28 October 2016

We want your beats now!

We operate on a simple assumption -> you are the New Kid on the Block and we are capable to recognise your RAW potential. Simplifying, we are on a mission to promote young blood and on occasion only deal with established (unless they are classic gods) producers.

We do prefer your own produce rather than mixes, so please do not over ship them here. At some stage we will be looking at podcast series creation and we will let you know about it.

Sending demos is a very straightforward process, however you want to do it right, due to the amount of stuff we receive on a daily basis! Please make it clean and obvious.

STEP 1 (important)

Follow us on social network of your choice and always spread the love with your kru. It's crucial, this way even more people will have access to your stuff.

STEP 2 (preferred)
Drop us an email with images, info, more than 128 kbps MP3 file(s), state EP order and point free to download files. We will upload it to our Soundcloud, create blog post and share it across our network.
STEP 3 (optional)
If it's not possible to deliver MP3 file(s), just email us with advertising pack, info and link it to your Soundcloud or other media services you use for your choons.
STEP 4 (on us)

If we say { CHOON! KRANK IT UP! } it means blog post will be created and shared across our social media. Fame will be gained, likes will be given.