25 February 2010



Let's start from a live bomb, an audio file from a new regular night called Cassette held monthly in NYC by Machine Drum, Lando Kal and a few others.  It's a 3.5h live set by Eliot Lipp, Machine Drum, Lando Kal and Praveen. The leitmotive of Casette is "We Make That Sh*t Wann Dance" Yeah, I totally agree, I could hardly sit on my ass at work while listening to this pumping mixture of disco, rnb, crunky electro, hiphop, funk, glitch, B-more.

Moving to harder and more glitchy areas, MIMOSA has dropped an ultra heavy and crunky mix which may be a real hazard for your home soundsystem. Tigran rides on a very unique sound, combining soft and hard components in a special way. I'm a real sucker for everything coming from his camp, and this mix is absolutely top-notch quality.

(BTW, don't forget to check MiMOSA's Psychedelic Stereo EP released just a few days ago. Great music, outstanding artwork!)

Track List:
1. MiM0SA - iN Search of Beauty
2. PantyRaid vs. MiM0SA - Chaos Control
3. MiM0SA - Days Go By (ReMiXx)
4. MartyParty vs. MiM0SA - The Perfect Flaw
5. MiM0SA - Looking Back
6. MiM0SA - California Rude Boy
7. MiM0SA - LSD Excursions
8. NastyNasty - Python Kiss (MiM0SA ReMiXxx)
9. MiM0SA - Money to Blow (ReMiXxx)
10. MiM0SA - Bamboo
11. MiM0SA - Ride The Snake

More distortions in another glitch-hop / crunky / heavy bass mix by Mash Machine from a new Polish-based glitch hop project Boorgroove. Slugabed, Freddy Todd, Fulgeance, Opiou, Knight Riderz - it's enough to attrack me instantly. Great bass medication!

Boorgroove_BlipHop by Mash Machine

Freddy Todd - Slaymaker
Slugabed - Pressure
Freddy Todd - Accidental side effect
Slugabed - Titans
Akira Kiteshi - No Glitch
Kelpe - Skylla
Heyoka - Etheric dub
Monk Fly - Birthday Funk
T.Raumschmiere - Monstertruckdriver (Dabrye's Big Truck rmx)
Knight Riderz - Voodoo
Fulgeance - Smartbanging
Opiuo - Bogan protein
Opiuo - Glottal stomp
Opiuo - Computer music

A slight change of mood and more interesting stuff from Poland. Space Ish mix by Weekid hailing from Łódź (just wonder how your international browsers will see our strange Polish letters he he).  West Coast sound meets beat scene, wonky sound fights with glitched basslines. Classic and modern at the same time. With edIT, Prefuse 73, Harmonic 313 of Flying Lotus on one side and Rustie, Architeq, Dimlite, Dorian Concept, PANTyRaiD on the other. A real, sublime and eclectic sonic feast!

01 | Dimlite - When Devices Off
02 | Flying Lotus - Quakes
03 | Flying Lotus - Robo Tussin (Instrumental) / fLako - Hot Ish
04 | Fulgeance - Haggis
05 | Dorian Concept - Four Teen
06 | ediT - Certified Air Raid Material
07 | Cinnaman - Parker
08 | Harmonic 313 - Problem 2
09 | Architeq - Sleeping Bear Lament (James Pants Remix)
10 | Afta-1 - Believe
11 | Prefuse 73 - Towelette
12 | Dorian Concept - Tropical Hands
13 | PANTyRAID - Headcase
14 | Humanleft - Le Clap Rap
15 | Mr. Oizo - No Day Massacre
16 | Low Limit - Turf Day
17 | Flying Lotus - GNG BNG
18 | MHE - MHE005
19 | Rustie - Zig-Zag
20 | Architeq - Babylon
21 | De Juepuchas - El Último Viaje

Another wicked boy :) Jay Wikid, from Vancouver, Canada, member of the infamous Integrated Grime Unit  in a wild, fat, funky glitch-hop mix. Lots of great rapping, acapellas and voice samples based on twisted, heavily rolling basslines plus dope synths, including a few originals and remixes by the man himself. An ultimate tool for any party. Just Try it!


Changing mood once more and entering downbeat, leftfield, dub, dnb, etno, instrumental hip hop and trip hop zone with a fantastic mix by Wear Rock, from NYC. This mix has been on a nearly constant rewind in my player for the last few days. Heartbreaking voyage into the land of sad but beautiful melodies and spacey, extended, pulsating bass, smoothly moving towards more oriental vibe. The absolute highlight of this set of mixes. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Philip Glass — “Einstein” [Buy It]
Emancipator — “Ares”
The Arch Cupcake — “Rubix Dude” [Buy It]
2Pac — “Still Ballin’ (Mimosa RMX)”
Slouch — “Canaria”
Zomby — “Digital Fauna” [Buy It]
No Band — “No Title” [Buy It]
The XX — “Space Bass (Jamie XX RMX)”
Sine Weaver — “Tyranny Of The Barline” [Buy It]
Lynx & Kemo Feat. Bango Collective & Denis Jones — “The Raw Truth” [Buy It]
Dupe — “Vistareel”
Celt Islam — “Wahdaat ul Wajood (Unity of Being)”
Delhi 2 Dublin — “Stage 5 (Ecodek’s One Drop RMX)”
Tabla Beat Science — “Palmistry” [Buy It]
Larry McDonald — “Head Over Heels” [Buy It]
KRTS — “Misunderstood”

Next mix is the work which falls into my personal category of "Hit Parades" as the tracklist of The Fozzie Bear Crunkadelic mix by Psymbionic (a DJ and the owner of the cool blog: Bwomp Beats) includes all the best of the last few months in the mid-tempo glitch / crunk and dubstep department. I love every single tune on this mixtape.

Reso – Hemisphere
Eskmo – Sister, You Have Got To Listen
PantyRaid – Enter The Machine
Mimosa – Dead Like Me
Siren – What a Life
Sub Swara – Hi Fidelity (ill.gates Remix) vs. Kraddy – Forget About Dre Instrumental
Klone – A Lot Kooler
FreddyTodd – Can’t Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Product 1 – Ready2Rage (Bassnectar and Jantsen Remix)
Mochipet – Godzilla New Year (Vibesquad Remix)
The Widdler – Slow Dance Chubby vs. Seventh Swami – Escape Artists
Opiuo – Nun Cha Ka
Heyoka – Borscht
Bassnectar – Boombox (Bassnectar Remix) vs. Eprom – 64 Bytes (Eprom Remix)
Bird of Prey and Chillax’n – Pipe Dream

23 February 2010


This track made my day! Mochipet has killed it again with his powerful crunky treatment of Matt B's Lazerstomp. To be released early March on Made in Glitch. The EP will also include remixes by Megasoid (yeahhhh!!) and Virtual Boy. CAN'T WAIT! BANGER!
I told'ya Made in Glitch is cooking some brainstorming goodies!

Matt B - Lazerstomp - Mochipet's Epic Crunk Remix! by Mochipet

22 February 2010


My favorite project from Norway - Ugress has just posted on his soundcloud and website a beautiful 'cinematique' track Ghost von Frost. I was instantly hooked on Ugress years ago after listening to the second full-length album released in 2004 called Cinematronics (check the link and grab a few freebies or buy this album). I still listen to this record regularly and Monochromatic World, Manhattan Saphire, Cowboy Desperado are among my personal all-time anthems, while Nightingale has been a ringing tone in my mobile phone for more than 4 years now!  Cinematronics is easily among my  top 10 records of this century. I ain't no kidding you and I ain't no exeggerating :) The project of Gisle Martens Meyer has not repeated the success of this record in my opinion but cinematic pop-electronic of Ugress always attracted me. The same goes for the latest offering - Ghost von Frost, one of the best tracks I've heard from Ugress for a long time reminding me of the top quality music from Cinematronics or Resound. Mellow and uplifting. Cinematique par excellence! Listen and download:

Ugress - Ghost Von Frost by GMM


Calling all dubstep, heavy-bass producers, DJ's, radio hosts and listeners. Do you like to spice up your sets a bit?  Is your car suffering from a lack of proper bass to test the capcity of onboard sound system? Why not go for the latest offering by the crunky glitch-hop don - Ben Samples - Dubstomp EP. You can download it from bandcamp site naming your price (incl. 0 US$)!

This time, Samples distorted his tracks even further and moved bpm range to around 140 - 150, which is typical for dubstep. Yet, typical dubstep this is not by any means he he. As usual the crunky bassline plays the main role in most of the tunes of this talented producer from Denver. Heavy, straight in yer face glitch hop bangers like Hit the Club, Dope Boy Fresh or Goose will inflame any dancefloor in a minute while Fire Burning will virtually burn solid holes in the speakers. Ben Samples also remembered about a prettier half of party-goers and included in the package two, slower, deep, and equally heavy, dubstep tunes Delay the Fighting and So Emotional. Stomp bwoys and gals, stomp to the beat.

<a href="http://samples.bandcamp.com/album/dubstomp">Delay the Fighting by Samples</a>

21 February 2010




After a few years in Barcelona, a Polish-born Emcee RQM moved his operation base to Berlin again and together with his local 'maffia' of music producers and graphic artists has just released a super dopey package of music meets visual art meets street art on his own label called Baby Sumo. These are full-blown songs and not your typical tracks with pumping, repetitious beat or wobbley bassline and a few silly, vocal lines added before the breakdown. I wish I saw more songs of such quality being dropped on the blogosphere.

The EP starts with Atomic Fusion produced by Siriusmo, a Modeselektor's associate and a creator of weird, off-the-hook tunes and remixes in the best electro/beat/tribal/rough Berlin style. Beautiful, laidback and spacey synth-driven pop song rolls nicely to the poetic lyrics of RQM who sings about all-encompassing love which consumes both lovers with a speed and power of atomic fusion, where the combined chemistry of two bodies creates a deadly flash of self-anihilating energy. Or maybe this is about something completely different ...


Son of Kick's version of Atomic Fusion sounds as if listening to the original after dropping a serious dose of MDMA or LSD, with unexpected bleeps, beeps, and weird melodies popping out in the background and twisted, seriously echoed and delayed, trippy beat based on very repetitious pads and distorted bass getting out-of-synch occasionally just to turn into a drillling monster a moment later. This tune really grows on you! Color Fade produced by the Glue Kidz from Spain is 'another story about boy meets girl, from a ketamine perspective'.  This time a mellow voice of RQM and neon synths of Glue Kidz would best fit a nighty bedroom trips with your headphones on or a lovely person next to you, optionally with a nice little joint slowly burning in an ashtray ... The real highlight of the entire release comes with the Color Fade remix by Chris de Luca who crunked up the synths, added heavier bass and distorted loops, cut up and mutated vocals, thus creating a slowly burning killer! The good news is you can download this remix from Chris de Luca soundcloud. Finally JF offers the heaviest remix with a very nice intro and dubstep bassline hitting the listener in synch with the mesmerizing rapping by RQM. Another sick joint on this top-quality release.  

  RQM - "Colors Fade" (Chris de Luca Version) by chrisdeluca

The music is not all, actuually this is just the beginning! RQM prepared a really special limited edition of this EP, combining the COLORS FADE 7″ record and a CARHARTT limited edition tshirt designed by a French street-art artist REMED with a cover hand painted by him. Actually Remed painted one big sheet  which was then cut into 100 pieces, thus each cover will definitely be unique, though it might include a lot of graphic or nearly none at all :) What is more, the extended EP in digital format includes more fantastic artwork, this time by 44 flavors crew.

Grab the entire package for a mere EUR 24.95 on HHV site while it lasts (or I should write - if it lasts) or buy the entire release in a digital format on Junodownload

Remed's T-shirt design looks super cool:

Listen to an interview with RQM talking about his latest release Colors Fade.

18 February 2010


Exponential Records, an independent label from San Antonio, Texas, (and home to such artists as AM Architect, Ernest Gonzales or Mexicans with Guns - these at least I recognize). As in the previous year, on the occasion of the forthcoming SXSW Festival they has released an extremely interesting compilation. The entire release can be downloaded for free from their website (though it's only 160kbps). If I'm not mistaken, the record will see a physical release during SXSW 2010 in a proper quality.

The concept of this work was to invite the friends of Exponential Records to create the joint VA compilation. The final result is a very diverse offering from such labels as Exponential, Ninja Tune, Stones Throw, Daly City, Creaked, Innovative Leisure, and Fake Four. You will find there the usual suspects like Mochipet, Lazer Sword, Shlohmo, Robot Koch, Poirier plus great tracks from e.g. Sutekh, Decepticon, Ernest Gonzales, Ghosts on Tape. Out of the tracks I've not heard before two really stand out. First Box Than Walk by a fantastic vocalist Oy from her latest album under the same title is a real powerful bullet, reminding me of the best works of Peaches, but with better electronica in the background. Another discovery is a  dirty, UK urban track by Jammer - a badman grime emcee and producer active on this circuit in UK for a few years already. He has recently signed to Big Dada and this track was taken from his first release there - Party Animal. I'm now anxiously waiting for his full-length which is supposed to drop in May 2010.

All in all, Kodahadacho is the best compilation I had a chance to listen to this year.

1. Diego Bernal - A Long Second
From the album Besides on Exponential
2. Heliocentrics - Sirius B (Remix) ft. Vast Aire
Courtesy of Stones Throw
3. Robot Koch - Soundboy
From the album Aftershocks EP on Robots Don't Sleep
4. Poirier - Enemies ft. Face-T 2
From the album Run the Riddim on Ninja Tune
5. Oy - First Box Then Walk
From the album First Box Then Walk on Creaked
6. LAZER SWORD - Gucci Sweatshirt (LS RMX)
from the album Gucci Sweatshirt on Innovative Leisure
7. Jammer - Party Animal
From the forthcoming album on Big Dada Records Ninja Tune/Big Dada
8. Sutekh - The Glorious Day Has Dawned
from the album On Bach on Creaked
9. Shlohmo - Hot Boxing The Cockpit
from the album Shlomoshun Deluxe on Friends of Friends
10. Aether - Tomorrows Thief
from the forthcoming album on Exponential
11. Sole & The Skyrider Band - Mr. Insurgent
from the album Plastique on Fake Four
12. Deceptikon - Kinyoubi
from the album Mythology of the Metropolis on Daly City Records
13. Day of the Woman - Jennifer Hills
from the forthcoming album D.O.T.W. on Exponential
14. James Pants - Thin Moon
from the album Seven Seals on Stones Throw
15. Ernest Gonzales - Etchasketch Trees (Yppah Remix)
from the album Self Awakening EP on Friends of Friends
16. A.M. Architect - Ad Hoc
from the forthcoming album on Exponential
17. Mochipet - Moog Porn
from the album Baby Godzilla on Daly City Records
18. Mexicans With Gun - Me Gusto (Ghosts on Tape Remix)
from the album Me Gusto EP on Innovative Leisure
19.Cars & Trains - Asleep on a Train
from the album The Roots, The Leaves on Fake Four

17 February 2010


Great, super deep, dark vibe from one of my favorite techno producers ever - Laurent Garnier.
It is a tune from a very interesting Comfort Fit - Polyshufflez remixes comp I covered on my blog not so long ago. It's an Ash Wednesday, so repent and face the inferno bravely my dear readers :)  

Grab the entire release and 320's of this track among others on Tokyo Dawn Records

CONFORT FIT-lucifer (Laurent Garnier REMIX) -TOKYO DAWN Rec by laurent garnier

16 February 2010


Sweat.X, an electro booty, ghetto rave combo of Spoek Mathambo (South African emcee collaborating with heaps of artists like: CLP, Schlachthofbronx, Evil Nine, DjeDjetronic, Lando Kal to mention just a few) and Markus Wormstorm will apparantly tour Europe soon as their booking agency has just released a Fingaz Fingaz Euro Tour mini mix. If I'm not mistaken they were in Poland in 2009, but I hope they will vist my country again. I really dig their digital dancehall, electro funk.

And don't forget to cop their  latest EP totally for free !!

Massive Attack - Paradise Circus - Myles Away and Gui Boratto remixes

Two, pretty different remixes of Paradise Circus from the latest Massive Attack album.

The first one, cooked by Myles Away from Vancouver (BC) is sad but beautiful sonic meditation with mesmerizing rhythm and heavy dubstep sub-bass adding lots of power to the original track.  

The second remix comes from the minimal techno don - Gui Boratto. Again, a very solid job with beautiful piano synths, guitar strings and soft and spacey minimal beat. Very warm, chilly vibe.   


Episode 12 of the cult podcast series has arrived. This time, the LET's resident D-Styles in ear-to-ear battle with the rising star, the beatsmith of the future - Shlohmo. D-Styles drops a usual, eclectic collage of twisted hip-hop beats, some oldschool funky shit, dancehall riddims, lazers, bleeps, percussion solos, heavy bass, great film samples and much more. In his case, plenty equals quality :) Then Shlohmo steps up with a much too short piece of crazy beat surfing. Prepare for a pretty weird trip of cut up, distorted, delayed and mercilessly mutated sound samples which somehow add up to create at least a semblance of coherency. Creative chaos is a trademark of Shlohmo. Don't you even dare not to download this mix! The artwork is super dope, as usual :)

15 February 2010


Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a big fan of Robot Koch, thus I was really stoked to hear the super fresh mix done for Kwatro, a blog / portal of another, great German beatmaker - fLako.

No tracklist (apparently deliberate - read the mix introduction on Kwatro). But you can hear there low-key remix of The XX - Basic Space (no idea which one, there were so many of them), absolutely wonderful Eskmo's I dream I'm flying, the track I often have on a constant repeat in my car, lots of fantastic sound snippets collected by Robot Koch and all this is crowned with a hot remix of the forthcoming Robot Star Droid Remixed - Gorom Sen in the dancefloor-oriented refix by P.hono with beatiful synths and nicely rolling, pumping beats. The artwork for the mix is equally top-notch. Listen on mixcloud or download.

12 February 2010



[This one is for my bro' who has caught a serious future garage virus recently (wink, wink) ]  

Honestly, I have not expected such a track from EPROM! Heavy digital post-garage trip with great, tight, pulsating bassline and very nice use of vocals; also a kind of mixture of soft Zomby's wonkiness with heavy bass-driven aesthetics typical of EPROM. The final effect is pure fire, I love this track from the first hearing. Grab Never on vinyl with the original and FaltyDL's remix, released by Surefire Sound Records,before this hot stuff solds out. I want the digital copy of this track baaaadly!

EPROM will be big in 2010, I'm positive about this. His release offensive already started, just check his banging, hyphy single Zoning (with Profisee)  fresh of the press or a nice remix of Starkey's OK Luv. At the end of February, a split-EP with Eskmo for Warp, will hit the shelves. EPROM's Hendt has yet another flavor, check the preview on Junodownload. It's great to see artists exploring diverse music fields, especially artists of such skills and potential as EPROM. Now, Mister, it's time for Humanoid. 

Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated EP - A MUST 10/10 !!!!

Slugabed is a visciously clever musician, mixing in a big digital cauldron all those post-post-dilla chopped-up twisted beats with absolutely beautiful and unique synths, occasional cheap tune extravaganza. bleeping 8-bit loops and drilling, heavy bass, giving me creeps of extasy when listening. His music is simply tight as hell and his multi-layer compositions sound very monolithic despite the variety of components used. He stormed the scene with a set of absolutely top-notch remixes like Slugabed Sez or NastyNasty's - The Reef or BD 1982's Space Boots to mention my favorite ones.

But it is the debut EP on the mighty Planet Mu - Ultra Heat Treated EP that catapulted Slugabed to another level reserved for the toughest players, as correctly observed by Boomkat, and as correctly anticipated on this very blog at the end of the last year by your humble, humble narrator :)   I expected a lot of Slugabed, yet with this release he managed to surpass all of them.

In the opening Ultra Heat Treated, Slugabed takes the listener for a slow journey through heavily synth-driven sonic landscapes, riding on a broken hip-hop beat and encountaring a fair share of bleeps and beeps along the way. Skyfire is a mind-boggling, overwhelming outburst of totally far-out 8-bit synths - a real, unique banger - I taste blood on a dancefloor with this one! Enter neon wonky with Pressure - and again the Slugabed's work on buttons is formidable! Quantum Leap is my personal highlight, the cream of the cream, showing an unrestrainted music imagination and fabulous selection of cheap tune melodies all mixed to create a very powerful and beautiful composition. Goulash is a clash of dark, dubstep aesthetics with twisted synths as if exported from a score to some future sci-fi thriller. The dynamics of this track are extremely unnverving, with the beat cut up and sequenced in the most unexpected way. This tune is definitely not of this Earth or dimension. I know it sounds pretty bombastic and lame, but just listen for yourself and let's compare our impressions :)  The fantastic release is crowned with a more laidback (for Slugabed) sound of Titans nicely rolling through the speakers. All in all Ultra Heat Treated EP is the best release this year so far and the maximum score 10/10 in my personal ranking!

It's a MUST for any fan of modern IDM/EDM/wonky/dubstep/beatz.

Grab it here:

Th' Mole Euro Tour and Free Track

Daly City Records' mascott and unique, self-made performer, Th' Mole starts his European Tour next week. If you live in one of the cities listed on the flyer you should DEFINITELY go to see his one-of-the-kind freaky show. This dude is super cool. I fully agree with Daly City statement :) A seriously freaky spectacle, Th' Mole is a madman when it comes to the stage. From over-the-top costuming to goofy dance moves and nifty-looking MIDI gadgets, the show is a visual feast matched only by Th' Mole's jaw-droppingly dextrous vocals and buzzing space beats. All this is complemented by uplifting messages and a subtlety charming sense of humor. Th' Mole hits the road this month, traveling across Austria, Denmark, France and Germany.

Unfortunately, it has not worked out with the booking in Poland this year, but I hope next time we'll be more lucky. Anyway, check my short party report from the last year's visit of Th' Mole in my country, and definitely read the review of his full-length the Greatest Hits vol. 1 Ha Ha Ha.

In support of the Th' Mole Tour Daly City Records presents a new remix of his mighty anthem Jump Jack by Barely Legal Beats:

Th' Mole "Jump Jack (Barely Legal Beats Rmx)

11 February 2010


The beginning of February seems to be flourishing with fantastic, future beatz and interesting mixes promising a great year for fans of this genre. One name seems to reappear time and again. Error Broadcast is a "21st century beat label blending hip-hop with off-kiler electronica". Exactly! I first heard about them when reviewing a Comfort Fit's Pollyshufflez remix EP. But just know after checking their website I realized how many young cool cats are associated with Error Broadcast: Shlohmo, Dimlite, Pixelord, fLako, 1000names, Hermutt Lobby, Mux Mool, Swede:art, The Great Mundane, Lambent just to mention a few I heard about. Check their site for fresh releases and some free goodies (e.g. Pixelord covered by me yesterday).

Error Brodcast has just released an absolutely smashing mix by the Swede:art, one of the best beatmarkers, producers and DJ's hailing from Germany. His selection is always top notch and really gives you an insight into future, twisted hip hop beatz, wonky, future garage stuff and much more. Analogue Frequencies' tracklist is absolutely stellar: NastyNasty, Slugabed, Dorian Koncept, Untold,  Mono/Poly, Dimlite, Martyn, Mark Prichard, Om Unit and much much more. Unique Listening Experience!

I encourage you to listen to this mix on mixcloud, but if you really realy want this work saved on your hard drives Error Broadcast posted a download link on their site:

Dizz1 - We Go Ridin Ft. Om' Mas 1
B-Ju - Soja Extra (Benny B. Blonco Remix) 2
Javaanse Jongens - On You 3
3l - Without Destination 4
Jose James - Made For Love 5
Om Unit - Lightgrids 6
Slugabed Clunk Clunk 7
Swede:Art  Wonderwhy 8
Mono/Poly Red And Yellow Toys 9
Dimlite Feedback Children 10
Nastynasty The Reef (Slugabed Remix) 11
Rustie Keesha Resmak 12
Slugabed Motherfuckeeeeer 13
Dibiase Spacely Sprocketts 14
Hudson Mo X Ghostface Mighty Healthy 15
Swede:Art Analogue Frequencies 16
Jeremiah Jae The Mystery 17
These New Puritans We Want War (Sbtrkt Remix) 18
Trg Broken Heart (Martyn's Dcm Remix) 19
Untold Bad Girls 20
Hsik Fix It Up 21
The Bug Jah War Feat. Flowdan (Loefah Remix) 22
Dorian Concept Im A Balla Vs Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Patchwork Pirates Refix) 23
Martyn Friedrichstraße 24
King Midas Sound Meltdown 25
Slugabed Goulash 26
Dz Just Rollin [Akira Kiteshi Remix] 27
Untold Stop What You're Doing [James Blake Remix] 28
John Cage Credo In Us 29
Mark Pritchard Unknown 30
Massive Attack Paradise Circus Ft. Hope Sandoval 31


Boorgroove_GlitchHopMix by Mash Machine

Finally, a very good Glitch hop mix made in Poland! It's really nice to see West Coast / glitch / acquacrunk / lazer bass sound gaining a strong foothold in my country, the more so as this music in the previous year spred across the globe pretty fast, which is clearly visible in the tracklist of this very mix, including tunes by Robot Koch (Germany), Loops Haunt (UK) or Pixelord (Russia). The more people pushing this future sound in my native land the more chances to book artists and create some scene, which - few exceptions notwithstanding - has been non-existent so far.

But the wind of change has finally blown some fresh air to the Central Europe. The perpetrator of this mix - Mash Machine with his friends from the pioneer Polish dubstep crew of My Head is Dubby, having open minds about music decided to launch a new side-project callled Boorgroovee and are seriously thinking about pushing this hard-to-describe sound in Poland. This mix was recorded and published as a part of the Boorgroove platform. Expect to hear more from them soon and for the time being, immerse yourself in these beautiful beats and fantastic sonic landscapes.

Boorgrove tracklist:
robot koch - hard to find
---general degree [acapella]
loops haunt - impact omnihammer
jantsen & dave seied - original nuttah [re-work]
architeq - birds of prey [fulgeance emotronic rmx]
bassnectar - teleport massive [robot koch rmx]
pixelord - cartoon friend
kelpe - the blankout agreement [slugabed rmx]
architeq - sleeping bear lament [take rmx]
kidkanevil - gotta be fresh
take - bouncing cherries
architeq - sleepin bear lament [james pants remix]
eskmo - harmony
----onra - the ritual
mosca - square one [bok bok rmx]

10 February 2010

One ridiculous remix ... Beyonce vs. Raffertie

Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster !!! This remix is simply ridiculous!

BEYONCE - SINGLE LADIES (RAFFERTIE RMX) by raffertieproductions


Thanks to the tip from one of the best blogs out there - let's get digital, I had a real pleasure to acquaint myself with super fat, wonky 8-bit neon sound of Pixelord from Russia. The debut 4-track EP "Lucid Freaks" by Alexey Devyanin, a Moscow-based veteran of experimental music, best-known for his Gultskra Artikler moniker, is simply too good to be kept buried in the vast ocean of blogosphere. I've never heard of this guy, but from now on I write down his name waiting for more stuff coming soon (like already announced remix EP). Pixelord delivers twisted hip hop beats and lots of 8-bit, digital bleeps and beeps, all bathed in Lucky-Me's neon synths. The production is super tight and fans of Slugabed, Loops Haunt, Shlohmo, HudMo should check this release. It's even difficult for me to mention best tracks as they are all top quality. Definitely an artist to watch in 2010.

Grab it for free via Error Broadcast  

or buy high quality through their bandcamp


09 February 2010

AQF - Born and Raised

Oh boy. The music played in the darkest pits of hell for sure. AQF from Berlin delivers a sick sonic bullet straight to your brain, not necessarily coming through your heart but definitely talking to your reptilian instincts with metallic, ultra-repetitious synths and esoteric-like vocoder chants of "my shoes were born and raised in Italy my car was born and raised in Detroit, my jacket was born and raised in Norway, my brain was born and raised in hell" As Boomkat wrote quite appropriately - the debut born and raised out of Sub:stance, Berlin. I'd f...g love to hear this tune played out loud on Berghain's Funktion One System. Brrr, I already got shivers.

Cop it from boomkat or other retailers

04 February 2010

Soundcloud Harvest pt. 2 - myles away, subPrime, PiranhaPiranha

Second Soundcloud review this month starts with a very dope remix by Myles Away. He is a musician/producer/DJ living and creating in Vancouver, Canada. He is a talented young gun, part of the prolific Integrated Grime Unit. Whomping bassline and heavy beats are his ting. Though he is quite new in the game, I've already heard a few of his productions, live sets and mixes and this boy really kicks ass with full energy appraoch to music! Check his remix of the pumping electro track by his friend producer from Vancouver by the name Nathan Suter. Myles Away created a dubstep/electro bootleg of the tune Bullets in my Brain. Beautiful girlie vocals, spacey synths and stomping beat - a perfect mix!

Bullets in my Brain (mylesAWAYdubstepREMIX) by myles away

Praeyr (Vancouver, BC) in a glitch-hop whompy and wobbley tune supported by ill-esha on vocals. TUNE!

A Place To Sleep (ft. Ill-Esha) by Praeyr

Ben Samples hits hard again, upping the bpm's to around 150. Crunky heavy bassline and wild acapellas. Me likes a lot!! First one is the Three 6 Mafia vs. Lil Jon remix. BANGER!!!!

Goose by bensamples

More ultra heavy dubstomp by Ben Samples (the term used by Samples, quite appropriately I'd say). The remix of Three 6 Mafia with crunky, talking bassline and layers of crazy synths on top. This boy is unstoppable.

Dope Boy Fresh (clean) by bensamples

Another heavy-weight player in the lot, subPrime, hails from Burlington, Vermont, USA. It is the alias of electronic music producer Matt Gutt . He produces bass heavy music that splices together a variety of genres including dubstep, glitch hop, IDM, and what not. subPrime also plays out with a dubstep PA of all original songs and remixes.

What a coincidence :) yet one more motherf...g mashup remix of Lil Jon. Pumping, bwampy, bass-heavy glitch hop of first order!! Download it before 100 downloads limit expires. Don't sleep on this track.  

SubPrime-Snap Yo Dreads (subPrime vs Lil Jon) by subPrime

and pretty dope remix of Ray Cash:

Ray Cash - Sex Appeal (subPrime Remix) by subPrime

Freddy Todd from Detroit drops again ultra crunky metal joints. All the robots please stand up, please stand up.

Ray Gun by FreddyTodd

Accidental Side Effect by FreddyTodd

Finally, a slight change of mood, moving from crunky stuff to a deeper sub-bass, dubby remixes by the duo of PiranhaPiranha,  hailing from Canada (again!!). Apart from being producers, Dan Solo and Mr. Geography also run quite a cool blog The Rinse Out and have a regular show in Calgary called Modern Math. First one is a super deep and super slow refix of hte classic Claude Van Stroke anthem of Beat that Bird.

Beat That Bird(Piranha Piranha ReHatch) by Dan Solo

Finally, a dubby electro remix of the Digitalism classic Zdarlight.

Zdarlight (Piranha Piranha Dub Mix) by Dan Solo

03 February 2010

Made in Glitch - Bass Science BANG

Great glitch hop label Made In Glitch has just dropped another top quality release. The second single by Bass Science on MIG called simply Bang offers a nasty, distorted and whompy excursion into the land of future digital dubz, whereas NSE remix is simply straight-in-yer-face, banging sub-bass cannon fired with full force on unsuspecting listeners. More kudos for the use of great (albeit short) voice samples! Turn up the volume but be very careful with your subwoofers.  

Listen to the previews below and buy'em on Addictech. Worth every penny.

Bass Science - Bang by madeinglitch
MIGREC05 Bass Science Bang (NSE remix) 2009 by madeinglitch

Talking about Made in Glitch, you should definitely check their previous releases and one remix in particular :) >>>>> NastyNasty for President!<<<<<<

Salva - 'American Grime' (NastyNasty remix) by madeinglitch

Or this absolutely killing remix by the founder of Made in Glitch - Matt B, of uber-talented newcomer to the scene - Mussck (expect more on Mussck on my blog soon, or check Daly City Records if you cannot wait to hear more of his stuff)

Mussck Don't sell your dreams (Mattb remix) by madeinglitch

... or this banger, once again a remix by Mattb, easily one of the tunes of 2009.

Bass Science feat. Epcot & Salva We Break Bones (Mattb remix) by madeinglitch

Made in Glitch Records has gained a proper momentum now and looking at the forthcoming releases, I can only say - Dudes, you better memorize this name, definitely one of the top labels to watch in 2010.

Feb/march/april releases:
MIGREC06 Mattb ft. Buddy Leezle (with remixes by Megasoid, Mochipet and Virtual Boy)
MIGREC07 Betamaxnomates (+Ill Gates RMX)
MIGREC08 Mattb ft. Epcot  + remixes by  BD1982 (Secluasis) and  Polstyle (Numbers)

Soundcloud Harvest pt. 1 - Starkey, NastyNasty, Robot Koch, Mimosa

Starting from a preview of the second single from the forthcoming Starkey's full-length Ear Drums and Black Holes feat. Anneka. The same girl with whom Starkey created the track from a scratch in a fantastic beat building show in Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental (read more here) ... and a remix by Slugabed on top. Can't wait!

Starkey ft. Anneka "Stars" (12", digital single) Preview by starkbot

Then moving to the best track on the not-so-stark Fabric's compilation Elevator Music vol.1, namely Starkey's Black Monolith. I really like the vibe and flow of this beautiful track.

Black Monolith by starkbot

Then changing the mood and dropping some NastyNasty grime dirt:

Dirty Money by NastyNasty

.... and dirty NastyNasty edit. Oh boy...

Loops Haunt - Huarache (NastyNasty edit) by NastyNasty

One more remix from the highly anticipated Robot Koch's remix EP, dreamy and spaced out, a perfect score of the 21st century Twin Peaks series.

Robot Koch - While feat. Manya (Blue Daisy Remix) by robot koch

Fnally, to nicely crown up this set of tracks, Mimosa in search of the higher consciousness.

TheHigherConsciousness by TigranMiMoSA

Blunt Instrument - Noise Farming vol. 1 Mid Tempo Breaks

Glitch hop crew of Blunt Instrument, hailing from Australia decided to play a bit with classic tracks treating them with mid-tempo breaks and glitched out beat. Akon, Tom Jones vs. Art of Noise, Bob Marley and Missy Elliot - you can hardly go more diverse in selection of subjects for cruel retweaking :) The duo did quite a good job with their tools, which comes as no surprise if you heard their Blunt EP, one of the best releases last year, production-wise in glitch / mid-tempo department.  I liked Tom Jones' re-fix best, pretty dope synth work there and nu-school breaks would definitely work on any dancefloor. Missy Elliot's Boom Clunk remix is another cool joint in the pack, licking the speakers with properly bass heavy juice. Bob Marley's dubbed out version based on stomping pads and swinging beat moved my legs and head in unison.

Download four tracks from bandcamp (FOR FREE!!!):

What is more, if you don't like Tom Jones or cheesy Akon's vocalizations, you can grab pure instrumentals from their bandcamp site, which I highly recommend.

Preview the tracks on soundcloud:

Tom Jones vs Art of noise - Kiss (Blunt Instrument Ba Whoomp mix) by bluntinstrument

Bob Marley - Exodus (Blunt Instrument Underwhelmed mix) by bluntinstrument

Akon - Smack That (Blunt Instrument Beats for Breaksfast mix) by bluntinstrument