21 May 2012

JONEY: Spring 2012 MIX - blend of juky footwork afttermath lazer boost with an ill twist of violent siren jazz

I've mentioned this a few times on my blog, Saturate! Records is hell of a great label, always on a lookout for fresh beats and weird synths. A new mix by Joney  (a.k.a. iLL a.k.a. Jonas Schiefferdecker) is the prime example.  "Spring 2012 Mix", with the title which says it ALL :) "blend of juky footwork afttermath lazer boost with an ill twist of violent siren jazz",  includes tons of mashups, edits, mixes, unreleased tunes from Joney himself as well as a few others with strong focus on jukey footwark drums & pads and voice samples but with a nice accompaniment of heavy lazer synths and basslines. The combination works quite well. Give it a try peeps. Though, I still believe juke / footwork has become the latest 'hype' of much too many producers (with a tendency to be over-hyped rather soonish), Joney's and co' are no copycats and are doing a really, really good  job in the field.

  Spring 2012: Blend of juky footwork aftermath lazer boost with an ill twist of violent siren jazz by Joney

11 May 2012


The Italian duo Planet Soap, consisting of Federico "dsm" Monguzzi and Luca "Spectrum" De Giuli, has released today a new EP - "VELVET HE1" on vinyl and in digital format on the French label Cascade Records. This is quite an eclectic selection of contemporary bass music exploring various music genres such as jungle, garage, techno, wonky, nu-beatz or dubstep, dipped in a cosmic sauce. Starting from fantastic and breathtaking, neon synth laden 'Rhynostatic', an ultimate crowdpleaser which would even make your mom dance :) Through my favorite tune of this EP - 'I'm approaching you tonight' reminding me of the spacefaring productions by the Russian duo Demokracy (actually, Planet Soap has released a super duper evil EP with Damscracy from Democracy under the nickname of Planet Terror) and more stomping cosmic beats in 'SYFY' and 'Virus' to jungle experiments in 'Thrialine'. The title track 'Velvet He1' takes the listener on a deep-space sonic trip, where you can meet an 8-bit 'Alien from KooleYay' playing on his nintendo to the friends. Classic techno 'Vectorama' sounds old-schoolish, but thanks to the all-time classic sample and good button work delivers quite a powerful experience. All in all Planet Soap has managed to create their unique sound, though comprising elements you all probably heard many times in the past. Definitely worth checking.

Bonus Free Track:

CR003 - Planet Soap "Rhynostatic" interview + free download + video by cascade records