30 December 2009

Meta-Blog Wrap Up of 2009

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This is the first post in DOKTOR KRANK'S TOP OF THE YEAR series in which I will try to sum up (in verbal diarrhoea mode as usual) the passing 2009. This was a good year for independent electronic music as a whole, this was a very good year for me personally with my blog growing nicely and a few fantastic crunky / glitch hop gigs I helped to organize in Poland (e.g. Mochipet and Lazer Sword).

In the first post I'd like to show some respect to my fellow bloggers whose enthusiasm for pushing the music I love is soooo infectious! These blogs have been the best source of quality music and inspiration for this little thing run by your humble, humble narrator in 2009.  Keep up the good work friends!


DANCEFEVER5000 / DF5K The author of this blog, Shilo loves to dance and write about music. West Coast, I mean, Best Coast is where the best electronic music is currently churned out by a horde of talented producers and Shilo sits in the very center of this movement publishing exhaustive reports of the thriving scene. Respect!

CHROME KIDS UK-based crew of Chrome Kids is a constant provider of dirty, crunky, future-oriented, bass-heavy beats. I really dig like 90% of the stuff they post. I can sincerely say they share my tastes in music.

GENERATION BASS Best source of nueva cumbia, etno, heavy bass world music in the blogosphere – updated with unrivalled frequency. Very eclectic and full of surprises.

LET'S_GET_DIGITAL The guy running this blog really feels the pulse of the current electronic music scene, always fresh and up-to-date stuff covering IDM, downtempo, mid-tempo, glitch and much more.

BASS MUSIC A collaborative blog run by baobinga, mumdance, i.d., reso, trg, ginz, rico tubbs and a few others. Great source of first-hand bass-heavy music. Check the section of exclusive bass music mixes, all top-quality!

BASSFACED Looking for quality dubstep, UK urban, garage, 2-step mixes? You’ll find plenty of this on bassfaced blog.

ROUGE'S FOAM An academic! blog about electronic music. Few posts but witih heavy-weight contents. A feature on Zomby was simply jaw-dropping.

WHITE FOLKS GET CRUNK I really like the vibe of this blog and great mashups’ they post. Kind of nostalgic look at a few years back when I was heavily into mash up scene.

BOING BOING Not a music blog but one of my favorite culture blogs out there. Actually, very hard to describe in a few words as it covers an extremely broad specrtrum of topics, focusing on counterculture, with a weird section on gadgets plus tons of reviews and links to fascinating stuff in the net. THE HUB!!

Honorable mention: