30 July 2010

Magnetic Man - The Essential Mix

"Take evolution higher" from "The Bug" ( in my opinion the best track by the super trio of Magnetic Man = Skream + Artwork + Benga) perfectly summarizes the entire Magnetic Man ting and this absolutely essential Essential Mix. One can always complain about live mixing skills of Skream or Benga, about too-many sickly soft remixes done, and some other minor things, but the big picture is quite simply and obvious - Skream and Benga have been The Great Artists and they continue to be so, always exploring new territories and adding inspirational 'edge' to everything they do. The Magnetic Man project just proves this perfectly. Their Essential Mix is the best mix I've heard this year, without a doubt. Can't wait for their full length to drop at the beginning of October 2010. STOKED!

BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 2010 07 24 Magnetic Man [Hotfile download]

Tracklisting: (BEWARE: Times and tracks id may not be fully correct)

[000:00] 01. Essential Mix – Intro (02:31)
[002:31] 02. Magnetic Man - Karma Crazy (Alright What Happened, Everything Cool? Vocal)(02:15)
[007:01] 04. ID – ID (01:48)
[008:49] 05. Magnetic Man feat. Ms Dynamite – Fire (04:31)
[013:20] 06. Benga – 808 (02:15)
[015:35] 07. Redlight – Stupid (01:48)
[017:23] 08. DJ Zinc – Killa Sound (Skream Remix) (03:50)
[021:13] 09. Nero – Welcome Reality (03:09)
[024:22] 10. Magnetic Man - Ping Pong(02:42)
[027:05] 11. Benga – Smack Your Bitch Up (02:15)
[029:20] 12. Nero – Innocence (02:42)
[032:02] 13. Drumsound & Bassline Smith – Fu Man Chu (Dubstep Mix) (01:47)
[033:49] 14. Redlight feat. Ms Dynamite – What You Talkin’ About (00:55)
[034:44] 15. Magnetic Man – Certified Banger (02:42)
[037:27] 16. Benga - Monsters (02:42)
[040:09] 17. Skream - Wonk (02:14)
[042:23] 18. Joker & TC – It Ain’t Got A Name (03:10)
[045:34] 19. ???
[048:00] 20. Magnetic Man – The Bug (02:42)
[051:39] 21. Skream – Rollin’ Kicks VIP (02:52)
[054:31] 22. Magnetic Man feat. Angela Hunte – I Need Air (04:03)
[058:35] 23. Magnetic Man – MAD (01:35)
[060:09] 24. Skream – Raw Dogz (02:16)
[062:26] 25. Skream – Wibbler (04:29)
[066:55] 26. Crissy Criss – Kick Snare VIP (01:21)
[068:16] 27. Sub Focus – Last Jungle (02:42)
[070:58] 28. Skream – Stand Up (00:27)
[071:25] 29. Mz Bratt – Selecta (01:18)
[072:43] 30. Heist – I’m A Killer (140 BPM Edit) (02:18)
[075:02] 31. P-Money – Left The Room (Skreamix) (02:42)
[077:44] 32. James Blake – CMYK (01:35)
[079:19] 33. Estelle – I Can Be A Freak (ID Bootleg) (02:02)
[081:20] 34. Benga - Slaughter Feat. Youngman (02:42)
[084:03] 35. Trolley Snatcha – Pass Me By (02:15)
[086:18] 36. TC & Jakes – Real Talk VIP (03:37)
[089:54] 37. Benga - One and Only f. Youngman (00:54)
[090:48] 38. Skream – CTO (01:35)
[092:23] 39. Benga & Youngman – Ho! (03:23)
[095:46] 40. Benga – Mini Motor Cross (01:48)
[097:34] 41. Benga – ???? (01:21)
[098:55] 42. Magnetic Man - ??? (02:14)
[101:09] 43. Toddla T – Sky Surfing (Benga Remix) (01:50)
[102:59] 44. Subscape – Just Because (01:48)
[104:47] 45. Benga – Who Remembers (04:30)
[109:17] 46. Skream feat. Sam Frank – Where You Should Be (04:07)
[113:24] 47. ID – ID (01:21)
[114:45] 48. Magnetic Man feat. Katy B – Perfect Stranger (04:49)

29 July 2010

DJ Auricom Mix & Up To Date Festival in Białystok

Białystok is the biggest city in North-Eastern part of Poland. I was born and spent first 20 years of my life in a small city near Białystok, thus I am fond of this city 'by birth', but  also beacause this is a city full of bright, happy people, with enormous potential, and very consistent and thriving music scene. The central point of music activity is definitely a Metro Club, which has been a permenant feature on the Polish clubbing scene for years, always offering the best selection of artists from disco to dubstep and housing some legendary parties (also the place where I experienced [and barely survived] the best party of my life with the super cool dudes from Lazer Sword & others- check my report here).

Now, the time has come to bring Białystok music scene to yet another level. September, 25th this year will mark the birth of the big electronic music festival Up To Date organized in a big complex of post-military warehouses. Three scenes: hip-hop &  techno & dubstep / heavy bass featuring: Tes La Rok, Ebola, Sandwell Distric Live (i.e. Regis and Function), top Polish rappers with Abradab from legendary Kaliber 44 crew or one of my favorite Polish MC's - Eldo and many other.  Everyone will find something up to his musical taste there. Do come, I guarantee you will not be disappointed, the more so as the Festival offers not only great music but a lot of other artistic pleasures.

One of the organizers of Up To Date festival - DJ AURICOM - a homie, resident of Metro Club and very talented DJ known of eclectic and divserse selection in his sets, has recently released a short mix for Made in Białystok portal which I highly recommend. Glitch hop meets electro meets dubstep meets rage against the machine.

auricom dla madeinbialystok by madeinbialystok

01. intruz - jestem intruzem accapella
02. culprate - don't do that
03. datsik - nuke 'em
04. apex - nowhere to run (datsik & excision remix)
05. plaeback - symbiant
06. radikal guru - dub down babylon
07. rusko - woo boost
08. si begg aka buckfunk 3000 - high volume (kanji kinetic remix)
09. low limit - trapperkeeper
10. sahy uhns - a team (ben samples edit)
11. sebastian - h.a.l.
12. rage against the machine - know your enemy
13. snoop doggy dogg - serial killa
>>>>elephant man - haters wanna war
14. bong-ra - the claw feat. ras bumpa (bazooka remix)
15. dr. dre & snoop dogg - the next episode (kraddy remix)
>>>>>dr. dre & snoop dogg - the next episode

28 July 2010

Slugabed - Here You Are (Free download!!!)

Yes! A free track from Slugabed on MYOR bandcamp site. Go get it, an exercise in purple wonkiness par excellence.

<a href="http://myor.bandcamp.com/track/here-you-are">Here You Are by Myor</a>

Here You Are has been originally released on Tropical Volume 1 (MYOR HOLLAND) in May 2010 and apart from Slugabed, it features tracks from Rekordah, Coco Bryce (YES!!), Mesak, Nino, Incense and Saccage - go to the bandcamp and buy the whole set. Trust me it will be well-spent EUR 5!

<a href="http://myor.bandcamp.com/album/tropical-heat-volume-1">Whatever It Takes by Myor</a>


Mochipet - RAWR

This man never does wrong! Mochipet blasts your speakers / earphones again! The tracks he have been steadily unleashing on the public recently grow into 'epic' trips, each and every of them. I can barely wait for his two releases coming soon.  

RAWR (Unfinished) by Mochipet

27 July 2010

(Cont.) Monsters that escaped me: Slugabed & Fulgeance mixes for Donky Pitch

I don't know how come I missed these two absolutely gorgeous, crazy and supa nitid works of mutant future beatz !?!? If not for a friend who directed me towards  Donky Pitch soundcloud (gracias amigo!), I wouldn't catch these beasts alive.

Slugabed in his exclusive mix (sadly no tracklist) presents only his own beats and though I've heard most of them I could never get tired of super heavy and delicious sonic treat by IMHO the best producer currently working on the electronic music scene. Slugabed is the best I f...k the rest, he he.

Slugabed - Put A Donky On It Mix by Donky Pitch

Another super gifted beatmaker, Fulgeance, did equally fantastic mix for Donky Pitch, leaning more on the experimental beatz side than Sluga (e.g. Shlohmo, DZA, Ad Bourke, Mux Mool) but spicying this up with some electro frenzy flavor like in Lando Kal's anthem - Fuzzy Ankles. Download, don't sleep on this mix!

Fulgeance Donky Pitch Mix by Donky Pitch

01. CHARLES TREES – MAHJONGG (Musique Large)
02. FULGEANCE – GLAMOURE (Musique Large)
03. FULGEANCE – GREY BLUE (Musique Large)
04. MUX MOOL – WOLF TONE SYMPHONY (Paul White Remix) (Ghostly Recordings)
06. JAY DILLA – HOT SHIT (I’M BACK) – The Roots Version (Okay Player)
07. DZA – SHIFTY (JustLikeMusic & Apple Juice Break)
08. SHLOHMO – ANTIGRAVITY (Fulgeance Remix) (Friends Of Friends Music)
09. EVERYDAYZ – DYSTOPIE 1.4 (cdr)
11. MISEL QUITNO – PULL IT OUT SOMEWHERE (Dimlite Remix) (Eastroke)

Monsters in Action

Monster no. 1: NastyNasty:  The filthiest, nastiest and dopest monster in the pack. "Help! Monster basslines attack me. Somebody help me pleeassseeee"

Monsters by NastyNasty

Monster no. 2: Starkey: The creator of monstrous, unrivaled and one-of-the-kind synth symphonies you cannot confuse with anything else. Very good news is I'll see Starkey playing live at the forthcoming Audioriver Festival in Płock in a few days! Super stoked I am :))

CoRoT-9b by starkey

Monster(s) no. 3: Stephan Jacobs vs Die Antwoord: Another monster remix by Stephan Jacobs, this time reworking the original by RSA's most famous monsters - Die Antwoord.

Die Antwoord - Fish Paste (Stephan Jacobs Remix) by Stephan Jacobs

Monster no. 4: Schlachtchofbronx in a much too short monster edit of Phat Punany. I want phat punany too!

Leftside - Phat Punany (schlachthofbronx edit) by schlachthofbronx

Finally the Mash-up Monster: Weekid representing Łódź, Poland, mashed up great PANTyRAiD tune with voice samples of very concerned and angry people talking in Polish about a missing cross (or "krzyż" in Polish - you hear this repeated over and over in various contexts - most clearly when a guy screams Gdzie Jest Krzyż - (eng. Where is the cross) like at 1'23" and on). A clear allusion to the current political situation too complicated to describe on a music blog :) Absolutely fantastic patchwork!!

Pantyraid - Enter the Krzyż (Weekid Krzyżstep Mashup) by weekid

26 July 2010

Pixelord & + verb - Whyyy

The collaboration between Pixelord & + verb i.e. the American - Russian friendship of Dominic and Alexey, which I can only welcome with triple WOW! At the same time, this is the biggest surprise at least of this month. I have been a big fan of Pixelord since the very first moment I heard his wonky beatz. Now, the master of beautiful, bleepy synthetic compositions joins forces with + verb, one of the most promising glitch hop producers from USofA (who has gained a nearly permanent feature in the posts on my blog he he). In Whyyy they created a fantastic hybrid of future garage, twisted hip-hop beatz, glitched out bass and oh sooo wonky synths plus great vocals on top. The sound is simply RIGHT, production impeccable and the track rolls smoothly. This could have been expected from those two very talented beat craftsmen. I am even more anxious to learn that this is just the beginning of their joint work. Can't wait to hear more, boys. This may be a super hot combo of this year!

Whyyy (Pixelord & +verb) by +verb

25 July 2010

The Glitch Mob - Remix IT like you stole it + Eskmo Remix

The Glitch Mob has announced a remix competition!! Grab the stems and REMIX IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT for a chance to have your track featured in the upcoming DRINK THE SEA Remix Album and have your music promoted by The Glitch Mob.

The Glitch Mob will celebrate the release in Fall 2010 during the band’s  25+ show US tour. Proceeds from the sale of the release through Download to Donate for Haiti v2.0 will benefit  Music For Relief’s Haiti Earthquake Recovery, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to providing aid to victims of natural disasters and disaster prevention.

On top of that, the Mobsters released the first remix of the track from their Drink the Sea album - Fistful of Silence by uber-talented artist, one of my favorite producers, Eskmo. Grab it while it lasts!

24 July 2010


Super cool homies from BBQ crew (Wrocław, Poland), who in a very short time organized a series of events with stellar line-up, a few days ago released their best mix to-date. Bowly is a young producer from Montreal, Canada specializing in tropical bass, 2-step, urban funky and ghetto bass. Yes, his mix kicks ass big time and it's the hardest stuff - no offence boys :)) - from BBQ camp recently (ever?). His debut release will drop soon on Geiom's label Berkane Sol. The mix includes Bowly's original tracks from the forthcoming12", unreleased remixes (incl. Ilum Sphere's remix among others) and some hot anthems of this season, like 'Deeper' Venom & Damage or 'Different Lekstrix' Mr.Mageeka. Great summer club mix. Highly recommended!!

23 July 2010

Lazy summer tracks ...... NOT!

It's so stupendously hot in Poland atm, even cold beer does not work (that's why I'm drinking veerrrryy cold whisky). Thanks God for Bass! Paradoxically, deep, low frequency and stomping beat ease the pain of inhumane weather conditions. Listen to the Dr. Krank's pick of the week and expect the unexpected (to use horrifically banal cliche).

Pixelord VS Onyx by pixelord

Oh God, complete total madness. Pixelord for President! Wonky hop par excellence.  

Swede:art - Snapshots On A Sunday Night by Swede:art

Don't you dare to forget about one of the best albums of this year - Emotional Colors by Swede:art. This is a tune from this amazing release.

The Police - Roxanne - (Marty Party/Love and Light Remixx) by Love and Light

Highly creative producers of serious bass bangers Love and Light join forces with Marty Party and using Bassnectar's tactics transform all-time-classic Roxanne into a crowd-pleasing bass monster.


4Centers from Love and Light in another collaboration with Stylust Beats producing stomping dubstep driller with a few nice, soft touches.


More classic-turned-dubstep from Stylust Beats. Don't like this trend much but this track is kinda OK! 

Empty Hearted by +verb

Another great tune from +verb. Cold, detached with bassline talking with synths like in no other productions. You better watch this guy!


Rock the Beat (Rocky theme vs The Doors) glitched and scratched uP by DJ SáEG

Dj SaEG a turntablist and producer from Mexico City rocking the beat in a smashing mashup of the Rocky theme vs. The Doors. Highly recommended!

Blackalicious-Sky is Falling (JmeJ Glitch ReRub) Master 1 by JmeJDJ

JmeJ in a fantastic (as usual) glitchy treatment of the  classic hip hop tune. Boy, is this bassline sick!!!!! 

Samples - Drop Bombs (inflect remix) by inflect

Great track by Ben Samples in a synth-driven  inflect remix. Me likes!

M.I.A. - Steppin' Up (Artificial Fake's bongo is a must remix) by Artificial Fake

Artificial Fake turned M.I.A. into tribal ghetto dub. Noice.

<a href="http://splatinum.bandcamp.com/track/where-ya-at">Where Ya At? by SPLATINUM</a>

  Glitchy whompy cut-up and hi-hat driven free tune from Splatinum camp. Always welcomed!

A Heady Grasshopper by bartlomein

Mad, dark bartlomein step by a homie from USofA. Kicks ass!

LU10 Records Present The Cheerz - Rake It (Max Morrell Remix) [sendspace]
And now something completely different :) French ghetto juke house electro frenzy duo of The Cheerz in a f....g BANGER!!!! Silly tune ...


I close this post with a huge mashup of Luniz vs. Joker by ex-Mobster Kraddy. Hope to see this released in some form (probably never happens but...)

22 July 2010

Naive Machine - Sept I Share & Cement Mix

I love to receive surprisingly good tracks from the labels and people I've never heard of. Naive Machine has just won the title of the Dr.Krank's Surprise Artist of the Month (at least).

Hit and Hope Records is a new label hailing from UK. They've sent me two tunes by Naive Machine, a Brighton Hip Hop producer who has recently switched to more electro-driven sound. With absolutely amazing results!! 8-bit squashed dubby twisted mutant funk of top quality. Just listen to the tracks below, real beauty. What a great timing, I am still enchanted by the Emotional Colors by Swede:art, I am a huge fan of Slugabed or Pixelord to name a few champions of this sound, and now I receive something similar and I can't sit on my ass in front of my laptop, my entire body responds to this sound with head-nodding, jerking and tweaking. I write down the label and the artist in my memo for permanent updates. This is the sound of the future in the electronic music. Mark my werd!  

Naive Machine - Sept I Share (free download)

Naive Machine has also released a single Cement Mix. Listen to the preview below:

Naive Machine - Cement Mix (clip, out July 19th) by Hit and Hope

... and buy the release (including Jump Luigi on the flip side) from iTunes or Amazon.

I really can't wait to hear more stuff from Naive Machine!

21 July 2010

Vermin Street's Birthday Mix and + Verb - Why U So Gangstah

Vermin Street, one of the finest labels rocking Boston's electronic underground, which has already gained a horde of supporters throughout the worldwide heavy bass / glitch hop / experimental electronica community - - is celebrating its first birthday today (21 July 2010). I know, that nowadays it is super hard to follow all these labels and collectives releasing music over the Internet, and you can very easily be overwhelmed by the mediocrity, but trust me, Vermin Street delivers good, solid and quite diverse quality. Just check their two recent releases - Nintendont EP by Misk, with astounding remix by NastyNasty or Vermin VS Noah23 EP, with super ill glitch hop anthem by Mochipet in Epic SynthHop Mix. They were one of the first labels to release tracks by one of my top-5 producers atm on the distorted, heavy bass front, namely NastyNasty, which definitely helped to arouse my initial interest. Vermin Street claims to be on the forefront of releasing little known artists who are soon to blow up. Next to NastyNasty, Misk is definitely a producer which perfectly fits this definition. He first came to my attention in one of the best debuts of 2009 - Saturation and with Nintendont he has just proved to be a high-caliber player. 

Another hot name to follow the tracks of the two aforementioned artists is definitely +Verb (check my post for his Slappity Blappity no. 6 mix). I have observed his music developement for some time and I am really impressed with the impecabble production quality of the tracks he has been releasing in the last few months. As a part of the birthday promo Vermin Street released  +Verb's Why U So Gangstah (check other tracks in the pack on the label's soundcloud). Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet +Verb, the glitch hop gangsta no. 1 :)

  +Verb - Why U So Gangstah by verminstreet

You should definitely check other artists from the Vermin Street roster, like Vinyl Blight and Zebbler Encanti Experience, to get a full picture of the label which relies not only on whomp and stomp power bombs, but has much more to offer.  Apart from releases, Vermin Street has rapidly become known for events which feature more than just the typical DJ + club scenario. Rocking custom-made deco, art installations and multi-media experiences, the label works hard to show off the rich and diverse talents of its community -and it hasn't gone unnoticed. Vermin Street brought a small fortune of the most inventive and explosive artists to Boston (many for their first time) including: Shpongle, Liquid Stranger; DFRNT; NastyNasty; Mochipet; Somatic Responses; Sickboy and Droon.

To celebrate 52 Events and 23 Releases (Heil Eris!) Vinyl Street offers to all the listeners a really sick and uncompromising Birthday Mix by Vinyl Blight featuring released, unreleased and forthcoming stuff from Vinyl Street's gunmen. One of the most eclectic and diverse mixes I've heard in a while. Highly recommended!  

Bday-ExclusiMix by verminstreet
1. NoraJean - Jie (dub)
2. Computo - The Doppleganger (Vermin Street)
3. Misk - Turbulence (forthcoming Vermin Street)
4. The Spit Brothers - No Curfew (6Blocc Remix, forthcoming Dubs Alive)
5. Kush Arora ft Bongo Chilli - Wine Mek Me See You Remix (Forthcoming Kush Arora Productions)
6. Computo - Banana Tits (forthcoming Vermin Street)
7. Encanti - Together (free download)
8. NastyNasty - Turf War (forthcoming Vermin Street)
9. Jahcoozi - Barefoot Dub (Vinyl Blight's Hot Coals Mix)
10. Smokey and Casper - Crisp Crisp (forthcoming Vermin Street)
11. +Verb - Puddlegum (forthcoming Vermin Street)
12. Smokey and Casper - Red Pop (forthcoming Vermin Street)
13. DJ Flack - Enemy Beats (dub)
14. Stickem - Treckies (dub)
15. Mochipet - Vermin Bass Stacks (Vinyl Blight Mix, Daly City Records)
16. Vinyl Blight ft Bongo Chilli - Mission (forthcoming Vermin Street)
17. Vinyl Blight - Dirty Conscience Dub (dub)
18. +Verb - Why U Gangsta (Vermin Street)
19. Misk - Blast Processing (forthcoming Vermin Street)
20. Vinyl Blight ft Noah23 - Blackstone (Mochipet's Epic SynthHop Mix, Vermin Street)
21. Kush Arora ft Bongo Chilli - The Truth (Vinyl Blight Mix, forthcoming Kush Arora Productions)
22. Vinyl Blight - Metal Riddim (dub)

15 July 2010

LA Beat Scene feature in xlr8r

xlr8r has just posted an absolutely amazing feature about the thriving LA's future beatz scene, touching upon new and established producers from Low End Theory and FlyLo's Brainfeeder's circles. Well-written and informative, this article is a MUST for any fan of future beatz, heavy bass and experimental electronica. And when you read this, please listen to the latest sick basslines of NastyNasty's Toxenne. WICKED TUNE!!!!!

Toxenne by NastyNasty

08 July 2010

Numbers #030 – Hudson Mohawke @ Barcelona. Sunday 20th June 2010

A 30-minute impromptu set by Hudson Mohawke at Sonar Festival@ Barcelona which took place a few weeks ago in this most beautiful city in Europe. Synths, synths and more synths plus cut-up hip-hop beat, some scratches and nice vocals, well y'all know what to expect right? Wrong! Listen!

Numbers #030 – Hudson Mohawke @ Barcelona

07 July 2010

Summer Glitch Hop Mega Mix Post

Glitch Hop Rocks! I'll prove my point not in words but with music. I am a busy bee recently, I have no time to write proper rewievs but the music accompanies me all the time. Just listen to this mega selection of creme de la creme glitch hop mixes I collected from various sources over last month. These are the best, I highly recommend downloading ALL OF THEM :))

The tracklists after the jump at the bottom of this post.

Fasten your earphones ladies and gentlemen and get ready for radical take off!

Kat1lyst & Pressha Present - Partners In Grime 3 by Pressha

Starting from the heavy-weight champions of low subs and glitched bassline, i.e. Partners in Grime (Kat1lyst & Pressha from Seattle) presenting a pretty explosive fusion of dubstep and glitch hop in Partners in Grime vol. 3 mix full of sick tunes and dark dancefloor vibe:

Digital Dirtyness Vol.2 by j_oddio

Now, dirtier and glitchier in Digital Dirtydness vol. 2 by j_oddio Filthy glitch hop, lazer bass, dubstep, and DnB mixed for the true discomfort dear listener in the way I really like :) Samples, Lorn, Kraddy, Mochipet, Eprom vs. Rusko, Flux Pavilion, Sub Focus and much more. Enjoy.

Slappity Blappity no. 6 by +verb

Slappity Blappity distorted, glitchy, wonky hotness from +verb representing Vermin Street. New stuff from Pixelord, Slugabed, Misk, Salva, NastyNasty and more. Lazers and Bounce - tru dat! One of the best and ear-twisting concise mixes I've heard in a while. Highly recommended.

Psymbionic - Live At Wakarusa 2010 by Psymbionic

Cruncudelic glitchy step i.e. live set by Psymbionic at Wakarusa 2010. The listeners and dancers definitely had more an hour of great experience. I wish I was there :) Apart from being quite successfull producer and DJ, Psymbionic also runs a bass heavy blog - Bwomp Beats. Go check it!


Sound Tribe Sector 9 - EHM (Psymbionic Remix) by Psymbionic

R.Sweat DakotaLounge by Richard Sweat

Another hot live mix by Richard Sweat (representing one of the best - if not THE best - glitch hop crew out there: The BWOMP) from his performance at Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica. The name of EPROM's tune on the tracklist: Evil Shit describes pretty well what this mix is about. Lazer Sword, NastyNasty, Slugabed, Knight Riderz, Freddy Todd, Mochipet, S.P.E.C.T.R.E., Eprom, Kraddy - the real who is who in the word of dirty, glitchy future blap. This mix proves perfectly why I converted some time ago from pure dubstep to glitch-hop (whatever this term describes or not - but I hope you know what I mean). A role model mix of future EDM.

Live mix for Bassstream radio - June 2010 by bluntinstrument

Finally, the glitch hop duo from Australia - Blunt Instrument, in a live mix for Basstream radio show on glitch.fm radio. Slower, crunky meditation on heavy bass and glitch f. Tipper, edIT, Knowa Knowone, Mimosa, ill-gates and more. Great mix for office work!  


06 July 2010

Starkey - Seclusiasis Radio June 2010

The don of street bass Starkey in his monthly Sub.fm show. Tons of absolutely amazing tracks, including great new stuff and remixes from the man himself. Download a great Starkey remix for free from rcrdlbl site:

Innerpartysystem "American Trash (Starkey remix) 

You should definintely check June's show to hear new tunage by Slugabed (Sex !!), Stagga, Swede:art, Monky, NastyNasty (Apologies !!) and many many more or acquaint yourself with new mind-boggling sick shit from newcomers like Philly-based Speaker for the Dead (never heard of him). His Illusionaire is HEAVY. Plus a few totally sick remixes by e.g. NastyNasty, Marty Party or Kastle. One of the best shows from Starkey in a while. Don't sleep on this.

Starkey - Seclusiasis Radio June 2010

01 - Starkey "Alienstyles"
02 - Drake ft. the Dream "Shut It Down"
03 - Soulja Boy "Pretty Boy Swag"
04 - Grum "Can't Shake This Feeling"
05 - Kano "Get Wild"
06 - Egyptrixx "Rooks Theme"
07 - Helix "Untitled"
08 - Sheba "Serious (Starkey remix)"
09 - Halp "Leek (Astroposer remix)"
10 - Speaker For the Dead "illusioNaire"
11 - Mestizo "Let It Spray"
12 - Teddy "Devil's Mansion"
13 - Royal-T "Damn It"
14 - Clairvoyants "Modern Day Slavery (Wonder remix)"
15 - Monky "Hypa Nova"
16 - SDUK "InValid"
17 - Gemmy "Jah Kno"
18 - Verb "Drank It All"
19 - Stagga "Ghetto Yutes"
20 - P-Money "Woo Riddim Freestyle"
21 - Slugabed "PO"
22 - Siren "Summer Time in Oakland"
23 - NastyNasty "Apologies"
24 - Stagga"Beyond"
25 - Miki Grems "J'Thumilie"
26 - DJ Nate "See Into My Eyes"
27 - Kastle "Better Off Alone (NastyNasty remix)"
28 - Kanye West "Power (ft. Dwele)"
29 - By Proxy "Under Ground"
30 - Epcot "Bad Dreamcatcher"
31 - DJ Nate "Footwurk Homocide"
32 - Mr. Scruff vs Kirsty Almeida "Pickled Spider"
33 - Swede:art "Wonkybikez"
34 - Amp Live "Turn It Up (Marty Party remix)"
35 - Brisco "On the Wall ft. Lil Wayne (instrumental)"
36 - Range "Ghetto Dance ft. Rick Ross"
37 - Reso & Starkey "Untitled New Thing"
38 - Innerpartysystem "American Trash (Starkey remix)"
39 - Siyoung "Eros"
40 - 8Bitch "G41 (Rustie remix)"
41 - Terror Danjah "Air Bubble (Starkey remix)"
42 - Slugabed "Sex"
43 - Drums of Death "Everything All At Once"
44 - Numan "Quezt"
45 - Mr Healan "Mad Love For Zaggins"
46 - Nelly Furtado "Turn Off the Lights (Dro Carey remix)"
47 - Grimelock ft. Rose T "Balance"
48 - Distal "Coke Bottle"
49 - Cassie "Me & U (Kastle remix)"
50 - Chrissy Murderbot "Poison"
51 - Monky "Hey Miss"
52 - Ghost Mutt "Thouroughbred"

03 July 2010


Low End Theory 06.16.10 LORN x SHLOHMO x STRANGELOOP x TEEBS x TIMEBOY from Aaron Bennett on Vimeo.


Glitch Mob - xlr8r podcast / edIT - Pound 4 Pound

The Glitch Mob in double feature. The boys have a short break from their big tour and decided to release some goodies via the Internet.

First, the track by edIT - Pound 4 Pound, which was originally featured in The Glitch Mob’s Low End Theory podcast - now available as a free download through TheGlitchMob.com. A heavy treat, with some hard-hitting synths in a kind of cross between the "old" edIT and the new The Glitch Mob turned live band :)

On the same day The Glitch Mob released their xlr8r podcast. Boreta, Ooah and edIT offer a super eclectic selection of fantastic exercises in post-hip hop beatmaking, with great vocalists doing their job to the rhythm of distorted, glitchy bass. The voyage ranging from the muzak of Jamie Lidell, The Dead Weather, Yeasayer or Ratatat (one of the best albums this year in Doktor Krank's ranking - highly recommended!) through the likes of Alex B and the knight of the dark side Lorn (the artist of the year for me!) to the champions of warped, ultra glitched sound, i.e. Eskmo in his fantastic remix of Bibio's track and Eprom exploring more and more experimental regions of music spectrum in mind-boggling Whyyyyyyyy? Honestly, I can't get enough of the stuff produced by Eprom atm. The good news is he will hit Europe in September!.The bad news is he does not (yet) have a gig booked in Poland. PROMOTERS - don't sleep on him, grab the man before it is too late.

All in all, don't expect dancefloor mayhem, heavy bass, sick drops and  breakdowns like in the old days of the Glitch Mob, but if you are into Music with capital 'M' this podcast is a must!     

01 Harold Faltermeyer "Top Gun Anthem (Edit)"
02 Health "Die Slow (Tobacco Remix)" (Lovepump United)
03 Bear In Heaven "Deafening Love (Deru Remix)" (Hometapes)
04 Free The Robots "Turkish Voodoo" (Alpha Pup)
05 Jamie Lidell "Completely Exposed" (Warp)
06 The Very Best "Julia" (Green Owl)
07 Ratatat "Bilar" (XL)
08 Aesop Rock "Big Bang" (Mush)
09 Yeasayer "The Children" (Secretly Canadian)
10 Lorn "Cherry Moon" (Brainfeeder)
11 Janelle Monae "Neon Gumbo" (Bad Boy)
12 Autechre "known(1)" (Warp)
13 Matty G "My 808" (Dub Police)
14 The Dead Weather "Blue Blood Blues" (Third Man)
15 Bibio "Dwrcan (Eskmo Remix)" (Warp)
16 EPROM "Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy"
17 School of Seven Bells "iamundernodisguise" (Ghostly)
18 Alex B "Talk it Out" (Elm and Oak)
19 Yacht "So Post All 'Em (Ooah edit)" (Marriage)
20 Warpaint "Billie Holliday" (Manimal Vinyl)