20 November 2012

Zoooriginals #1 Daisuke Tanabe and Jealousguy (artwork by Ericailcane)

Low-quantity, high-quality picture disc featuring two tracks by Japanese producers Daisuke Tanabe (half of Kidsuke duo w/ Kidkanevil) and Jealousguy (a.k.a.  Masami Takahashi). Great artwork is provided by the graphic artist Ericailcane. This beautiful audio and visual project has been released by the collective Original Cultures (run a/o by Laurent Fintoni) and Zooo Print & Press.

Wana the first track of Zoooriginals #1 by Daisuke Tanabe is a nicely rolling and laidback trip through warm electronic soundscape with occasional 8-bit synths and voice samples. It's sooooo Japanese :)) I really like the emotional touch on this one. Whereas, Jealousguy in Hydra offers much more powerful beat and wider use of generic instruments, but again with great synths. Grab this little gem, as there are virtually only 50 pieces released on beautiful picture disc.