28 October 2010

Mixing it up hard way

I officially declare Autumn The Season of Good Mixes. So many of them sits on my hard-drive, I wish I had at least half of my PC's CPU power to process through all of them. 

Starting from a harsh, ultra-distorted and bass-heavy mix for Mondayjazz by Berliners duo - Jinna and Lakritze (reppin great label Robox Neotech). I really dig this kinda Berlin-unique post-industrial, raw aesthetics applied to bass and beat music. I like the feeling of being totally squashed and sonically assualted by sick synths and out-of-synch beat. Jinna and Lakritze deliver them a planty while not forgetting about some funk factor, blending perfectly glitch-hop / lazer killers from USofA - e.g. NastyNasty, Heyoka, Salva, Freddy Todd - with European, more experimental and glitchy beatsmaking style - e.g. Doshy, Halp, Sduk or Robot Koch, with a strong representation of the fast growing Russian beat scene - like e.g. Pavel Dovgal, Damscray or Demokracy (totally sick Zeroth Law). One of the best mixes I've heard in a while. Highly recommended!


Halloween is coming. P-Fang "Hall of Horrors Mixtape" is scarry and uplifting in equal proportions :)) I like the mood and spaciness of the sound, built on ravey beat with ocassional guitar riffs which are more than welcomed by me in any electronic compositions :)) It is a nice follow-up to the previous mix. I was directed to P-Fang via Lazersword site. P-fang is a dude from SF ("a lone composer/producer featuring the dark side of sound" - via his facebook) and I really, really like the 'darkness' of his music. A new name to watch definitely.

p-fang - hall of horrors 2010 mixtape by p-fang

Finally, leave all the concerns behind and let's smack some glitch with Decibel's  "Smack My Glitch Up vol.2" mix. First installment was pure distorted adrenalin kick. The same goes for no. 2 :)) A great selection of who-is-who in the world of glitch hop / sub-bass. My joints are twitching wiiiiiiiiiiildddddddd

Decibel - Smack My Glitch Up! 2.0 by Decibel9M3