05 November 2009

I had a dream..

Well, I'm becoming monothematic recently, but WTF? why shouldn't Eye from time to time :)  After the recent Lazer Sword's gig I dug out some old shit from my blog. It's pretty bad writing skills and silly bombastic littke piece, but I had a lot of fun writing this. Enjoy:

"Fuck the corporation! (or should I say thank you). Yesterday, I was about to write a crazy, psychedelic post to commemorate the Fifth Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day on 27th January 2009. Instead I had to stay overtime translating some boring corpo mumbo-jumbo, which totally drained me of creative energy. Going early to bed I wished I had at least some strange dream to relate in my blog the Day After the Event. Well, as it turned out my wish was fulfilled.

That night I had a dream … very vivid dream … of thousands of people united on the dancefloor, blacks and whites dancing back to back, girls in tight outfits and mini-skirts smiling to rudebwoys, with 16K sound system speakers throbbing with heavy bass. I felt my spirit rising and looked at the Dj booth and saw …. Flying Lotus who was, well… flying over the decks wearing a pair of big, dark wings. I though WTF? I was even more surprised when he lifted a record from his crate. It seemed to weigh 10kg and was at least 5 times bigger than a typical wax vinyl. He show this ‘cult object’ to the public and everybody applauded, I could even read the track title – My Dick (Dr. Girlfriend Trashy Vocal Remix). It was not a typical Flying Lotus jazzy track but quite a funny electro, I thought I heard the phrase “We’ve got dicks like Jesus” repeated over and over again??

I did not have time to digest the entire scene, when suddenly another of my favorite Dj’s – Starkey, appeared on the stage out of nowhere with biiiiiiiig splif in his mouth kicking Flying Lotus out and the entire scene with a huge record shown to the applauding audience was repeated, this time it was a track called - Jesus was a B-boy. Holy Shit, I thought! Where am I? Was it some satanic dance ritual or was my subconscious guilt from my catholic upbringing manifesting itself in the form of this hedonistic pandemonium? Actually, the music was quite cheesy and groovy and when I finally cooled a bit and decided to enter the dancefloor I spotted a guy in a funny hat reminding of Aleister Crowley’s famous photo raving like mad and handing in the other ravers some strange-looking cassettes with "Phone is Tapped (And I don't care)" written all over them with black marker. He approached me and I finally recognized him, it was Zomby!! I wanted to say something, but he simply gave me a cassette and said “When you wake up dreamer, I want you to convey the message to the world – this music will be big again, man. Believe me. We have to find our roots! Rave ON! Keep it real!” And he ran to the doors, I tried to follow him and at the doors to the venue I bumped into two guys looking bored to death. Fuck me! It was LL and Lando Kal from Lazer Sword! They told me something like “Hey you, do not run, these clowns are just warming up the congregation before our show. We will tear this place down. No flash shall be spared! HAIL SATAN!” My jaw dropped, I stood there speechless and suddenly their faces disappeared in a puff of smoke and I heard 'beep-beep-beepy'. This was an alarm in my mobile, I woke up. Wow, the champion of the dream I had!

I wonder what would Sigmund Freud say about this?"