20 May 2010

Lorn - Tomorrow

I could not resist and had to nick this link from here. Dark, vibrating, unsettling and very very beautiful track from the 'darkman' Lorn from FlyLo's Brainfeeder. A first snippet from his forthcoming full-length "Nothing Else" to drop on 8th of June. This is most eagerly anticipated release this year for me! And this track just proves I'll be stunned with Lorn's debut.

Lorn - Tomorrow (download)

Lorn - "Tomorrow" by Funny Ha Ha

A call to Promoters in Europe - Lorn will hit our contintent at the end of June / beginning of July. Book this guy for super quality west coast sound and sonic voyage through twisted dark matter and electronic landscapes. E-mail his Agents: info@vitalagency.com