22 April 2011

2nd Annual Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress (Hawaii, May 13 - 15)

The Earth Day - which by accident is also my Birthday :))) - is the great time to present news about amazing event taking place on one of the most beautiful islands of our Gaia - Hawaii.  The 2nd Annual Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress will be held May 13-15 at the Hilton Waikoloa Village on the Big Island. I have a kind request to scientists (not necessarily representing orthodox science) working on teleportation, please send me a prototype, any prototype, so that I can port myself to Hawaii in two weeks. This is the type of event one has to experience directly.

The event is a festival and conference uniting people from across the globe around the idea that visionary art forms can heal and strengthen the collective spirit of humanity. With well over two-dozen visionary artists and more than thirty-five musical acts, Alchemeyez promises to excite and inspire boundless creativity in those who attend.

The musical acts line-up is simply ridiculous and I would definitely like to meet the brother of the Magellan of Psychedlic Head Space, Terence McKenna and apocalyptic shaman Android Jones, and immerse myself into fantastic visionary art to the sound of my favorite bass music. Well, keep dreaming ...

ALCHEMEYEZ HEADLINERS (the entire list and schedule on Alchemeyez website)

:: Artists ::
Robert Venosa
Martina Hoffmann
Mark Henson
Luke Brown
Android Jones
Carey Thompson

:: Speakers ::
Dennis McKenna
Romio Shrestha
Joel & Michelle Levey
James Oroc

:: Musicians ::
Ill Gates
David Starfire
Jamie Janover
Lotus Drops
Anahata Sound

Alchemeyez Promo Video

21 April 2011

Sector 7G - Ghost in the Sheen mix

Great mix from Sector 7G hailing from Athens in Ohio (US), covering at least 80% of my current music interest. Future beats par excellence where skwee meets West Coast and fantastic European beatsmiths. From Beats Antique, Groundislava and Mono/Poly,  through Motëm and Dam Mantle, to Kidkanevil, Pixelord and 1000Names and tons more. A real 'who is who' of the contemporary mutant electronic scene. A must for any fan of Intelligent Brain Music.

Ghost in the Sheen mix 2011-04-20 by Sector 7G


20 April 2011

Fancy Mike - Sigma Chi Primavera

Fancy Mike - Sigma Chi Primavera

01. Twin Peaks feat. constrobuz 1:54
02. Adult Swim feat. Stephen Farris 4:10
03. Captain Nero feat. Montgomery Clunk 2:21
04. Ramachandran #011010 (pixelord's tron cat remix) 3:56
05. Swan Swan feat. Starfawn 3:56
06. Lazer Opera #58008 (Jack Contra's Pagliacci Reprise) 4:06
07. Ramachandran #323 (bugseed's sequel) 3:14
08. Goblin feat. constrobuz 3:42
09. Ramachandran #666 (Alphabets Heaven's Mephistopheles Mix) 2.48
10. Ramachandran #1337 (satanicpornocultshop's bleep bloop blo...) 4:05
11. Ramachandran #00 (ages film suite) 3:51
12. Superman 2:15

[KING004] Fancy Mike - Sigma Chi Primavera by king_deluxe


On 19 April 2011, 21-year-old Midwest-native beatmaker Fancy Mike released Sigma Chi Primavera, his follow up to last year's Madison Square Gardner on the Canadian label King Deluxe Records.  Thumbs up to Fancy Mike and King Deluxe for gathering so many great collaborators and remixers, incl. Pixelord, Montgomery Clunk, Alphabets Heaven, Constrobuz, Jack Contra, Sephen Farris, ages, Bugseed, Starfawn. As a whole a very interesting and eclectic album. As usual with this type of multi-genre, collaborative thing, diversity is the key here. Cosmic mutant beatz and a kind of lo-fi aesthetics seem to be the leitmotive of all tracks, as well as absolutely impeccable production quality. The rest is just an orgy of forward-looking, unrestrainted, contemporary sonic explorations served by Fancy Mike and his talented young friends. I can easily imagine powerful Adult Swim with its bright neon synths and great samples storming any dancefloor, just paving the way for my favorite banger of this release i.e. Pixelord' tron cat remix of Ramachandran #011010. 8-bit sound has never been more appealing than under the buttons of this Russian guy, he really knows how to achieve more with less. Whereas Captain Nero featuring Romanian wizzkid Monty Clunk is a kind of modern tribal psychedelia mixing tambourine and heavy drums with crazy synths and all-encompassing voice drifting in the background. Other tunes on this amazing EP tell their own story. Sometimes it is just pure beauty  like in Swan Swan (oh boy this female vocal turns me on) or off-kilter experiments in Alphabets Heaven's Mephistopheles Mix of Ramachandran or Ninja Tune'ish broken beat in satanicpornocultshop's bleep bloop blorp refix of the same tune. Jack Contra's Pagliacci Reprise of Lazer Opera, reminding me of Kid606 and other artists from Titerbeat roster, is a real slap in the face of any classic Opera fun :)) Well, f..k them, I still love his lazers and heavy guitar riffs. The rest is equally good, so don't hesitate and load these sonic bullets to your player and deliver some fresh energy to your synapses. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!!!

You can grab the entire album in lower quality version

Fancy Mike - Sigma Chi Primavera (192kbps)

.. or buy higher quality version from King Deluxe Store:

Fancy Mike - Sigma Chi Primavera (High Quality)

And watch this funny video to Pixelord's remix.

Fancy Mike - Ramachandran Pixelord remix from pixelord on Vimeo.

Get High with Mochipet on 420 :))

Happy Blunt Day Folks !!

StylesP Method Man Red Man Bob Marley are all Chillin at Mochipet's House for 420 with Freda Payne by Mochipet

19 April 2011

A Baker's Dozen - Shedding Skin

The sun is shining the weather is beautiful and I feel like listening to some heaaaaaaavy bass. Here comes A Baker's Dozen, hailing from Melbourne Australia with his free EP Shedding Skin. Crispy clean, crunky, properly glitched basslines and stomping, chopped-up drumstep is what I need right now :) The best track on this EP - Non-Commital moves my body nicely and encourages me to do some office aerobics, effectively relaxing my neck and shoulder muscles. Listen to the preview below and cop the entire EP for free from A Baker's Dozen bandcamp.

A Baker's Dozen - Shedding Skin (bandcamp)

All Chopped Up by A Baker's Dozen

18 April 2011

Mixing Monday: Donky Pitch, Pixelord, + verb, Kuedo, Coco Bryce.

Last week brought a few interesting mixes and I decided to load them wholesale to my site. Hours of spacey synths, heavy bass and stomping beat in a mutant sauce of contemporary experimental electronica. Enjoy! (All tracklists after the jump at the bottom of the page).

Let's start the selection from the latest, super hot mix from the Lord of All Pixels i.e. Pixelord. In Big UP's podcast he offers top-notch selection featuring Alexey's own stuff and remixes, a great Zeppy Zep's remix of Spellbound by a Polish producer hailing from my hometown - Tom Encore plus huge Krampfhaft tune and f...g heavy lazers from Naive Machine and loads more. Definitely the mix not to be missed!

Big Up Podcast 44 - Pixelord

Donky Pitch has recently stormed the scene with their releases and this is another smashing radio show, featuring an exclusive mix from LA's Groundislava and a short mix by Ghost Mutt. The selection is eclectic as usual featuring tons of unreleased stuff from e.g. Slugabed, Jonwayne, Blue Daisy, Nasty Nasty, Nightwave, KRSUR, 813 and much more.
Just Groundislava's mix alone is worth downloading this 3-hour monster. He has recently dropped an amazing self-titled debut on Friends of Friends which is one of my favorite releases this year. Expect more words about this on DrKrank's blog soon. Preview and cop the album on boomkat

Donky Pitch - Hivemind vol. 7 f. Groundislava and Ghost Mutt

Now is the time for off-kilter synth bonanza courtesy of Skwee Master from Holland - Coco Bryce in a mix for glitch-hop.pl. Absolutely wicked stuff! No tracklist, unfortunately :(

GLITCH-HOP.PL_Podcast#07_by_COCO_BRYCE by Mash Machine

Slapping and cybarblapping mix from + verb, an artist consistently developing his own unique style full of heavy basslines and extensive melody lines, glitchy and touching at  the same time. I have been his fan for years, and as usual this guy never disappoints. This mix is the latest installment in his music career, offering a preview of several unreleased tracks. Expect big things coming from + verb on, among others Robox Neotech. And don't forget to invite him to a town near you for a sick lazer set. Return on Investment guaranteed!

+verb - Cyberblap2011 Sahn Mixtape by +verb

Kuedo a.k.a. Jamie Vex'd in a short mutant wonky mix with lots of twisted hip-hop beats and rhyming for Belgrade's Svetlana Industries. This is one of these artists whom I have followed since my early dubstep years and each of his 'faces', either as a part of Vex'd duo or solo as Jamie Vex'd or now Kuedo, is inspiring and interesting and shows great sensitivity and feeling of the urban electronic scene. I'm anxiously waiting for his new releases.

Kuedo - Shortcast # 9 (Svetlana Industries)


Bass Science - Slip N Side

A year after their previous release, Bass Science returns to Made In Glitch and again unleash loads of ill bass and stomping beat on the general public. Their EP Slip'n'Side featuring remixes by David Starfire and Mindelixir will be available on Addictech on 24th April. The title track is a clever bass-driven banger which does not attack the listener with glitched-to-the-max sonic assult but offers a sound story unfolding very nice from the first note. I'd really wish hearing more of this type of approch to production and composition building from the glitch hop / heavy bass/ dubstep camp. David Starfire's remix (f. I-Catching) of Mochipet's Godzilla New Year is still one of my favorite anthems, thus I am positive Slip'N'Slide's remix by them will be killing!! Pretty excited to hear the entire thing next week. 


1.Slip N Slide
2.We Are You
3.Slip N Slide (David starfire ft. I-Catching remix)
4.Slip N SLide (Mindelixir remix)
Artwork: Claudius Gagalka

Bass Science - 'Slip N Slide' by madeinglitch

15 April 2011

Oi Wot U Lookin At - Durrty Goodz

Oi Wot U Lookin At - Durrty Goodz (Official Video) from CarlAllegard on Vimeo.

After all that sweet and groovy funk, some serious message from da street badbwoy. Kicking! 

Funk and Grind: Deep grooves and vintage nudes,

And now something completely different, courtesy of Dangerous Minds :)) Russ Meyer meets James Ellroy on a street named Hot Buttered Soul.

This is uber-funky, great universal soundtrack to any home party with amazing vintage shots of oldschool strippers, hippie chicks, biker girls and many more. Tits are O.K. but just listen to these moog synths and groovy as hell rhythm. This music has not aged at all, at all for so many many years. Gimme a dancefloor NOW! A real treasure. 

FUNK AND GRIND from Zoltan on Vimeo.

01. Ninety Eight Cents Plus Tax - Detroit City Limits
02. Gang Train - Bernard Estardy
03. Jungle Trumpet - Pierre Dutour
04. Pepper Drums - P.A Dahan & Mat Camison
05. Chocolate Cherry - The Joe Tex Band
06. The Cat Walk - Gerry And Paul And The Soul Emissaries
07. Bongo Ring - Bernard Estary
08. Africadelic - Manu Dibango
09. My Sweet Baby - The Puzzles
10. Thing - Lowell Fulsom
11. Put Your Weight on It Pt. 1 - Filmore Street Soul Rebellion
12. Indian Pop Bass - Guy Pederson
13. Wake The Monster - Big Jullien & His All Stars
14. Rythmiques No. 2 - Pierre-Alain Dahan
15. Bullitt - Louis Jordan
16. Herm - San Francisco TKOs
17. Groovin` - The Killer Bees With Cyril Neville
18. LSD - Lee Scratch Perry

14 April 2011

Jakub NOX Ambroziak - No Album EP


01. Babel
02. Neutron/Altai
03. Narcomans/Asai
04. Nuclear Submarine
05. Red Moon

NO ALBUM EP - (free download)

Jakub 'Nox' Ambroziak, is another interesting producer emerging from Poland (hailing from Słupsk in northern part of our beautiful country). Some time ago he released a very interesting No Album EP and is currently working on the new material for his forthcoming Atom EP. No Album EP offers five compositions of experimental, twisted, instrumental hip-hop with quite dynamic beatz, drums and pads, and nicely embedded voice samples. Each track tells a different story, attracting the listener to explore this sonic landscape. A name to watch for the future definitely!

I highly recommend checking Nox's mix he did for the best mutant beat radio show in Poland - i.e. Kosmos hosted by Maceo Wyro. Nox's selection in this mix is absolutely top-notch and he creates great vibe all across the journey he takes his listeners for.

KOSMOS 2011 VOL.12 feat. Jakub Nox Ambroziak Exclusive Guest Mix by KosmoS

Finally, watch a very interesting video of Proton Decay from the forthcoming Atom EP. This guy really moves in the right direction.

13 April 2011

Previews: Starkey, Jillian Ann, Dj Tameil

I always welcome new stuff by Starkey with great excitement and anticipation. Judging by the preview, his forthcoming "Space Traitor vol. 2" to be released in June on Civil Music will be huuuuuge. Master of heavy miasmatic bass'n'synths squeezes all juices out of his machines. The sound of e.g. "Street Rockers" simply kills and "Bricks ft. Curly Castro" is the best what street bass can offer. The remixes accompanying the originals (Monky, The Elementz, to name my favorite ones) create really explosive package. Excited!

Starkey - Space Traitor Vol. 2 (Preview) by starkey

Jillian Ann from L.A., a DJ, producer, singer & song-writer releases today on Olaris Records a package of three remixes of her spacey and touching "King of Solitude".  You can easily skip techno remix of Royal Sapien, and move to quite nicely rolling and smooth Artette's remix but the real treat awaits in a glitchy breakbeat remix by Great Scott, a producer and notorious head of Glitch.Fm radio. WARNING: I really encourage you listening to this track on a proper soundsystem with good subwoofer, otherwise you won't hear da Bass :)

Jillian Ann - King of Solitude Remixes - Out April 13 2011 on Olaris Records by olaris

And now something completely different - for those of you who are into juke / footwork / ghettotech  shit. 
DJ TAMEIL has just released a 5-track Tek 9 EP on Moveltraxx. This music is pretty simple & 'silly' (not 'stupid' silly but 'goofy' silly if you know what I mean), but I still like it. Good enough to rock some bottoms and force you to make a fool of yourself at the dancefloor.

DJ TAMEIL - TEK 9 EP [MTXLT111] out April 12th by Moveltraxx

Eliot Lipp - Mux Mool and Big Gigantic remixes (Brolab Remix Album)

"Mux and I have worked on plenty of tracks in the past and done a huge tour together. Our styles are similar, but I appreciated how he took this song in a totally different direction"

"I was stoked to collaborate with Big Gigantic. I've been a fan of their music for a couple of years but most of all they're just good dudes. Dom and I finished this remix via video chat just minutes before I sent it to the mastering studio"

On 20 April 2011, Eliot Lipp, a producer hailing from Brooklyn, NYC, will release a free remix album "Brolabs" on Old Tacoma Records. Grab two fantastic remixes by Mux Mool and Big Gigantic. In particular, the Mux Mool's take on "The Outside" is a laidback hazy roller with sick sick neon synths. Highly recommended! Can't wait to hear the entire album! 

Eliot Lipp - The Outside (Mux Mool remix)

Eliot Lipp - Yeah (Big Gigantic remix)

07 April 2011

Мишка Presents Demokracy – Have Space Suit, Will Travel

Mishka presents Demokracy in a nutshell :) 40 minutes of swagging cosmic boogie and synth-driven free fall. I like!! Sick cover art on top. Load your playback routines now!

Мишка Presents Demokracy - Have Space Suit, Will Travel by Мишка Bloglin

Мишка Presents Demokracy – Have Space Suit, Will Travel
1. Demokracy – Intro
2. Demokracy – Chani
3. heRobust – Chewy Bakka (Demokracy Gattaca Mix)
4. Powell – Smack My Glitch Hop (Demokracy Remix)
5. Demokracy – Searchlight (feat. Didjelirium)
6. Demokracy – Starhaven
7. Demokracy – Trooper29
8. Demokracy – EON
9. Demokracy – Zone
10. Demokracy – Deadhead
11. Lapti – Ghost With Motor (Demokracy In The Shell Mix)
12. Demokracy – Zeroth Law
13. Demokracy – Zeroth Law (Cryptical Remix)
14. Demokracy – Wintermute
15. Miqi O. – Cotton Comes To Bestown (Demokracy Remix)
16. DZA – Eskimo (Demokracy Remix)
17. Demokracy – Voight-Kampff
18. Doshy – Sunset (Demokracy Solaris Mix)

06 April 2011

beatz & lazers & other monsters

Great, experimental beats coming from ELOS, a new name on Alpha Pup roster. DunDeals comes from the forthcoming Flying Sky Fortress EP to be released on April, 26th. Definitely an artist to be watched in the future.


Robox Neotech dropped two freebies by our filthy friend NastyNasty who is about to release the monstrous EP on this German label. Sick as always, not to be missed! I am a big fan of Jasper and I simply knew his cooperation with Robox Neotech could not fail. Music for MechaBeatNicks!

RbxfreeTune - NastyNasty - DopeRunner by Robox Neotech
RbxfreeTune - NastyNasty - Brooklyns Finest by Robox Neotech

More, deep cosmic beats from Russia courtesy of another young producer Arktor, hailing from Krasnoyarsk.

The End is Nigh by Arktor

Lazers, neon synths and more lazers in a fantastic remix by Broken Haze (part of Raid System crew) hailing from Tokyo. This music is soooooo uplifting, forcing your body to break dance instantly. This tune made my day!

Grab the original and Broken Haze's remix via bandcamp


01 April 2011

NastyNasty - Monsters EP (Robox Neotech)

Nasty shit is coming to terminal near you very soon (28 April on Addictech) Robox Neotech run by alien technology freaks from another galaxy will finally unveil their plan to terrorize and invade unsuspecting earthlings with brain-burning, balls-crushing heavy bass made by a guy who is at least twice as nasty as you or me. NastyNasty takes no hostages and shows no mercy to your ears. Listen to the preview of his monstrous EP and enjoy the last month of moderate calm on our beloved Gaia before this shit hits the fan :)  

Nasty Nasty - Monsters EP by Robox Neotech