22 February 2010


My favorite project from Norway - Ugress has just posted on his soundcloud and website a beautiful 'cinematique' track Ghost von Frost. I was instantly hooked on Ugress years ago after listening to the second full-length album released in 2004 called Cinematronics (check the link and grab a few freebies or buy this album). I still listen to this record regularly and Monochromatic World, Manhattan Saphire, Cowboy Desperado are among my personal all-time anthems, while Nightingale has been a ringing tone in my mobile phone for more than 4 years now!  Cinematronics is easily among my  top 10 records of this century. I ain't no kidding you and I ain't no exeggerating :) The project of Gisle Martens Meyer has not repeated the success of this record in my opinion but cinematic pop-electronic of Ugress always attracted me. The same goes for the latest offering - Ghost von Frost, one of the best tracks I've heard from Ugress for a long time reminding me of the top quality music from Cinematronics or Resound. Mellow and uplifting. Cinematique par excellence! Listen and download:

Ugress - Ghost Von Frost by GMM