20 October 2011

Raziek - Steppin Up

I would not call myself a fan of UK funky, house or RnB, though I am quite open to juke, ghetto booty and tropical experiments, provided they have some bass embedded. Steppin Up by French producer Raziek is a fucking BANGER with crispy clean sound, great vocals and super funky, cold beat. What else do you need to move your ass! Finally the tune which made my body step up a bit from traumatically boring corpo day at work. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank!!

Steppin Up by TOP BILLIN

... and don't forget to check the rest of the Love vs. Bass EP coming out on Top Billin tomorrow.


19 October 2011

Modeselektor - Carhartt Radio Tour Special Mixtape

I've been listening to the Monkeytown LP by Modeselektor constantly for the last few days. Definitely one of the best, conscise and top-notch releases this year. Modeselektor just dropped another fine piece of music, a Carhartt Radio Modeselektor Tour Special featuring tracks by themselves and other artists from the Monkeytown and Fifty Weapons roster - e.g. eLan, phon.o, Dark Sky, Lazer Sword, Apparat, Siriusmo. Very nice showcase indeed!

Carhartt Radio Tour Special: Modeselektor - Monkeytown Show by Carhartt Work in Progress

phon.o - abaw 723
elan-alligator snaps (cosmin trg remix)
elan-bleep bloop brrmmp (lazer sword remix)
2562-wind up
dark sky - neon
anstam-into the bull run
apparat-king of clubs

Staying in Monkeytown a bit longer, here is an artwork of the forthcoming limited edition color 10 inch of Lazer Sword's single "Sounds Sane / Klock" (to be released on 25 Nov 2011on Modeselektor's label) which will give you some hints as to what expect from their second LP to hit the market next spring. CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

... and a short snippet of Sounds Sane

Lazer Sword "Sounds Sane" (MONKEYTOWN019) NOV 25 by Modeselektor

18 October 2011

P-Fang - Tales of Terror 2011

Dark tales from graveyard zombie king P-Fang continue in the stinky, meaty and growling mixtape Tales of Terror 2011 (Oh I remember how you scarred me last year with your mix). Creepy beats from hell and eerie sonic trip is what I need this Autumn! Forget about your plastic pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, THIS is real deadly halloween vibe. The Dead will walk the Earth...

p-fang - tales of terror 2011 mixtape by p-fang

creepers2011 feat. trick daddy & iconz
crunkenstein feat. trillville
skeletons feat. night in a graveyard
fog juice feat. lord infamous
graveyard 1985

Robox Neotech will release P-Fang's EP - The Crypt on Halloween. Can't wait. Listen to the preview below.

rbxep25 - P-Fang - The CRYPT by Robox Neotech

12 October 2011

Early Autumn Charts

Early Autumn was a good time for fans of contemporary electronic music (preferrably with lots of bass in it). We saw a few heavy releases, which more or less lived up to the expectations (Robot Koch, Rustie, Modeselektor, Martyn, ill.Gates, Zomby), my pet labels, Saturate! Records and Robox Neotech released fantastic debut EP's (Raadsel, P-Fang), many quality tracks floated around the interweb. Meanwhile on my local scene, U Know Me Records confirmed their status of the best label for contemporary, twisted hip-hop beats made in Poland with very fresh and 'vintage' release Futura by a talented producer Galus. I hope my next charts will be equally rich with interesting contents.

Dr. Krank's Top Tracks (Early Autumn)

  1. Kidkanevil – Robot Carnival (First Word Records)
  2. Robot Koch - Nitesky  (Project Mooncircle)
  3. Raadsel – Resurrection (Saturate! Records)  
  4. Zomby – Things Fall Apart (f. Panda Bear)  (4AD)
  5. Galus – Futura (U Know Me Records)
  6. P-Fang - Graveyard (Damscray remix) (Robox Neotech)
  7. Starkey – Eris (Adult Swim)
  8. Cardopusher feat. Sensational – Papusa (kid606 remix) (Tigerbeat6)  
  9. Rustie – City Star (Warp)
  10. Raadsel & Luisterwaar – Tissue Box (Saturate! Records)
  11. SaBBo – I’m Ready (ft. Onili) (Generation Bass Records)
  12. Modeselektor – Pretentious Friends (Monkeytown Records)
  13. Tilman Ehrhorn - Sat (Himuro Yoshiteru remix) (Mad Hop vol. 3)
  14. Ill.Gates, Mat the Alien & Dash – Otoro (Muti Music
  15. Kraddy – Black Box 
  16. Martyn – Ghost People (Brainfeeder)
  17. Speaker for the Dead – Illusionaire (Digital Self Release
  18. Ott – Squirrel and Buiscuits (Autonomous Music)
  19. Ugress – Coffee (Pushwanger edit) (Uncanny Planet
  20. MC Zulu – Festival Madness (Perception 2020 Recordings

11 October 2011


Although I do this very rarely, I simply had to nick this from the messengers of good bass truth, i.e. Generation Bass blog, which once more proved to be a mine of real gems and which heralded this as "mixtape of the year". I agree 100%!! I post this in case you don't know / check generation bass (which I highly recommend, always) and to write a few comments, being blown to smithereens by the music I hear.

If zombies had their electronic music scene, GRIM would be their creepy f...g kings. Faded (chapter 1) is definitely the most unique and bizarre mixtape I've heard this year. It's like entering a new territory, where you have no idea what awaits you around the corner, except for the feeling that it must be something seriously scary but worth risking nonetheless. I love when music hits me sooooo hard emotionally. They call it post-trap, I'd call it post-trip :) as this sounds like coming down from a serious DMT trip, when the external reality is out of sync with your mental processes. Devilish, gripping, unnerving and with the vibe which would make Satan jelaous. I feel like dying ... I feel like dying ...

FADED RE-EDIT MIXTAPE CH. 1 by grim_music

FADED Chapter 1 is the first series, featuring all exclusive re-edit material, from Voodoo Village (a label hailing from Memhpis, US) creep kings - GRIM. Faded comes in advance of the release of GRIM’s EP, 7sins, coming from Voodoo Village before the end of 2011. I've never heard about either of them, but after this mixtape I'm instantly hooked up and virtually dying to hear their EP.

Diamond Bass – Nomada/All That
Three Six Mafia – South Memphis Bitch
Clicks & Whistles – Hello
Lil Daggers – Pair of Lives
Lil Wayne – I Feel Like Dying
Project Pat – I Keep That
Courtesy – Life, Man
Wiz Khalifa – On My Level
Com Truise – Colorvision
Koreless – Made In
Cities Aviv – Sixsixsixes
Gorillaz – Empire Ants

Bonus: Grim's creepy re-edit

Cities Aviv - Die Young (GRIM REEDIT) by grim_music

07 October 2011

Speaker for the Dead - Illusionaire EP

Speaker for the Dead is a producer, DJ, multi-instrumenalist from Philly who released a few days ago his debut EP called Illusionaire. This EP is worth checking just for the title track alone which is a real orgy of crazy distortions, guitar-like riffs and heavy basslines plus overwhelming synth work. A track which perfectly fits the description "It blew my mind" :) James Sauppe is an intelligent and skillful producer and offers much more thank sick drops and bowel-twisting sonic assault. He actually creates very interesting, listener-friendly Intelligent Bass Music, each tune a fully fledged composition telling different story, using different patterns and having a lot of space for unraveling various paths for listener to follow. His music is often disturbing and unnerving, like in my personal best tunes on this EP - Illusionaire, Particle Voyager or Sunset on Mars, but also offers a cinematic 'depth', like in Nocturnal or Fade Out.

Don't hesitate peeps, grab this EP on iTunes, CD Baby, amazon and at other stores.

Interview with James Sauppe a.k.a. Speaker for the Dead

illusioNaire EP by Speaker for the Dead

Listen to Speaker for the Dead's Mixtape presenting tracks from the current EP and future releases.

IllusioNaire Mixtape by Speaker for the Dead

06 October 2011

P-Fang - Graveyard (Robox Neotech)

Gothic zombie bass has arrived from the US in the form of a scaarryyyy single Graveyard for mighty Robox Neotech by P-Fang hailing from SF. A morbid prelude to his EP coming soon on R/N. I've been waiting for this release anxiously for more than a year, after being totaly overwhelemed by the strange, dark and eerie sound of Midnight, Graveyard 2010 and Hall of Horrors mixtape.

Graveyard comes as a single including two versions of the title track and three cool remixes by Damscray (half of Demokracy), Low Limit (half of Lazer Sword) and Ghosts on Tape. Graveyeard 1985 is nice but cannot beat heavy basslines, sick bells and quirky vibe of 2010 version. This tune will seriously f..k with your brain! I thought one cannot improve the original, until I've heard juke's version by Damscray. Adding fast drums, but most of all - voice samples brought the game to yet another level of quirkiness and "Gimme the Graveyard, Gimme the Graveyard" will stuck in your head like burnt with branding iron. Definitely, NOT recommended for mentally unstable listeners. Low Limit, on the other hand, turned Graveyard into fantastic old-school acid space battle with lazers flying looooooooow. Dancefloor smasher for sure! Ghosts on Tape refixed another P-Fang's tune, Spiders. Most complex of the three remixes, continuously introducing new elements, transforming and changing, sounds like lo-fi, monochromatic patchwork of recycled sounds or live recording :)  Strange and gripping.  All in all another sick release from Robox Neotech presenting really unique and twisted music for your kinky pleasure. Highly recommended by Doktor Krank.

Rbxep24 P-fang - Graveyard - with Rmxes by Damscray,Low Limit and Ghosts on Tape by Robox Neotech

Take a shovel-full of P-Fang sound via Beatport (exclusive till the end of October)

Grab these tunes for free!

P-Fang - Graveyard (Lakritze Remix)
P-Fang - Graveyard 2010 feat. three 6