01 August 2009


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Great bass-heavy and glitchy remix of the remixed-to-death Major Lazer’s HTL by the French electro outfit Tambour Battant and The Unik. Ben & Chico from Tambour Battant are both drummers by trade, and similarly as The Unik are very sought after live performers, thus push and kick factor is properly represented in their production, which I really really LIKE! Actually the first remix I really liked since An-ten-nae’s shit (check it here). Honestly speaking, I did not expect to hear any more remix of this song which would not be nothing but irritating. You see, I'm pretty alergic to "hyping" and HTL ting was absolutely blown out of any reasonable proportions. OK, enough of this bitching, just listen to good music.

Also check a nice, funky ghetto track by Tambour Battant YO!


Last year they released a full-length album, check it here. Intelligent D'n'B and more!

Some information about Tambur Battant from their myspace (sorry The Unik, I was unable to find info on you in English and I don't speak French :()

Ben and Nico couldn’t have chosen a better name.Both drummers by trade, percussion lines have always determined their musical style, acting as a solid anchor around which everything else is fluid and flexible.Having relished the energy of Rage Against the Machine, the experimentation of Sonic Youth and Jazz music, the hedonism of Daft Punk (Da Funk / Rollin’ & Scratchin’ period) and the booming days of hip-hop, it was at free parties that the two school friends discovered their passion for rolling bass and broken beats. But at 19 years old, tormented by the aggressive, formulaic drum & bass that they were hearing, the pair took the initiative to produce their own interpretation of breakbeat: ‘We ran out to buy a Yamahah because we were always attracted to the idea of composing. That’s why we established ourselves on live sets. Playing and mixing vinyl’s has never appealed to us. Given a basic rhythm we can do anything. We’ve been touring for three or four years and we haven’t even got a demo to give out! It’s by playing live that people know us. We’re drawn to the stage more than anything else.’