03 April 2012

Beat Assassins Mix Tape 2012

I'm working like crazy and there is nothing better than a pumping mixtape, featuring nice whompy electro breaks and ass-shaking mashups playing in my headphones. Beat Assassins deliver the required mind fodder for my corpo slavery. The Mixtape features new tracks by Beat Assassins and other artists plus some classics. Fasten your seat belts and start the ride!

Beat Assassins Mix Tape 2012 by Beat Assassins

If you like the mixtape downlad the free mushup of Beat Assassins vs. Busta Rhymes...

Beat Assassins Vs Busta Rhymes / Lite Ya Ass On Fire / Joint 003 / Free Download by Beat Assassins

... and check a solo projecet of Jimmy Mofo from Beat Assassins available on Beatport:

Rip Up the Riddim - Jimmy Mofo (Beatport)