03 January 2013

Origami Sound - The Year in Review mix pt. 1 and 2

Origami Sound is a very interesting and forward-looking collective of three labels (Dark Clover, Farver, Origami Sound) and a few dozen artists, consistently pushing the boundries of electronic music. I am a big fan of their productions, as they often evoke strong emotions, and emotions are the real essence of communing with any art, but music in particular.

Origami Sound has released two amazing mixes The Year in Review showcasing the best tunes by artists from their roster and other worth noticing joints. Both parts are fantastic and include many memorable tracks, e.g. in part 2: one of my favorite tracks of 2012 (I've somehow forgotten to include it on my top tracks lists) - ILL BLU - Tick Tock, Liar's mental trip - Benzolovers, next to jungle rave Desire by Hostage or totally addictive Stimming's Trombone. Part 1 features, apart from the obvious Kanye West's remix, the powerful Tissue Box by the young blood from Saturate! - Raadsel and Luisterwaar, great footwork beat and riddim in Dub Phizix feat. Fox - Never Been  or f****g awesome dub techno in Justin Martin - Molokini (Pezzner's Dugong Dub).

Both mixes covered 20 tracks, with 80 still to go in subsequent parts, for which I am waiting eagerly. QUALITY!!!

2012 - The Year In Review // Part 1: 100-91 by Origami Sound

2012 - The Year In Review // Part 2: 90-81 by Origami Sound