23 February 2009

RQM - Bloody Sunday (Robot Koch version)


A very interesting track and an equally interesting producer hit me via myspace and my blog. RQM is a globetrotter, born in Sosnowiec in Poland, and respected Emcee with a very characteristic voice. You definitely heard him e.g. in an ‘intro-teaser’ of Mary Anne Hobbes BBC 1 show or in numerous other releases. Honestly speaking I heard his voice as well as the name, but I did not expect that RQM is our hommie from Poland J
For the last few years, RQM has been rooted in Berlin’s electronic scene, where he collaborates with fantastic artists such as Jahcoozi, Al Haca, Modeselektor, Stereotyp, (and apart from them also with Milanese, Mochipet, Oliver$, Shir Khan, to mention most famous ones). Together with Robot Koch from Jahcoozi (I love his recent releases, an in particular the remix by LazerSword) he produced music under the moniker of The Tape and their The Tape vs RQM – Public Transport LP released in 2007 had great reviews in music press across the globe.
Read more about him here. Yes, Poles also can, if conditions are right and he has a talent and is not afraid of hard work!

Robot Koch and RQM continue their cooperation, and the latest, quite surprising, and very very far from the original (for me it is always an advantage in any remix – the more freestyle version the better) glitch-pop remix, or should I say a variation on the classic Bloody Sunday, is quite a successful result of their work.

One can recognize a few samples, but the rest is “brand new stuff”. What we get is a fantastic vocal of RQM and perfect, fluid and smooth electronic base by Robot Koch. According to the words of the author himself in a note attached to this track, Bloody Sunday was initially a cover produced live by Robot Koch and RQM for Fritz Radio Berlin. Build on glitch foundation it veers later to pop, whereas the lyrics are a kind of tribute to the typical, toxic Rock N Roll relations.

Listen to this wonderful track. RQM - Bloody Sunday (Robot Koch version)
Long live Poland (wink, wink)!