19 June 2012

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▉ KILL da CHILL! BASS BOX Edition ▉ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂


The guys from Poznań's crew of KILL da CHILL announce helluva party this Friday (22 June 2012) in Stara Rzeźnia (Old Slaughterhouse!) in Poznań. On two scenes Street Bass vs Heart Beats, sick dubstep sub-basses (with occasional wobbles) will meet glitchey IDM nu beatz footwork what u call it funk. A bass champion Trolley Snatcha representing UK's cult label Dub Police will headline the Street Bass stage showing his top-notch DJ skills and very distinctive beat, which is a kind of trademark of his music explorations. Who knows he may even show some surprises :) He will be supported by Polish artists Blackleg hailing from the holy city of Częstochowa, Grabadub one of the founding fathers of dubstep scene in Poland, and the Foxhole crew (the organizers of the event) represented by Paszczak, Julian De Narco and Petey. 

However, the real treat awaits on the other scene. Heart Beats will feature two producers who bravely stand out with their music from the mass of mediocre copy-cats flooding the nu-beat / bass / urban scene. I hope Slugabed  requires no introduction to the readers. I have been his devout fan since the beginnings of my blog a few years ago. Though young of age, Sluga has already managed to create his unique sound of post hip-hop beats built on ulta heavy bass base. After a few successful releases (among others on Planet Mu) he has recently added to his CV a very good full-length album on Ninja Tune. This dude knows how to rock the house in its most literal sense. Be There or Be Square!!! The more so, as he will be joined by B.Bravo, another hot name on my best producers list (don't confuse hot with overhyped please). Born in California, up-and-coming star of the West Coast Modern Funk Movement is also a co-founder (with Salva) of one of my favorite labels - Frite Nite releasing music by e.g. Nasty Nasty, Eprom or Epcot. Expect G-Funk and R'n'B arranged in a surprisingly modern way, with distorted vocoder samples and twisted beats. Actually, I can't wait to lay my hands and ears on the LP by B.Bravo to be released this year. I'm absolutely positive Slugabed and B.Bravo will f.....g funk you out till you bleed in the Old Slaughterhouse :) The young butchers will be supported by Polish artists, incl. Minoo a collaborator of an interesting label Mad-Hop and Polish Asfalt Records and the Foxhole crew represented by RAQ, Porcus Uzurpator and Top Cut.