23 March 2009

Bossasaurus: Dino Riders Megamix

Bossasaurus, "an electro/prog-hop music production team from Oakland, CA" (their own description) hit my mailbox with a nice package, including uber funny promo video. Watch it before moving to their Dino Riders Megamix:

Meet Bossasaurus from AlwaysHustle.com on Vimeo.

Got it??
Bossasaurus: Dino Riders Megamix can be downloaded here and here
The mix is free for download and features 16 minutes of Bossasuarus original music and remixes.
The guys from Bossasuarus must have a lot of fun deconstructing and cutting up various tunes (some of them quite known and classic) filling them with hilarious samples more or less related to the long extinct animals which appear in the name of the project. Their kitchy music sounds like a clash of progressive rock with lounge / nu-jazz / downtempo hip hop with electro beats on top of that. In general, the mixtape is quite chaotic, with fast-changing tempo, moods and music styles - which I actually like as you can never expect what comes next. For sure it is worth giving it a try, definitely an original and funn(k)y trip among the music flooding the blogosphere.

Bossasaurus is currently working on their debut album which is being mixed by none other than Mike Cresswell (Blackalicious, Lyrics Born,Third Eye Blind, etc.) and features collaborations from some of indie hip-hop's most revered artists. The megamix shows that the release might be quite entertaining and I'm absolutely positive it will be funsaurastic.
Check their site