24 April 2010


It's half past midnite in my timezone, I sit quietly in front of my laptop immersed in multi-tasking writing, responding to messages, surfing, listening to music, with occasional nod of my head or humming quitely to the rhythm ... then a new track in my player makes me jump with shock. ARGHHH, it's  a new Alec Empire's digital techno hardcore stuff from  Atari Teenage Riot called quite correctly Activate and as usual it is about CONFRONTATION / RIOT/ RAGE / ESCALATION and TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT CONTROL !! Oh boy, the riffs, the riffs - it's a work of art! Atari Teenage Riot recorded this song March 3rd 2010 for the upcoming live show May 12th in London, UK. Introducing new member CX KIDTRONIK from Brooklyn, USA. Atari Teenage Riot is back! Can't wait to hear more material from them. Once a teenager, always teenager!

  Atari Teenage Riot - "Activate!" by Alec Empire