22 October 2009


The Skinny Magazine, the Scotland's largest independent listings and events magazine celebrates its 4th Birthday and has offered a bundle of 10 free tracks from Lucky Me, the Scottish-based acqua-crunk / wonky / wot u call it music and arts collective. Laidback neon beats and electronic freestyle in diverse formats. My favorites are Lunice, Mike Slott and Jay Prada but the rest is also quite solid.


Track by track description by The Skinny:

Claude Speed
Dub will often make you think of basslines. But imagine if you flipped it so you get trembling peaks of treble, not echoing gulfs of reverb. That's what you get when you antagonize the horn.

The Blessings (Go Girl)
Sultry rnb pop, with a satisfyingly smackin' beat. One for dirty fun dancing with your loved one, grinning wide 'cause you know what's coming.

Mike Slott
We had a debate as to whether this'd be difficult or brilliant to dance to. Imagine you had ten seconds to save the planet, and the only way to do it was to authentically lose your balance... And you're dancing! Easy!

Jay Prada
A solid slow beat is like having a few drinks at lunchtime: it feels indulgent, but actually life depends on these occasional pleasure-stases. Bunk is lunchtime drinking, in space.

Respite (Pang)
A pang implies a short sharp pain, but usually actually involves quite a lot of staring out of windows or at walls, or walking around not-especially scenic parts of cities. Respite seem to get this, offering a bleep-sweet soundtrack to the experience.

American Men
A post-rock kids' TV show theme, with the sort of lilting synth anticlimaxes that'd send most kids insane; though then they'd grow up and run the world better than we do.

A funky, electrified love song, making insouciant pronunciation of 'feeling' as - almost - 'filling' (as in, 'you give me a really good ... all day long'). Nice.

Respite (Hundreds and Millions)
Back in the early 90s folk called music like this trance: before trance was Castles in the Sky it was a skyscape of nebulous tech swells and vaporous tweeting loops. Long live dead trance.

The Blessings (Explicit American Cinema)
Filmic towers of dub: see yourself as part of a slo-mo chase scene across Kansas, dodging technicolour tornados while out-driving the catharsis cops.

Something about layered music suggests a questioning attitude to reality and the self. Nice, then, that Lunice has paired this style with a natural swagger and call routine: hangin' onto the ego never sounded so fresh