15 November 2009

DJ 0.000001 - RACIN' MUSIC (2009) - First Official Re-Release by Doktor Krank!!

The music on my blog is never nice and easy but this Re-Release is rough, rough, rooouuughhhhhhh. This is 300th post on my blog - I can't think of a better way to celebrate!!

I'm stoked to announce the first official Doktor Krank's Re-Release of a mixed and remixed compilation Racin' Music by  DJ 0.000001 aka Th'Mole which was originally released on CD by Hectic Records, This naughty stuff is distributed in the digital format, FOR FREE !!!, by Doktor Krank in collaboration with Daly City Records and Chickenhead.

DJ 0.000001 aka Th'Mole is a really cool dude, releasing stuff on many 'fronts' for years, among others through Mochipet's Daly City Records. We invited him to Poland in Spring this year (and Mochipet a month earlier), you can watch some pictures and read a mini-rewiew of his show on my blog. This year, Th'Mole also released a really, really good record Greatest Hits, ha, ha, ha vol. 1 which I also covered on my blog, After coming across Th'Mole stuff, I have become instantly hooked on his his peculiar psych-hop vocal collages and introvert-turn-extrovert-on-stage style. You should really see this man perfoming live, a volcano of crazy energy shooting words with a speed of a machine gun to suddenly switch into a melancholic mood, which is particularly surreal when you have a guy dressed in pretty strange clothes in front of you.  
The music in DJ 0.000001's Racin' Music can be broadly described as ghettotech breakcore psych-hop with bmp going off the scale from time to time :) He has no mercy and  seems to be able to remix any piece of electronic music. Next to the current artists, like e.g. an underground sensation, Berlin-based ghettotech DJ Donna Summer, ultra fast happy hardcore of Foxdye (the track recently featured on a very good Motion Sickness compilation released by Run Riot records - again, read more on my blog about this record ), heavy metal remix of Chemical Brothers, electro-pop beats of LA's Captain Ahab, DJ 0.000001 throws in a daring remix of Gossip Perpetuo theme by a legend of electronic music - Jean Jacques Perrey, very nice refix of Supersonic anthem by all-female crew of JJ Fad or totally unexpected treatment of Enya's Orinoco Flow (definitely one of the higlights of this release). Uff, what is most important this electronic melting pot works in the end. Go download it and enjoy an unrestricted music imagination of DJ 0.000001. Doktor Krank highly recommends this release!!!