25 July 2012

Top Summer Trax

A selection of tunes on heavy rotation in my player this summer.

    Best remix this year so far!! HEAVY! 

    MAD MAD SCIENTISTS Lunice and HudMo!

    Polish producer PTR1 unraveling another absolutely enchanting bass story. I love his
    emotional and touching sound landscapes. 

    Another interesting producer from Poland in an amazingly brave and ear-catching 8-bit remix
    by the Russian Lord of all Pixels. SICKNESS!!! 

   In general, Trap is not my thing, but as with every genre (fad?) there are some gems to be
   found. Ima Work by Madrid is one of them. Slow and soooooo heavy. Me like a lot.

    The original still rulez but Surkin’s remix is not bad at all, at all.

    Little Boots flipping the script, turning Chicago house into Pop Juke par excellence. I love
    Little Boots.

   Grimey, jukey ghetto monster by an African artist living in Europe, Herve Sika. You better
   memorize this name.

    Bass-laden kuduro / tropical bomb. 

      Street Bass is the brand that never disappoints and Starkey delivers as usual.

      One of my favorite producers in a bass-laden masterpiece.

      Berlin-based Polish / Lithuanian collaboration with great synths and proper bass.

     Amazing remix by Arp 101 of the beautiful track from the latest Slugabed’s LP.

     Nice trap beat in this one, Bay Area reprazent.

     Aron Airaghi, hailing from Milan, Italy in a smashing, ass kicking edit on Seclusiasis. Check
    the entire EP. This guy knows how to handle mainly analog gear.

     Only Slugabed could do such a remix and succeed.

     Proper grime instrumental shit.

     Growling bass and lots lots of good dub! Killer.

     Robots also listen to good music during their leisure.

     Painful, melancholic but beautiful trip deep inside yourself. Nobody does this better than