18 December 2009


Well, I really thought Caspa's "Where is my money" had been buried deep down to re-appear infrequently in the sets of wannabe dubstep DJ's. I still believe the best remix of this tune was a strictly Polish version, i.e. "Gdzie piniondze som za las" with an old grandma swearing like a worst redneck and demanding the money for her forrest. Yet, Elite Force did quite a decent job, their remix sounds more tight and consistent, shifting it to more breakbeat area. The results is less 'cheesy' and quite danceable.  Check it out and download for free. A side note - the re-mix culture we currently live in has been eating its tail IMHO. Now, I'm waiting for a Roska's Licking Garage Re-work of Elite-Force's Re-fix of Caspa's Remix of TC's "Where is my money". THIS would be a killing track!

The Oakland duo of the prehistoric flatulent force from Oakland, CA. Bossasaurus, lay down their production abilities for a special dancefloor-influenced remix of Aesop Rock’s None Shall Pass. The song will be featured on their upcoming mixtape, S.T.F.U.Y.M.C.A. (Shove These Fossils Up Your Magnificent Creationist Ass). Though, definitely not my music target, Bossasaurus are really entertaining in this twisted, peculiar way.  

Bossasaurus vs. Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass Remix