by e.g. Flying Lotus, Dorian Concept, Nosaj Thing, Lando Kal, Lazer Sword, Hovatron and more.

- Vlooper Neon Venus : Essence 1
- Flying Lotus : Camel
- Biscits : Lambent
- Bulles Bubbles : Pandemia 2010
- Vlooper Neon Venus : Pastaz
- Bulles Bubbles : Pages Caphc
- Vlooper Neon Venus : So WTF
- Tita Lima : Esquizofrevo Fulgeance rmx
- Nosaj Thing : Coat of Arms
- Dorian Concept : The Fucking Formula
- Dam Funk : Hood pass intact
- Nickodemus : Sips & Magic ft New york gipsy
- YT : I'm on
- Cypresshill + Missy elliot ;)
- J Hawk : Kicking it wit the lingo
- Waajeed : Tetris
- Lazer Sword : Koopa boss mode
- Hovatron : Slowdan ft Flowdan
- Hugg Pepp : Penguini, Lando Kal rmx
- West Up : Slik D , Powell rmx
- Hovatron : Gipsy Trader

And a two older mixes (shit, this blogosphere is really changing my mindset - is a mix which is one month old really "old" - WTF??) which I still listen to regularly.

Decibel9M3 - Smack my glitch up

Decibel9M3 from Salk Lake City smacks and slays with an excellent selection of glitch hop / heavy bass bombs. I really cant listen to this energetic mix too much at work as I can barely sit on my ass and my co-slaves in the office definitely don't share my music taste and are rather reserved as regards expressing your emotions through wild, choatic waving of your joints or frantic nodding of your head. No, this I am not allowed to do in this f..g aseptic environment.  Decibel9M3 included in the mix quite a few tracks by the homies from the mighty Glitch Hop Forum,e.g: Clipse, Plus 2, M4RS, Ben Samples, Children of Discord, !Konekta!, Subvert, JmeJ, an-ten-nae, ill-gates I can even risk calling this mix a semi-official Glitch Hop Forum promo mix :) Yeah, check the forum to find more goodies by these artists.

01\ A.R. Rahman ~ Liquid Dance Feat. Palakkad Sriram + Madhumitha
02\ Clipse ~ Mr. Me Too (Ooah Remix)
03\ Plus 2 ~ Mystline (Samurai Mix)
04\ an-ten-nae ~ Djelem
05\ Missy Elliott ~ Slide (Boreta Remix)
06\ Heyoka ~ Alien Gibberish
07\ Knowa Knowone ~ Baghdad Rising
08\ Tipper ~ Snot Rocket
09\ Busta Rhymes ~ Dangerous (Kraddy Remix)
10\ VibeSquaD ~ Whittling
11\ Mochipet ~ Hope Again Feat. Mykah9 + Taiwankid (edIT reMash)
12\ M4RS ~ Blasting Asteroids
13\ Nanda ~ Musik Right Now
14\ Children Of Discord ~ Drawing Lines
15\ Ben Samples ~ Fly
16\ Timonkey ~ Heaven & Earth
17\ EPROM ~ 64 Bytes (ill.gates Remix Feat. Meesha + Mat The Alien)
18\ edIT ~ More Lazers
19\ TV On The Radio ~ Red Dress (The Glitch Mob Remix)
20\ Mochipet ~ Master P On Atari
21\ Subvert ~ Dance Revolution
22\ Blu Cantrell ~ Hit 'Em Up Styles (JmeJ Remix)
23\ VibeSquaD ~ SnackBaskets
24\ !Konekta! ~ Ready Or Not
25\ Ben Samples ~ Blakka
26\ VENT ~ Bear Crunk
27\ BreakBeatBuddha ~ The Wrecka Track Feat. Jansten
28\ Mochipet ~ Tangle Feat. Salva + Epcot (Matt B Remix)
29\ Queen ~ We Will Rock U (JmeJ Remix)
30\ JmeJ ~ Militant Minds
31\ Adam Freeland ~ Do You (PANTyRAiD Remix)

MiHKAL - Live at Symbiosis Gathering 2009

MiHKAL from Oakland in California in a live set from this year's Symbiosis Gathering. The tracklist is a real 'who is who' on the West Coast glitch hop scene with the tunes by e.g. edIT, EPROM, PANTyRAiD, Ooah, Bassnectar, Jantsen, Sleepyhead, Mimosa and a few originals and remixes by MiHKAL himself. I really like the way MiHKAL works with melody, combinging softer elements with hard base. His mix flows very smoothly and is full of space, while at the same time delivering a proper kick with distorted and glitched basslines. A perfect mix for your car! The city looks different with such a soundtrack, believe me, I have tested this extensively.

Of Porcelain vs. Mims - Prelude to the Sun (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
PANTyRAiD - Do You Get the Beba (MiHKAL MA$HUP)
Virtual Boy - Anything Goes
Sleepyhead - Holla Like Whoa
MiM0SA - In Search of Beauty
Santogold - Starstruck (MiHKAL Re-Edit)
NA$TY NA$TY - Necking
MIA - Bird Flu (Propa Tingz Remix)
EPROM - Bubble
PANTyRAiD - Headcase
MiHKAL - Aftermashmatix (Tipper vs. Deru vs. Kitty D & Rab vs. Ooah vs. 8 Frozen Modules vs. Kelpe)
Ooah - Beaver Blink Remix
Bil Bless - TimeSome
EPROM - Lick Out
STS9 - Beyond Right Now (The Glitch Mob Remix)
Bassnectar & Jansten - Ready 2 Rage
MiM0SA - Sirius
PANTyRAiD - Enter the Machine
Of Porcelain - Bleeding Mirrors Remix
edIT - Ants
Excision - That Girl

26 October 2009

MIMOSA - CrunkSteppers Guide into the PsyPhy MiNi MiX

Holy shit! Mimosa has just barely launched his soundcloud account and he has already uploaded a f...g megatron!! Banging, bwampy, psyphy glitched shit of the mix of his own original productions. The crunkiest, heaviest, dopest thirteen minutes of music I've heard this month. I love his sound and would really like to hear and feel him playing live. If any promoter from Europe plans to invite him soon for a tour drop me the line :) We have to bring this badass bwoy to Poland!

CrunkSteppers Guide into the PsyPhy MiNi MiX by TigranMiMoSA

Track List:

1. MiM0SA - On The Line
2. MiM0SA - Delirium
3. MiM0SA - I'm in Love With a Stripper (ReMix)
4. MiM0SA - Werk Me (feat Missy Eliot)
5. MiM0SA - When I'm Alone (Bigger Than Hip Hop)


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Just a few days left till Hellazer. Lazer Sword has safely landed in Europe and last weekend played in Fabric in London and on this occasion the boys prepared an ultra hot promo mix for this event. Check this shit - and expect similar bombs dropped on Saturday in Metro in Białystok. Engage your Lazers young Padawans!!

Lazer Sword - FABRICLIVE Promo Minimix by fabric

25 October 2009

Mimosa vs. Marty Party - The Perfect Flaw

Mimosa, whose Flux for Life EP is still very high in my personal ranking of best releases this year, has just set up a soundcloud account and shared a few interesting tracks. In particular his collaboration with Marty Party from PANTyRAiD sounds really nice.

Marty Party vs. MiM0SA - The Perfect Flaw by TigranMiMoSA

MiM0SA - iN The Trap by TigranMiMoSA

The Perfect Flaw resembles the instrumental wonky grime made in Bristol, of course Joker immediately comes to mind. Purple wow synths flow smoothly on a very solid glitchy bassline in a typical Mimosa 'spacey' style. 

In the Trap could have been included in the Flux for Life. The track merges glitch hop beat and acapellas with dubstep sub-bass. A perfect combination for me, this joint will rock you hard!! 

23 October 2009

CLP - Designer feat. RQM (Lazer Sword remix)

YEAHHHH!! A week before the Halloween Party with Lazer Sword in Białystok, another killing remix popped up in the Internet. This time acquacrunk lazers cut up a great tune Designer by CLP i.e. Chris de Luca and Phon.o featuring Polish-born emcee RQM (yeah, another Lazer Sword - Poland connection). RQM's vocal fits perfectly the mega solid synths and cut-up beats delivered by Lando Kal and Low Limit. Oh, boy I may really shit my pants during their show :) I wish RQM could be there with us, I'd be stoked to hear this shit performed live with vocals.

CLP - Designer feat. RQM (Lazer Sword Remix) by rqmpropaganda

The track is taken from the CLP's EP - Strictly Confidential to be released on Sugarcane Recordings on 13 November 2009.

The tracklist on this EP looks EPIC!!!!!

1.CLP Designer feat. Rqm (Lazersword Mix)
2.Lando Kal feat Spoek Kites (Dub Mix)
3.CLP I'm So Trill feat. Spoek (Sweat X Vs Fs Green Mix)
4.CLP Superconfidential f. Tunde Olaniran (NicSarnoMix)
5.CLP Superconfidential f. Tunde Olaniran(TopBillinMix
6. CLP Putcha Handz Up f. Rayzaflo (CLP Street Version)
7. CLP Designer feat. Rqm (Lazersword Mix Instrumental)
8. CLP Superconfidential f. Tunde Olaniran (TopBillinMix lnstrumental)

CLP (Chris De Luca and Phono) are coming off their highly acclaimed "Supercontinental" album release with some selected works and special bits for the ever popular Sugarcane Recordings imprint. This time bringing a mixture of revamped album drops and down right nasty remixes. Watch out because the features on this one are doing damage.

SPOEK (Boysnoize) next level rap lyricist based in south africa, with more and more releases up his sleeve as Playdoh and Sweat X, makes rounds on a couple of tracks for STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. San Francisco favorite Lando Kal of LAZERSWORD providing the dubbed out electro bits on Spoek's "Kites" never disappoint. Basement style basslines and a popping synth line put the bounce on this one. Spoek even recuts some vox on the original "I'm so Trill" for Sweat X to beat down and provide that extra polish.

LAZERSWORD really out do themselves with "Designer" feat. RQM (Exploited) on a hip electro tip. Wobbly squelched out sub bass and perfect vox provided by RQM make this next level track an undeniable favorite. This one is already getting some radio play and press attention before circulation and will be on rotation for a long while. Don't miss.

Finnish label and beat extraordinaires TOP BILLIN have been making it happen on all levels with top productions getting worldwide support from Baltimore to Helsinki. Releases on Trouble and Bass, tour support for MIA, making floor inspired crate filling gems for the fans out there; and their remix of CLP's "Superconfidential" proves no different. Baltimore and 80's inspired TOP BILLIN takes Tunde Olarian's vocal to new heights. Perfect for all types of floors, this one is a sureplayer for the heads out there. Even the Instrumental is a crate filler.
Strictly Confidential keeps coming with NIC SARNO (ESP). From Milan his output is on the same tip as artists like Crookers, MSTRKRFT and Congorock. Member of The Love Supreme is signed to devoted Italian house music label ESP. He grabs Superconfidential and puts it straight on the dancefloor. Bumping beats and quirky synths that fit into sets for the likes of Oliver$ and Jesse Rose.
AND to top it off. Strictly Confidential has been mastered by THE CROOKERS and will see the exclusive vinyl release of CLP's original "I'm So Trill"



The weekend starts soon. Time to drop some party bangers. Again more ghetto-tech shit from France. Well, slowly a kind of pattern emerges - if you look for bouncy beats check Paris. They know how to rock your ass there. I published some time ago quite a fat HTL remix by Tambour Battant. This time the drummers duo, Ben and Chico, offer a stomping dancefloor smasher of a remix taken of the Voice of the Ghetto EP by Baxter Beez. The original is pretty sick but this remix adds even more ghetto edge to this banging tune. Drop it on Saturday Night and watch the crowd :)
Voice of the Ghetto should be officially released next Monday 26 October 2009. Check this site for details!

Listen to the ass-shaking original:

You may remember Baxter Beez in a fantastic banger remix of Mochipet feat. Jahcoozi - Girls and Boys.

Mochipet feat Jahcoozi - Girlsandboys (Baxter Beez remix)

22 October 2009


The Skinny Magazine, the Scotland's largest independent listings and events magazine celebrates its 4th Birthday and has offered a bundle of 10 free tracks from Lucky Me, the Scottish-based acqua-crunk / wonky / wot u call it music and arts collective. Laidback neon beats and electronic freestyle in diverse formats. My favorites are Lunice, Mike Slott and Jay Prada but the rest is also quite solid.


Track by track description by The Skinny:

Claude Speed
Dub will often make you think of basslines. But imagine if you flipped it so you get trembling peaks of treble, not echoing gulfs of reverb. That's what you get when you antagonize the horn.

The Blessings (Go Girl)
Sultry rnb pop, with a satisfyingly smackin' beat. One for dirty fun dancing with your loved one, grinning wide 'cause you know what's coming.

Mike Slott
We had a debate as to whether this'd be difficult or brilliant to dance to. Imagine you had ten seconds to save the planet, and the only way to do it was to authentically lose your balance... And you're dancing! Easy!

Jay Prada
A solid slow beat is like having a few drinks at lunchtime: it feels indulgent, but actually life depends on these occasional pleasure-stases. Bunk is lunchtime drinking, in space.

Respite (Pang)
A pang implies a short sharp pain, but usually actually involves quite a lot of staring out of windows or at walls, or walking around not-especially scenic parts of cities. Respite seem to get this, offering a bleep-sweet soundtrack to the experience.

American Men
A post-rock kids' TV show theme, with the sort of lilting synth anticlimaxes that'd send most kids insane; though then they'd grow up and run the world better than we do.

A funky, electrified love song, making insouciant pronunciation of 'feeling' as - almost - 'filling' (as in, 'you give me a really good ... all day long'). Nice.

Respite (Hundreds and Millions)
Back in the early 90s folk called music like this trance: before trance was Castles in the Sky it was a skyscape of nebulous tech swells and vaporous tweeting loops. Long live dead trance.

The Blessings (Explicit American Cinema)
Filmic towers of dub: see yourself as part of a slo-mo chase scene across Kansas, dodging technicolour tornados while out-driving the catharsis cops.

Something about layered music suggests a questioning attitude to reality and the self. Nice, then, that Lunice has paired this style with a natural swagger and call routine: hangin' onto the ego never sounded so fresh

Neil Landstrumm - The Coconut Kestrel

Neil Landstrumm - The Coconut Kestrel

This track is on a constant repeat in my player recently. The Coconut Kestrel is fat electro tune with great synths and Oh so 'space invaders'-like blips and beeps. Powerful modern wonky funk shit. Reminding me of Rustie, Starkey, Joker and similar artists. After last year's fantastic 'Lord For £39' Landstrumm released another great album Baambata Eats His Breakfast, on Planet Mu in August 2009. Grab it on Bleep, you'll find more acquacrunk goodies there. This record was somewhat lost amidst gigabytes of music on my hard drive, but no proper fish will pass me by :) I'm really impressed with the musical evolution of Neil Landstrum. I still have his vinyls Bedroom and Cities or Scandinavian Sessions released on Tresor back in the middle of the 90's in the golden techno era :) He was the master of merciless Scandinavian hard techno and now? WOW!

21 October 2009

The Brown Acid - Try Humanity (Zomby & Starkey Remixes) [via rcrdlbl]

What a double feature! Two of my top produces joining forces to produce a remix of the Try Humanity tune by the Belgium's electro outfit The Brown Acid (never heard of them).

The Brown Acid - Try Humanity (Zomb's Vitamine E Remix)

Zomby applies his typical old-school garage beats plus ravey air-horns and stuff. Retro and good! Nothing fancy, but quite a nice little joint.

The Brown Acid - Try Humanity (Starkey Remix)

Philly's street bass king Starkey delivers a spacey and ravey dubstep tune relying heavily on neon synths (twisted in a typical Starkey's way, which I really really like) and wonky bassline. This edit wins the direct clash against Zomby, or rather complements the former one.

Helen Austin - When We Were Young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Mx)

Beautiful remix of Helen Austin's - When We Were Young by HipGnosis. I am a real sucker for females singing such songs!!! HipGnosis glitched up infectious vocal and lovely guitars of Helen Austin, cut the beat up properly and laid down solid foundation for dreamy voyage through the sea of mesmerizing lyrics. This tune made my day. Please, gimme more.

<a href="http://music.hipgnosis.us/album/free-remixes-for-download">Helen Austin - When We Were Young (HipGnosis Mnr Ncnvnc Mx) by HipGnosis</a>

You can catch HipGnosis (a.k.a. Eric Young) on mighty
glitch.fm as a host of the show Between Zero and One. Definitely one of the most versatile, eclectic and 'deep' shows in this radio station, covering a braod range of music styles from breakcore, experimental hip-hop, IDM to glitch hop and psychedelia. Check his soundcloud for more sounds.

And don't forget to check HipGnosis experimental downtempo album Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies) released in April this year.


New old shit from Lazer Sword!!! I like their synth synth synth synth I like li li li like these synths synths synths synths like like synths synths synths like lii li li ke synths synths synths synths synths synths synths synths like like like synths synths synths


20 October 2009


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Time to do some charts, right? This Autumn is huuge music-wise and I was unable to select top-10 or even top-20, thus you get TOP-25. Yeah, fat selection of best early-Autumn beats (more or less in order). Some can be dowladed for free, others you have to buy. Listen and Enjoy!

1. Lazer Sword – Gucci Sweatshirt (Lazer Sword '09 Electro Remix)

2. The XX – Basic Space (Lunice remix)

3. Mimosa – Sirius

4. Sukh Knight – Up In Smoke (Cheese Loueeze EP)

5. Ben Samples – Blakka

6. PANTyRAiD – Enter the Machine

7. Fever Ray – Seven (Martyn’s remix)

8. Pretty Lights – Short Cut / Detour

9. Alta Joya – Perfect Cumbia (d.a.r. vs. Princess Superstar)

10. Hugg & Pepp - Penguini – (Lando Kal edit)

11. Bassnectar – The Churn of the Century

12. Blunt Instruments – Crumpled Funk

13. Clubroot – Fire Fly

14. The Flying Skulls – Skeleton Talk (Symbiosis Gathering)

15. Dub FX – Society Gates

16. ill-esha & Dewey dB - H.A.A.R.P (check this track in Dewey DB mix)

17. A milli (Excision and Datsik remix)

18. Larytta – You Got Nothing (Lazer Sword remix)

19. Kush Arora – Constructing the Absence w/ Sub Swara

20. Schlachthofbronx – Mad Instrument

21. Drums of Death – Got Yr Thing (Starkey remix)

22. Stereoheroes feat. MC terror – Juke dem hoes

23. Gemmy – Rainbow Road

24. Bartolemein – Dead Right Remix

25. Big Dope P – Southside Anthem (THE CHEERZ Banger Remix)

19 October 2009

Debruit in Obiekt Znaleziony, Warsaw 23 October 2009

This Autumn looks great for fans of future hip-hop beats in Poland. A week before mega gig by Lazer Sword in Białystok, another artist of the 'beat' movement which can be loosely associated with Flying Lotus / Madlib / Modeselektor / Rustie sound will play in Warsaw. Debruit, French maestro of glitched IDM and futurist crunky synths will perform a 1.5 hour live act as a part of "Let's Post Funk" event (actually the name of his recent 12'') in Obiekt Znaleziony in Warsaw the coming Friday, 23rd of October. Debruit is part of the Musique Large roster together with e.g. Fulgeance, another young gun of the French electro / beat who has won me over with a few recent releases. Expect some unpredictable, but carefully controlled crunky chaos full of strange voice samples and future hip hop beats. If the names like Dorian Concept, Madlib, J Dilla, Dabrye, Daedelus, Flying Lotus, Rustie ring a bell, you definitely should not miss such an opportunity! This is the future of electronic music, don't be lame and lazy, be part of it! Once again, kudos to Kwazar for pushing the music scene in Warsaw and Poland. I want more :)

As a foretaste listen to this recent mix by Debruit for Fact Magazine.



16 October 2009

1320 Records Autumn '09 Podcast

A new podcast from 1320 records is a nice collection of the artistis from 1320 RECORDS' roster. Starting with "ATLAS" the debut single off of STS9's studio release AD EXPLORATA which comes out in November 2009. An hour long mix includes includes tracks from the PEACEBLASTER MAKE IT RIGHT REMIXES, Flying Skulls, Nalepa, Bass Science, Eskmo, Fuzz, Calmer, Virtual Boy and St Andrew and MORE! Immerse your mind in the beautiful electronic beats full of glitched synths and spacious landscapes.


DJ Absurd-Badgyal Ce Cile and Livewire-You Got Me Horny(DJ Absurd Funky Bassline Refix)

After yesterday's post on Big Dope P, we remain in France within bouncy bass territories. This time DJ Absurd aka Paris Bassline hit me up with a pretty impressive Ragga Bashment Funky Bassline Remix. Grab it for free from bandcamp!

<a href="http://djabsurd.bandcamp.com/track/dj-absurd-badgyal-ce-cile-and-livewire-you-got-me-horny-dj-absurd-funky-bassline-refix">DJ Absurd-Badgyal Ce Cile and Livewire-You Got Me Horny(DJ Absurd Funky Bassline Refix) by DJ Absurd / MonstR</a>

15 October 2009

Big Dope P - Southside Anthem remix EP

1 - DJ HILTI Juke Remix
2 - THE CHEERZ Banger Remix
3 - EMMANUELLE Dope Remix
4 - DEEMAH Break It Down Remix


Big Dope P - Southside Anthem Remixes EP (TEASER) [mediafire]

Bounce Bounce wiggle wiggle shake shake to the gangsta ghetto beats.
Big Dope P is in da house. He is back with the new EP including 4 remixes of his Southside Anthem initially released on Dirty Geto Traxxx Volume 1 in May 2009 on moveltraxx. Big Dope P came to my radar thanks to absolutely smashing remix of Barely Evil by RQM. I really dig his uncompromised approach to music and juke house bouncy goodness he unleashes on the listening public. Great for resetting your mind after a tiresome day'n'nite of multi-tasking: browsing / listening / pretending-to-work / doing some other less important daily routines (like eating, talking to your girlfriend or playing with your kids). However, the main purpose of Big Dope P's music is quite obvious - he drops ill bombs to be activated in the clubs during hot ass-shaking manouvers at the dancefloor.

Grab the original track:
Big Dope P - Southside Anthem (original mix) (highly recommended)
Yeah, great stuff from Big Dope P. Ghetto bounce in full force!!

The first remix on the release is from Moveltraxx'
DJ HILTI. Juke house uptempo frenzy and fast drums will make you shake and jump like crazy. Copy that? Turbo Phenix & Wicked Fox aka THE CHEERZ (Ho-Ju Rec/Moveltraxx) go totally mental in a stomping B-More / Fidget Electro Banger. This one will be rinsed heavily by DJ's, I'm absolutely sure. The Cheerz has just drop their first EP on Ho-Ju Records which is supported by Kissy Sellout who spins their records every week on BBC1. More solid Baltimore comes from EMMANUELLE Crew. Brokenbeat based remix is very dancefloor-oriented and ghetto vocals spice up the shit properly. Finally, DEEMAH (OM Recordings/D'Lectable Rec) delivers classic house tune with chopped up samples which is rather not my cup of the tea.

One more remix of Southside Anthem which did not fit the release can be downloaded for free. Acid house remix by
Doan (TV On Mars / Musique Moderne / Interferences / dBfX) is heavy!

BIG DOPE P - SOUTHSIDE ANTHEM (DOAN from TV on Mars ACID RMX) (highly recommended)

If you want more - listen to this bouncy, liquid, shaky and dirty mix by the Big Man! Don't try it at work - you won't be able to concentrate or sit at the desk for more than 2 minutes :)


More banging goodies by Big Dope P:

Big Dope P - Chinagora Bloxxxx Bounce (Oliver$ remix) (highly recommended)
A typical pumping, 'silly' beat by Oliver$ plus some nice vocals and carnival air-horns and voila you have a ghetto banger.

Big Dope P - Back to Da Old Future (highly recommended)
Vocals simply kill!!

Big Dope P - Back to Da Old Future (Twist it! remix)
Broken beat amens and nice work with vocals. I like!

14 October 2009



Although I don't share Starkey's fondness of autotune at all, I definitely share his music taste and really dig the aesthetics of his tracks and mixes. His peculiar kind of heavy bass instrumental grime called Street Bass with fantastic use of synths and multi-layerd sonic structures always works for me. Fact Mix just confirms the strength of the stark man. The mix includes a few super dope Starkey productions and remixes with my personal numero uno which is actually an opening track (after this irritating autotune bot) - namely Fourth Dimension. Without a doubt, the best Starkey tune since Gutter Music!! Rain City and Knob Twiddler are also excellent. Next highlight is Starkey's collaboration with Budy Lezlee and Cerebral Vortex. Slugabed remix of Space Boots is another hottie. Pacheko in 6Blocc treatment will freeze your ass with cold robotic bassline and sick riddim. PANTyRAiD, Misk, Stagga, Ebola ... I could actually mention the entire tracklist. One of the most solid and entertaining mixes I've heard recently.


Modeselektor - Body Language release party at Fabric + Patchwork Pirates mix

POST UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! POST UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! POST UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Multi-tasking is killing me softly :( Yesterday I posted a link to the fabric promo mix thinking it was by Modeselektor, even though name of artist in winampl player was clearly shown as Patchwork Pirates. My mind surprises me sometimes?!?! Apologies to Patchwork Pirates for a mistake. Respect dudes, your mix ROCKS!!!!

Yo, Londoners you lucky basterds again. Next Thursday 22nd October, Fabric will celebrate the launch of the new MODESELEKTOR - BODY LANGUAGE MIXTAPE VOL. 8 out on Get Physical. Modeselektor will share the stage with none other than Bristol's Kapsize boss Joker and London-based Patchwork Pirates. The deadly soundsystem of Room 1 @ fabric will talk talk talk.
Modeselektor is definitely one of my favorite 'bands'. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary combine German love of minimal and raw electronic sound with the future, glitched heavy bass beats and hip hop flow creating an eclectic mash-ups usually of top-notch quality. Their live shows are legendary.

As a taster of the night, here is a fresh mixtape by London-based Patchwork Pirates . Heavy on future hip-hop / wonky tip, full of amazing edits and remixes, with the usual company of Joker, Ginz, 16-bit, Rustie, HudMo and a few tunes by Modeselektor. the blend with Busta Rhymes is f...g sick, similarly as Lorn's remix of Biggie. Eprom's Humanoid still holds top-3 slot in my personal best glitch-hop tracks! But the real masterpiece blew me away at the very end Bjork - Dull Flame of Desire (Modeselektor Remix) - holy flying spaghetti! Infectious, mesmerizing vocals and ultra lazered synths cut through my mind like a samurai sword. Beauty!

1. Modeselektor - In Loving Memory - Bpitch Control
2. Modeselektor vs. Busta Rhymes - FlipMode (Patchwork Pirates
3. E-40 - Yay Area - WEA/Reprise
4. Phat Kat - Big Booties - Detroit Barak Records
5. Notorious BIG - Suicidal Thoughts (Lorn Remix) - CD-R
6. Dizz1 - Somewhat - Nod Navigators
7. Big L - The Heist - Rawkus
8. Mr De - Whonleeone - Electrofunk Records
9. Joker vs. Rustie ft. Jams F Kennedy - Women Overseas / Play Doe
- CD-R
10. Eprom - Humanoid - CD-R
11. 16bit - ADSL - Southside Dubstars
12. Hudson Mohawke - Twistclip Loop - Warp
13. Red - I Should Tell Ya Mamma on You (Dam-Funk Remix) - HVW8
14. Joker & Ginz - Re-Up - Kapsize
15. Eve & Benga - Me N My - Geffen Records
16. Untold - Don't Know Don't Care - Hemlock
17. Bjork - Dull Flame of Desire (Modeselektor Remix) - One Little
Indian Remix

13 October 2009


1. Gucci Sweatshirt
2. Gucci Sweatshirt (Lazer Sword '09 Electro Remix)
3. Gucci Sweatshirt (Neon Black Acid Remix)
4. Jet Black


I officially announce October as the Lazer Sword month. In two weeks they will deliver serious damage to the club venue here in Poland and now they have finally released their first vinyl, a foretaste to the full length album dropping soon.

Gucci Sweatshirt 12" shows in a nutshell a broad spectrum of music inspirations and explorations of this talented duo of DJ's/Producers. From future hip hop and ghetto-tech through grime, acquacrunk and heavy bass to psychodelic electro. They are definitely on the fore-front of the boiling movement of West Coast and their live sets, meticulously prepared and performed, are legendary. They shared the stage with such names as Flying Lotus, The Glitch Mob, Kid 606, Bassnectar, Hudson Mohawke, Megasoid, Eliot Lipp, MSTRKRFT, Trackademics, Ghislain Poirier, Rustie, The Gaslamp Killer, Mochipet and tons of others. Lazer Sword also have a range of very good remixes in their portfolio: Robot Koch and Cerebral Vortex "Vortex Cookies", Hugg and Pepp's "Penguini", Larytta's - "You got nothing", Flying Lotus' - "Tea Leaf Dancer" to mention just a few.

The original Gucci Sweatshirt, produced in 2007, was one of the first tracks I've heard by Lazer Sword, similarly as many other people attracted to the strange sound of this SF duo at that time. It has become a kind of underground anthem. It burns holes in the listener's skull slowly but thoroughly with distorted and mutated acapella, sick synths and bleeps and blaps spread in high density over the track. Then comes a real rocking bomb, the Lazer Sword '09 Electro Remix of the original track. It's f...g mental, I'm sure Lazer Sword will slay the crowds with this shizzle at the Halloween party in Białystok. The synths and beat are more crispy and uptempo, a typical Lazer Sword roller.

B-side offers a fantastic Machine Drum (under a moniker of Neon Black) remix of Gucci Sweatshirt. Insane neon synths and infectious voice sample will definitely soak well in a dimly-lit clubs at 3 a.m. with the toughest dancers (your humble narrator definitely comes into this category). Jet Black is another ultra heavy joint with very very typical Lazer Sword synths and cut-up beats, forcing your head to nod like crazy. You definitely heard this one in some of their mixes. It grows and mutates and sick vocal makes it very unsettling. Which is exactly the way I like to digest music. Raw and straight-in-yer face. Overall, it's an essential purchase for anyone looking for future beats which can devastate dancefloors. I highly recommend this.

You can grabe the 12" at many places over the net. Here are just a few of them:

Lazer Sword in Klub Metro, Białystok, Poland 31 October 2009

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Helllazer party on Halloween with Lazer Sword in Klub Metro in Białystok, Poland on 31 October 2009. Be there, dressed up and in the mood for future brap beats served by two gentlemen who know how to rock hard. Lando Kal and Low Limit will definitely slay the house with their collage of hip-hop/grime/ glitch/ghetto/acquacrunk and much more. I'm uber stoked to meet them.

They will be supported by local bad boys playing dirty, glitchy, bass-heavy ghetto-tech shizzle: D Koola, Auricom,
Eh!Marine and Dizzy Trouble.

This is the party you cannot miss! The scariest Halloween crew will nail you hard with dirty electronic beats and heavy bass. This is the first visit of Lazer Sword to Poland. I hope they won't forget it for a long long time.

Check Lazer Sword mixes:
Grab the latest 12" vinyl fresh off the press:

09 October 2009


YES, YES, YES!!! One of the best Cubmia labels, hailing from LA and SF, Bersa Discos has just released a new EP Bersa Discos # 6. I am big fan of this series and I'm positive this EP will be no exception. The featured artist this time is Sabo from New York associated with Turntablelab/Sol Selecta. The EP will be available soon via Turntablelab and you can grab a vinyl sold during the parties promoting the release as Sabo and Bersa Discos are on tour on the West Coast. Check the schedule on Sol Selecta's site.

You can listen to one track from this EP: Sabo & Cassady - Kuff Kumbia. Nueva Cumbia beats and dancehall ranting create quite a bright, funky roller. Can't wait to hear the rest!

Mad Decent writes:

..with remixes and re-edits of cumbia and Colombian folk songs, including classics like “La Cumbia Cienaguera” a.k.a. the song sampled for Samim’s “Heater” (on “Esa Loca Cumbia”) and Toto la Momposina’s “Curura.” “Soundboy Cumbia” puts a new dancehall spin on El Hijo de la Cumbia’s version of “Bombon Asesino” from the sold-out Bersa Discos #1 and “La Negra Chula”is a Bmore version of the merengue classic.

Fabric 10th anniversary DJ ZINC celebration mix

Right, one of the best club institutions, Fabric celebrates its 10th birthday. Special event requires special line-up and Fabric delivers what expected, just to mention Rusko, Baobinga, DJ Zinc, Dj Craze, Simian Mobile Disco, Filthy Dukes or Scratch Perverts. Irrespective of the October's drizzles or showers, the atmosphere inside the venue will be definitely hot hot hot.
Check DJ Zinc's crack house (???) mix. A mixture of ravey and acid beats, modern heavy bass, grimey bombs, bassline and UK funky goodness. Top selection and funkastic flow. If one could help me with identifying a tune dropping at around 26,45 mark I would be really grateful!!!

DJ Zinc - Fabric 10th Birthday Crack House Mix by fabric