08 January 2010

Terre Thaemlitz - RA Podcast 188

Today, something very very special and quite untypical for my blog. Terre Thaemlitz is a man of many music faces, recording music over the years under many aliases to mention just a few: DJ Sprinkles, G.R.R.L., Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion, Social Material etc. etc. Radical queer actionist and tranvestite after years spent in NY moved to Kawasaki in Japan to continue his carrer. I first had a pleasure to listen to oniric and very elaborated ambient landscapes crafted skilfully by Terre Thaemlitz years ago. Being a poor student at that time I couldn't afford buying CD's and recorded lots of music on cassette tapes thanks to my friend who as a matter of fact introduced me to the broad spectrum of music, practically non-existent at that time in the general public awareness, except for very very small niches, where music was handed over from friend to friend personally. I was lucky enough to access such a clique of friends at the university and my music education started and has not left non-mainstream regions since then :) I've practically listened Terre Thaemlitz casette to death on my Technics Double Casette Player. His music, though being ambient and dronish, has something weird and special about it which really appealed to my inner soul. Now, years after, Resident Advisor of all possible outlets releases Terre Thaemlitz Podcast!!! And this is the same old / new TT I remember from years back and these are the same great emotions. Highly Recommended for all introverts across the world!!

Terre's Neu Wuss Fusion - She's Hard (2007 Archive of Silence) - Mule Musiq
Deuter - Solitary Bird - Kuckuck
The Golden Palominos - Gun/Little Suicides (Brown Stain Walls, Red Jelly Corners) remix by Terre Thaemlitz - Restless
Oval - Textuell - Mille Plateaux
Terre Thaemlitz - 2 AM on a Silo - Instinct
Hajime Tachibana - The Girl from Ipanema - Midi
Yesterday's Heroes – 1979 - La Louche Qui Fait D├ęborder Le Vase
Yoshihiiro Hanno - Platform (Home[Form]) remix by Terre Thaemlitz - Cirque
Depeche Mode - World Full of Nothing (DJ Sprinkles private edit)
Faye Wong - Shame (DJ Sprinkles private edit)
Michael Nesmith & the First National Band - Beyond the Blue Horizon - RCA Victor

NOTE: Tracks 9 and 10 are private remixes exclusive to DJ Sprinkles DJ sets.