31 May 2010


Doktor Krank’s top-23 tracks of April/May
not necessarily the newest, but definitely on the constant repeat in my player atm.

1.Lorn – Tomorrow
2.Lorn – Greatest Silence
(I should have included at least 5 tracks on my list. Nothing Else is THE RECORD OF THE YEAR for me - so far at least)
3.Robot Koch – Brujeria
(unrivaled beatmaker enchanting again)
4.Deadboy – Long Way to Go
(UK Funky heaven!)
5.Actress – The Kettle Man
(from an amazing new record – The Splazsh!!)
6.Slugabed – Donky Stomp
(can’t wait for the new release from Sluga, epic tune!!)
7.Clubroot – Toe to Toe
(his second album is even better than the amazing debut!)
8.Devo - Whip It (Mochipet's Nitrous Oxide Mix)  
(BANGER !!!!!!!!)
9.Vinyl Blight ft. Noah23 – Blackstone (Mochipet’s Epic SynthHop Mix) 
(epic remix from my favorite pet)
10.Illum Sphere – Titan 
(brilliant squashed mutant sound from Manchester)
11.Coco Bryce – Heavy
(wonky wonky and more wonky beatz) 
12.Halo Refuser – Lumbering (Solovox remix)
(glitchy and catchy made in Portland – check the EP dropping 1 June) 
13.SRC – Gold Coinz
(another jackpot from Numbers)
14.Lokae – City Lights (ft. Audio Angel and Joe Mousepad)
(IDM glitch hop reminding me of Various Production stuff) 
15.Freddy Todd - Space 5 Penthouse (NiT GriT San Jose remix)
(…and a few tons of glitch, please)
16.Alex B – You and I Both Know
(Moments - one of the best records this year)
17.SDUK – Clunge (NastyNasty remix)
(ill filthy sick remix of the great tune)
18.Robot Koch feat. Addiquit – Dough (Salva Remix)
(heavy bass dancefloor smasher)
19.Playdoe - Ice Cream (D.L.i.d Remix)
(Spoek and co. in a wrecking remix by French producer D.L.i.d)
20.Backfunk 3000 – Jump – (Bruce Stallion’s Suspiciously Milky remix)
(Classic Si Begg’s anthem in a neon synth refix)
21.Eprom - Shoplifter
(well, it’s self-explanatory)
22.Ben Samples – Snowstorm
(heavy metal dub stomp glitch!)
23.Atari Teenage Riot – Activate 


THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LORN : NOTHING ELSE from StrangeLoop on Vimeo.




28 May 2010

Pharoahe Monch - Simon Says (BoomBaptist Remix)

Nice remix of the all-time classic Pharoahe Monch's Simon Says by a beatmaker BoomBaptist (also known as Thesaurus Rex) from Austin in Texas. Unlike e.g. most famous, angry and straight-in-yer-face remix of Slugabed Says, this is a more laidback, mid-tempo,  neon-synth driven rework. You can grab it for free along wiht the instrumental version. Go check it - some nice button work and heavy bass in it!

<a href="http://boombaptist.bandcamp.com/album/simon-says-boombaptist-remix-12-single">Simon Says (BoomBaptist Remix) by BoomBaptist</a>

If you like BoomBaptist's remix, you should defnitely check his Beat Tape released a few weeks ago.

BoomBaptism Beat Tape (2010, Archivist Records)

27 May 2010

Robot Koch - Listen to them Fade EP (PMC 060)


BEST RELEASE IN MAY 2010 ---  9 out of 10***

On May 7th, my favorite beatmaker Robot Koch released Listen to them Fade EP (Project Mooncircle). One of the kind, vintage electronica, where dreamy female vocal meets strange sound samples, surfing through the multi-layered, moody compositions to the accompaniment of constantly tempo-changing breaks and totally sick drums and pads (Brujeria, Like Rain). This time analog and organic sounds seems to win the battle with machine keyboards and the result of their fight, the twisted, dark but very very lively beat and dubby vibe has connected with my emotions instantly! This is the record to be fully immersed into, rich with mind flavors and archaic, tribal goodness. As usual in case of innovative style of Robot Koch, this music is hard to describe and extremely versatile, but the artist managed perfectly to keep the entire 6-piece concise and complete. Though I can spot my personal highlights - Brujeria with oneiric singing by Grace and pulsating, dubby bassline which has been on a constant repeat in my player for a month or other-dimensional, trippy True riding on a squashed beat - this is the release to be digested in full from the first unsettling notes of the title track to the surreal sonic jam in Now. Listen to them Fade has been directly influenced by 2 months spent by Robot Koch in Mexico, where he collaborated again with a very talented Mexican singer Grace. I hope they will continue their successfull cooperation in a similarly inspiring environment and the results will be even more astonishing in the full-length album by Robot Koch to drop on Project Mooncircle in October this year.  Can't wait!!

Download a free track from this EP (via xlr8r mag)

Robot Koch feat. Grace - Listen to them Fade

Check the release here and in other stores across the Internet:

Robot Koch - Listen to them Fade EP (JUNODOWNLOAD)

Robot Koch feat. Addiquit (Salva Remix)

Beatmaker Robot Koch + rapper Addiquit + remixer Salva = heavy bass dancefloor smasher !!!

Robot Koch feat. Addiquit - Dough (Salva Remix) by ADDIQUIT


Addiquit vs. Machine Drum

Sound Sword by ADDIQUIT


Spoek Mathambo (aka Nthato Mokgata), is a South African rapper and one of my favorite emcees out there. His debut album (finally) will drop on BBE late summer. Can't wait. This is how he introduced himself in the recent e-mail :))


Spoek released a new video of post punk township tech with his live band Mshini Wam: Richard the Third, Jakob Snake, Yolanda & Avuyile. Watch and don't be scared :)

SPOEK MATHAMBO & MSHINI WAM - GWABABA (DON'T BE SCARED) from spoek mathambo on Vimeo.

25 May 2010

SUBKONTRA SPECIAL: BREAKAGE (Digital Soundboy, UK) Sat, May 29th at 1500m2

Oh yes, the party season in my hometown finally in full-swing!! This Saturday (29 May 2010) the Digital Soundboy BREAKAGE from UK will be a star of the successfull dubstep nights series Subkontra, run by my friend - DJ Kwazar. The event will be held in one of the best clubs in Warsaw - 1500m2 and apart from Breakage, will host tons of great local artists. Definitely a party one cannot miss. More info in Polish below:


Tax: 15 do 23 / 20
Start: 22

MAIN SCENE :Breakage (Digital Soundboy, UK ), The Lordz ft. TikTak (3 man dubstep live act), Kwazar (Respecta, Subkontra ), MCQ (Apparition Records), S.w.i.m (Bass Brigade), Mack (Mash-up Records), Fau (Subtopia Records), Heavy Bass Scene : Spox, Mastrerflash, + Goście

Po jesiennej uczcie z Shackletonem i Appleblimem nadszedł czas na
wiosenny atak Subkontry, pierwszego cyklu imprez dubstepowych w
Warszawie (do tej pory z udziałem takich gwiazd, jak: Tes La Rok,
Scuba, Debruit, Mochipet, Reso, Riskotheque, Von D, Desto, Wadadda i
wielu innych). Muzyczną bombę zdetonuje pierwszoligowa postać scen
dubstep i jungle – Breakage, który pierwszy raz odwiedzi Polskę!

James Boyle przez dziesięć lat muzycznej kariery wydawał m.in. w
Reinforced, Critical czy Planet Mu, jednak to tegoroczny album wydany w
marcu nakładem Digital Soundboy, labelu legendy sceny- Shy FX-a,
przyniósł mu zasłużony rozgłos. Na odważny, zróżnicowany brzmieniowo,
prezentujący najnowsze oblicza basowej sceny krążek złożyły się liczne
kooperacje zarówno ze znanymi (Roots Manuva, Burial), jak i nowymi
twarzami londyńskiego undergroundu (Newham Generals, Zarif, Donaeao).
Uznanie dla surowego stylu Brytyjczyka wyrazili dotychczas m.in.
Massive Attack, Florence & The Machine, czy David Guetta
powierzając mu remixy singli.

Jego występy są nieprzewidywalne i cechuje je wyszukany eklektyzm,
którego mianownikiem jest osobliwe uwielbienie potęgi basu i
rollujących bitów.
Na głównej scenie 1500 m2 do wynajęcia pojawią się również groźni The
Lordz z 3 osobowym live actem, promujący dubstep, jungle i uk funky
MCQ, Mack, Fau oraz S.w.i.m i odpowiedzialny za całe zamieszanie
Kwazar. Na scenie heavy bass zagra zawsze dobry Spox, Masterflash i
goście. Zanosi się na prawdziwe święto basu w Warszawie!


M.O.R.E.__K.I.L.L.I.N.G__T.U.N.E.S__F.R.O.M__ S.L.U.G.A.B.E.D!!!!





Lineout Launch Party

My friends from a new music portal - lineout.pl will have a big launch party this weekend in Wrocław. If you are somewhere in the vinicity go check them to hear the best UK Funky / Future Garage / Dubstep played by the Polish producers who have recently released a very well received PL Funky EP on the label of one of my favorite producers - Top Billin from Finland. Great stuff. More details in Polish about the party:


Lineout.pl Launch Party : Phantom x Vanatoski x Intreau
29.05 Klub Maszroom / Wrocław
start: 21:00 tax: 5 / 10 PLN

THE PHANTOM (Senseless / Top Billin / Warszwa)
Vanatoski (Gang$teppaz / Top Billin / Kraków)
Intreau (VODKA TEARZ / BBQ / Wrocław)

hosted by: Tips’n'Tricks (Lineout / Wrocław)

PL FUNKY to jeden z fenomenów końcówki 2009 i pierwszych miesięcy bieżącego roku. Spontaniczna krakowska inicjatywa, by nie tylko grać uk funky w swoich setach, ale także użyć producenckich umiejętności doczekała się finału w postaci oficjalnego wydawnictwa w prestiżowej wytwórni Top Billin. Lineout.pl Launch Party będzie pierwszą we Wrocławiu okazją by sprawdzić aktualnie najgorętszych i najbardziej znanych za granicą polskich producentów.

Bohaterami wieczoru, będą: THE PHANTOM, projekt Bartosza Kruczyńskiego (znanego też z mash-upowego duo El Barto & Liam B) czerpiący inspiracje z brytyjskich gatunków: funky, garage, dubstep i grime. Debiutancki numer Phantoma ‘Cambodia’ wywołał zasłużony entuzjazm czołówki didżejów z wysp, dzięki czemu szybko trafil na antenę m.in BBC Radio1, Kiss FM czy Sub FM. Na dniach, nakładem amerykańskiej wytwórni Trouble & Bass ukaże się jego remiks dla ekipy Supra1. Vanatoski, 1/3 krakowskiego kolektywu Gang$teppaz trafił na składankę Top Billin dzięki świetnemu ‘The Accordeon’, lokalnie jest współodpowiedzialny za cykl imprez funky: Avangardance, na którym gościli między innymi Hard House Banton czy N.B Funky. Stawkę uzupełnia Intreau, produkujący future’owe numery z pogranicza garage i UKF, gospodarz cyklu BBQ.

Lineout.pl Launch Party to pierwsza impreza sygnowana marką portalu Lineout. Ten działający od niedawna serwis internetowy jest poświęcony kulturze miejskiej we wszystkich jej przejawach – od świeżych zjawisk na scenie tzw. urban music (dubstep, new beat generation, future garage, uk funky), przez eventy street artowe, graffiti, po designer toys. Hostami imprezy będą Funknote i Jimmy Clee czyli kolektyw Tips’n'Tricks – spodziewajcie się sporej dawki glitch-hopu, new beats, skweee i wonky!

21 May 2010

My birthday party - Today 21 May 2010

Yeah, I am gonna forget about any limits today. Mark my werd! Sometimes a human being just needs to do a total reset and the birthday party, the show with Illum Sphere and my friends and extended family will deliver lots, lots lots of food for my mind and my body and my soul (if I have one). I will revel in this, and I am going to bring the 'party hard' slogan to the next level!!!! If you live in Warsaw and want to experience something unique, party-wise and music-wise, do come to CDQ on this beautiful Friday night with Vistual river slowly returning to its normal level after coming very close to a total flood pandemonium. A special night this will be, I promise, he he he.

20 May 2010

LA MIXETTE VOL. 35 - SEEP - "Roller Coast"

La Mixette podcast series is the best reference point for what's hot on the future beatz scene. 35th volume brings the mix by SEEP - a DJ and producer from LA, currently living in Paris. Balancing between twisted hip-hop beat, dub and electro he managed to prepare a great fusion of various music styles bearing a serious mark of West Cost / Low End Theory off-beat electronica. Great listening experience!

LA MIXETTE VOL. 35 - SEEP - "Roller Coast"

intro: Seep / Erykah Badu / Dem Hunger / Del Close & John Brent
YoggyOne - Analog Teaspoons
Ad Bourke - Aiight
Starkey - OK Luv
Flying Lotus - Computer Face
Nocando (feat. Busdriver) - Two Track Mind
Major Lazer - Cashflow (Subskrpt remix)
Oy - Snake (Mexicans with Guns remix)
Rustie - Keesha Resmak
Gouseion - Stunt Lounge
Main Source feat. Nas, Fatal & Akinyele - Live at the BBQ
Fulgeance - I LUV U
Vlooper & Kenlo - Nuage Rouge
Free the Robots - Orion's Belt Buckle
Bass Patrol - Dirty Bird (Acapella)
Skeme - You Already Know
Humanleft - Le Clap Rap
Deceptikon - Kinyoubi
Erykah Badu - the Healer
Paul White - Ultra Violet
Mux Mool - Lady Linda
Georgia & Declaime ft. Kazi - SomeOthaShip Connect Game
Débruit - Persian Funk
The Spinners - It's A Shame (Acapella)
Sharps - Yuck Beats (feat. Mat The Alien)
Encoded - Om Unit
Nosaj Thing - IOIO
Hovatron - Gold Star Radiation
Fulgeance - Hardi
Jackson 5 - Never Can Say Goodbye (Acapella)

Lorn - Tomorrow

I could not resist and had to nick this link from here. Dark, vibrating, unsettling and very very beautiful track from the 'darkman' Lorn from FlyLo's Brainfeeder. A first snippet from his forthcoming full-length "Nothing Else" to drop on 8th of June. This is most eagerly anticipated release this year for me! And this track just proves I'll be stunned with Lorn's debut.

Lorn - Tomorrow (download)

Lorn - "Tomorrow" by Funny Ha Ha

A call to Promoters in Europe - Lorn will hit our contintent at the end of June / beginning of July. Book this guy for super quality west coast sound and sonic voyage through twisted dark matter and electronic landscapes. E-mail his Agents: info@vitalagency.com

3 for the morning wake-up call !!

There is no better way to start the last, boring day at work before the big bang of the tomorrow's Dr. Krank's Sonic Birthday, than by listening to these three gentlemen. Wicked to say the least!!

Mochipet - Devo Whipits - Nitrous Mix by Mochipet

The Infesticons - Bombs Anthem [Kraddy Remix] by Kraddy

A whole galaxy of... by Stephan Jacobs

18 May 2010

Freddy Todd - Lick the Glitch (glitch.fm mix 11 May 2010)

One of my favorites glitch-hop producers, Freddy Todd from Mecha-Detroit, prepared a super duper special mix which aired on 11 May 2010 on glitch.fm. The mix includes tracks from his new remix EP "Space 5 Penthouse" released on Car Crash Set and available via Addictech (highly recommended by Doktor Krank!! - some absolutely outstanding remixes in the pack - NiT GriT, Mochipet, Inaudible, Samples and more) plus  some  new tracks from his upcoming full length album due out on Run Riot Records in mid/late June, some other gems and ... ridiculously sick remixes by Freddy Todd himself, including ehmm, Darude's Sandstorm remix (sic!). Trance-turned-glitch he he he. All in all, one of the best crunky glitch-hop mixes I heard this year. A must for any fan of distorted synths and squashed basslines.

Freddy Todd - Lick the Glitch (glitch.fm mix 11 May 2010) (download)

Freddy Todd - Lick The Glitch Mix by FreddyTodd


Splatterbox (Freddy T + DJ GK) - Fre$hurThan
$amples - Drop Bombs (Freddy T Remix)
J Dilla - Two Can Win
J Dilla - Two Can Win (Freddy T Remix)
Darude - Sandstorm (Freddy T Remix)
Freddy Todd - Order Complex
Freddy Todd - Blowin Good (Mochipet Remix)
Freddy Todd - Can't Fathom This (NastyNasty Remix)
Freddy Todd - p0p p0p p0p
$amples - Goose
Elfkowitz + Freddy Todd - Rage Cage
Freddy Todd - Blowin Good (ill-esha Remix)
J Dilla - Track 06 (3 Beat Tapes)
Freddy Todd - Space 5 Penthouse (NiT GriT Remix)
Squarepusher - My Red Hot Car
Freddy Todd - Can't Fathom This (Om Unit Remix)
Freddy Todd - Ray Gun

Supra1 f. Amy Douglas - Still Believe (L-Vis 1990 / Brackles remixes)

Supra1, a producer duo from Poland representing Trouble & Bass crew, after a series of very successfull remixes for, e.g. Mumdance, Brodinski, Drop the Lime and alike, are preparing a new EP with their original tracks which should drop at the end of May. The remixes of their Still Believe with great vocals by Amy Douglas, started popping out in the blogosphere. First two come from heavy-weight champions of the UK Funky / Future Garage / 2-step / or wot u call it this urban UK sound so popular at the moment - Brackles and "Night Slugs" L-vis 1990. If I were to choose between the two versions, I would probably point to L-vis 1990, but both tracks are quality!! Cop them while they last, I don't intent to repost it in any form later:

Supra1 f. Amy Douglas - Still Believe (L-Vis 1990 remix)

Supra1 f. Amy Douglas - Still Believe (Brackles remix)

A Bridge Far Away - Giants / Forensics 111 Mix

One cannot live on stomp and whomp only, you have to feed the mellower, more laid-back and more emotionally demanding side of your mind.  There is no better way than listening to trippy downtempo or experimental electronica. 

A Bridge Far Away also known as Forensics is one of my favorite wizards of trippy downtempo ambient  but built not only on the extended sonic notes like e.g. Biosphere but rather on dubbed out spacey beat and pulsating bassline, while occasionally reaching further to dubstep aesthetics. Now I have a pleasure to post here, exclusive for Dr. Krank's  blog, a new ABFA track for your listening pleasure. Giants, hitting an unusual for ABFA 170bpm mark, is a fast and raw offering with powerful drums and live industrial-like instrumentation.


I also have a few remixes of ABFA tracks for download. Enjoy!

A Bridge Far Away - Drift ft. Indi Kaur (Grievous Angel remix)
A Bridge Far Away - Drift ft. Ind Kaur (Demon Remix)
A Bridge Far Away - Killer Bees (This One remix) (highly recommended)
A Bridge Far Away - Killer Bees (Be-1ne remix)

You should definitely check the latest album from ABFA - Reverence released a few weeks ago (Amazon, iTunes and other stores) to get a full picture of ABFA's music sensitivity, choosing between ambientish compositions and dream-like sonic landscapes and pulsating dubs. One of the best 'concept' albums released this year. Highly recommended! And don't forget about Dusk Ensamble's self-titled debut, relased on the same label Methodology Recordings some time ago (Amazon). Definitely a label to watch for the future.

ABFA tracks have usually varied from around 80-170 bpm, but are currently settling down at the 111 mark. ABFA / Forensics is one of the founders of an upcoming new movement called 111bpm. To learn more about this see one11bpm.com, or check this absolutely amazing mix  by Forensics. I have been a devout follower of Forensics mixes for more than 2 years now and 111 mix is easily among top-3 works by the man. Also check the thread on dubstepforum.com to see what artists and listeners think about this new movement.

Forensics - 111 Mix

01 : Framerate - The dance through time
02 : A Bridge Far Away - Antarctica
03 : JustAnotherAlias - Turn the corner
04 : Maree Jaine - Delivery
05 : Be-1ne - Canvas 10.06
06 : JustAnotherAlias - Roisin
07 : Ed Murphy Jr - Aftertaste
08 : Two Oh One - Three pillars
09 : Furcht - Der griefer
10 : Product - Metric
11 : Ed Murphy Jr - Century
12 : Windscale - Bog
13 : Two Oh One - Feel
14 : Unknown - Sistem pounda (Pon de 111 mix)
15 : Splitter - Harsh reality

Finally, great ABFA video:

Playdoe - Bubble and Freeze EP + free remix

Artist: Playdoe
Titel: Bubble And Freeze
Label: Leonizer Records
Street Date: 2010-04-02

1. Ice Cream 04:08
2. Champoon 04:33
3. Ice Cream Riot Kid Remix 04:11
4. Ice Cream Kaptain Cadillac Remix 04:30
5. Ice Cream Zôl & Illstm Remix 04:30
6. Ice Cream Square Tune Magician Remix 04:21
7. Ice Cream Digital Fighter Remix 04:21
8. Ice Cream Club Cheval Remix 03:22
9. Ice Cream D.L.i.d Remix 03:58
10. Ice Cream Chris de Luca Remix 04:44
11. Ice Cream Chris de Luca DUB Remix 04:44

Preview and buy this release at JUNO or iTunes

This post is long overdue as this EP was released more than a month ago, but I had to mention this being a big fan of hyper-active Spoek Mathambo who joined forces here with another South African - DJ Fuck (otherwise known as Sibot) to form a banging duo of Playdoe. The more so as the remixers of original tax include the producers I really dig, i.e. Chris de Luca, Illstm or Kaptain Cadillac. The Ice Cream original virtually drips with lascivious playfulness of Spoek and Chi Chi's vocals, while DJ Fuck created ass-shaking, stomping beat. Champoon is more of a classic hip-hop ting and Spoek does his job perfectly again! Though, it seems that his ranting skills are used in every second track I heard recently, I am far from being fed up with this talented South African boy. With quite a big bunch of remixes, the stylistic range is huge, from electro bangers (e.g. zol and illstm, square tune magician or digital figher) through heavy-bass dubstep trips (riot kid) and a really strange collage of guitar strings and booty juke house treatment by kaptain cadillac to hard to describe chris de luca's dancefloor smashing double feature. But the real highlight of this relase is one of the most frequently played tracks on my car's sound system this month - i.e. the remix by a French producer D.L.i.d. A real ANTHEM!! One of the best tracks I've heard this year.

As a teaser - download a remix by DJ Lapse from Cape Town

Playdoe Ice cream Lapse Remix

Playdoe "Ice Cream" (Chris de Luca Remix) by chrisdeluca

Video Teaser:

PLAYDOE - Bubble and Freeze ep teaser - Leonizer records from elr°y on Vimeo.

14 May 2010


Hudson Mohawke, beatz charlatan from Glasgow and a wunderkid of acqua crunk wonky movement dropped a very nice mix riding on neon synths and totally twisted post hip-hop beatz in Ros Kwame show on BBC 1. Shining buttons work and serious head-nodding bizninz plus uplifting sunny vocalizations - all meet here in a typical HudMo collage. Highly recommended!


01. Mr Flash – Domino Part 1
02. Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay
03. Hudson Mohawke – Keys
04. Swindle – Daredevil
05. Supa Nova Slom feat. Jay Electronica – True and Living
06. Hudson Mohawke – King Kong Beaver
07. Big Boi – Shutterbug
08. Consequence – Let U Live
09. Hudson Mohawke – Power Ruby
10. Theophilus London – Understood (prod Hudson Mo)
11. Wiley – Electric Boogaloo (Hudson Mo remix)

13 May 2010

.... and then he said: "glitch-hop? Isn't it some computer malfunctioning?" And I said: "Well, much more than that"

BASSTREAEM Radio hosted by Nick Bliss with a guest mix by Ben Samples was a totally sick show on glitch.fm aired 13 April 2010. Tons of great tracks from glitchhop forum artists and new names storming the scene at the moment - in particular I mean here 4Centers, ProBiotik and their joint project of Love and Light. Samples mix is just straight crunky glitch hop / dubstep filth with NastyNasty, Loops Haunt, Stephan Jacobs, his own pounding tracks from the latest release and even one tune by CEX from tigerbeat8 camp. Quality all across the board. Not to be missed!


Nick Bliss
1. Elfkowitz - What's Golden
2. Chip Chop - Launch Blank
3. Willy WHompa - Analog Monsta
4. Propa Tingz - rippin-needles
5. Shen - Unnecessary Peril
6. Chip Chop - FPFTF
7. 4Centers - Person use
8. 4Centers and ProBiotik - Bobbin Your Noggin
9. Konekta - Ready Or Not V3
10. Bartlomein - Carpillow12345
11. Freezer - My Dull Headache (Wizual Remix)
12. Pretty Lights - Future Blind
13. Rihanna - Rude Boy (TC Remix)
14. Love and Light - The Corner of Stank and Crunk
15. Bassnectar - Here We Go
16. J.me.J - Saber - One Hundred Teeth J.me.J Glitchop Remix
17. Bird of Prey & Random - SubTropics
18. Memory9 - Geo Dub
19. Bass Head Bassnectar
20. Willy whompa - Puddle simmer
21. iONik - Kryptonite (ATL Love Remix)
22. Mismosa - Psychedelic Stereo
23. Bassnectar - Boombox - Bassnectar & iLL Gates Remix

1. Samples - Snowstorm vs Beyonce "Baby Boy"
2. Prefuse 73 - End of Biters
3. Cex - Get in Yr Squads
4. Samples - Motorthroat
5. Samples Fly vs Ying Yang Twins Booty
6. Gouseion - Blow the Whistle
7. NastyNasty - Total Shortage
8. Samples - Boom
9. DJ Khaled - Get Buck in Here
10. Samples - Deliverance
11. Akira Kiteshi - Boom N Pow
12. Samples - All the Way Turnt Up (Jet Plane Edit)
13. Outkast - Bombs over Bagdhad (Stenchmans Remix)
14. Joker - Tron
15. Loops Haunt - Huararche (NastyNasty Edit)
16. Samples - Hella Good
17. Mimosa - Psyphy
18. Mr. Rogers - Dynamite Fishing (Ill.Gates Bird Fishing Mix feat Stephane Vera)
19. Lando Kal - Where the Stacks At
20. Benny Benassi - Love is gonna save us (Stephan Jacobs Remix)

12 May 2010

More dub dub dub - Gappy Ranks - Stinkin Rich - (Rogue State bootleg rmx)

Nice remix by Rogue State from UK (R8 Records, Argon). Great riddim and some proper bass there. 

Gappy Ranks - Stinkin Rich - (Rogue State bootleg rmx)


'Pon the dub floor - Luka vs. Love & Light

Listening to music on fast-forward atm, stopping to fish out some interesting dubby beatz and funn/ky glitch.

For instance, take this breakbeat tune from Luka crew from Liverpool (UK), based too much on one concept definitely, and cutting the length would help a lot, but when this concept really makes my head swing,  I shouldn't complain.

Luka - Stuck Behind a Learner by lukamusic

Some time ago I posted serious banging, glitch hop tunage from Love & Light (Probiotic & 4centers - from Reno in the USofA). They are back with more midtempo and dubstep glitched-out, stomping rollers. They really know how to rock the gears! More Liverpool in one of the tracks :)

The Beatles "A Day In The Life" (ProBiotiK Remix) by Love and Light

Shackles in the Back by Love and Light

All the dubstep heads so keen on a very characteristic wobble used in every second dubstep track produced at the moment should really listen to Love and Light treatment of wobble sound to hear how f...g crunky and sick the basslline can be, without being dull, boring and repetitious at all, at all. I'm really fed-up with all these 'filthy' dubstep tunes which have no creative quality, but this one is PROPER FILTH. Trust my werd!

DeaR DuBSteP, by Love and Light

and finally a great remix of one of my favorite glitchhoppers crew - Bluintinstrument from Australia.

Bit Wobble-Blunt Instrument(4centers Remix) by Love and Light

11 May 2010

Illum Sphere talking about his new Titan EP (3024)

Illum Sphere talks about his new Titan EP released on Martyn's 3024 label in an exclusive videocast for xlr8r magazine.

Before yesterday, almost the entire discography of Martyn's 3024 label was dedicated to his own work. Apparently, all that is about to change, as Martyn is expanding the label's scope to include more boundary-pushing artists, starting with Illum Sphere (a.k.a. Ryan Hunn). The Manchester-based DJ/producer previously released a few things on his hometown's Fat City imprint and remixed Martyn's "Brilliant Orange," but the release of his new Titan EP on 3024 should take the mild-mannered beatmaker to another level. Check out this exclusive video, which finds Hunn talking about his music and how he originally hooked up with Martyn. The video also features snippets of tracks from his new EP.

ILLUM SPHERE FOR XLR8R.COM from 3024World on Vimeo.

Listen to Titan EP on Boomkat

Read full review of Titan EP - ILLUM SPHERE on Boomkat.com ©

And the good news is Illum Sphere will play next Friday (21 May 2010) in Warsaw, at CDQ club (Burakowska 12). Be there to see the man in action and to celebrate my birthday's !! The most eclectic sound therapy in town :)


07 May 2010

Messy Jesse - HI MOM (Happy Mothers Day Dubstep)

If I was a woman and a mother, I wish I received such gifts on Mother's Day. To all Mothers of the World - Listen, Smile and DANCE!!

HI MOM! by Messy Jesse

Excision and Datsik - Calypso (Tom Encore remix)

From Poland with Love! Tom Encore, one of the best export products of the local dubstep scene has dropped a totally sick remix of Excision and Datsik's Calypso. Greet your teeth and let the man drill some holes in your skull.

Excision & Datsik - Calypso (Tom Encore Remix) by Tom Encore

06 May 2010

Krazy Baldhead - The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob remix)

The Thursday Of Good Tracks continues :) The Glitch Mob crew which is currently touring the States regularly teaeses its fans with new music, probably to ease the anticipation for their debut album dropping at the end of this month. If the remix of the French electro don Krazy Baldhead (Ed Banger) or the first track from the album they released some time ago - plus some rumors from people who had a chance to listen to the album and first impressions of those who attended their recent gigs - can be an indication of the direction the Mob follows in their music development, I daresay that the fans of The Glitch Mob's high-fueled banger aesthetics might be partially disappointed with the final output. Whereas those believing that the trio is capable of escaping a typical intro-breakdown-sick drop-lots of heavy bass pattern, may be positively surprised with the quality of this 'new' Glitch Mob.

I'll hold my personal views until I hear the full album, but definitely The Mob pitched my interest through the music they released recently even more than if they had dropped some typical sick bangers to which all of us get used to. This epic, longish remix of The 4th Movement is a kind of electronic suite of 21st century, full of distorted riffs, continuous loops, well-measured drums and though having an unmistakable Glitch Mob's feel to it, it also utilizes more elements specific rather for solo work by mobsters, in particular Ooah and edIT. I really, really like this track.

Krazy Baldhead - The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob remix)

Seek & Destroy (Bassnectar remixxx)

Bassnectar bootlegging biznis is back with huuuuge remix of Metallica's Seek and Destroy. Easily, one of the best remixes from Lorin ever. Super fat crunky bassline and totally sick drums shift Metallica's song to the level the old heavy-metal dinosaurs would have never imagined (I hope someone sent them this stuff). Apparently, this is another successful episode in the famous series of Bassnectar Tour's secret weapons launched during his gigs. I use the term 'apparently' as Lorin  (stereotype mode on) sometimes behaves like a typical American who thinks that only America is worth exploring  and that we in Europe wouldn't  be interested in seeing Bassnectar performing live in some city next to us (stereotype mode off). Believe me Lorin it's not true :) I hope you're not afraid of flying across the pond?!

EPROM - FELDSPAR (SubFM Starkey show radio rip)

Sander EPROM, the perpetrator of filthy dancefloor destroyers like e.g. Humanoid or Shoplifter, hits the airwaves with another monster tune - Feldspar which you can here in a radio-rip format from the latests Seclusiasis show by Sarkey. I only wish he released them faster faster faster ....

Feldspar (Starkey SUBFM Radio Rip) by eprom

03 May 2010

Haiku D'etat - Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boreta Remix) FREE DL

Finally, one of the best remixes EVER released for free by The Glitch Mob camp. Grab it while it lasts! 

Haiku D'etat - Mike, Aaron & Eddie (Boreta Remix) - Free DL by The Glitch Mob

Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000 - Arrangements for the modern listener

Artist: Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000
Album title: Arrangements For The Modern Listener - The Tigerbeat6 Arrangements
Catalogue Number: meow158
Label: Tigerbeat6
Release date: April 20th 2010

Tigerbeat6 delivers as usual, with a mind-blowing collection of sick, stomping, bass remixes of  the tunes by Bucfkunk 3000 - better known as Si Begg - released on Tipper's Fuel label back in ... 2001. Since then Si Begg has become a very strong feature on the techno / glitch / heavy bass / experimental electronica landscape. Now  his Seminal Releases High Volume, Jump and Disrupt received a seriously twisted treatment by the knights of sick beats and ultra exeggarated rave basslines, namely Kid606, Kanji Kinetic, the Squire of Gothos, EBOLA, HecQ, Luke's Anger, Bruce Stallion, Wascal, and a special Updated Vip remix from Si Begg himself!!! The highlights include teeth-grinding, bowel turning High Volume refix by Kanji Kinetic (in particular its VIP version), synth-driven digital freestyle in Jump by Ebola, a neon lighted journey through bleeps and beeps of seriously cut-up beat of Jump in Bruce Stallion's Suspiciously Milky remix (love this name!!!)amen-based breakbeat cannons in HecQ's High Volume Jumpin refix, finally leading to a pure rollercoaster ride of filthy rave from The Squire of Gothos duo in Disrupt. The last track you can download for free in 320' version as a preview of this highly successfull release. A really diverse and ass-kicking stuff from Tigerbeat6. Highly recommended!

Si Begg - Disrupt (The Squire of Gothos remix)

Buy this sick release on junodownload and at other music sellers.

Listen to all the tracks here:

meow158 Si Begg aka Buckfunk 3000 - The Tigerbeat6 Arrangements by Tigerbeat6