02 March 2009

Dusk & Blackdown Rinse FM 260209 w/ Zomby Entropy Sketches mix


dusk and blackdown on Rinse FM download

Great show by one of my favorite crews from UK. I wish the quality was better (it is 96kbps, mono) as the show includes fantastic gems of new, intelligent, hard and heavy, yet very beautiful music. I mean here, most of all, Zomby’s “Entropy Sketches” mini-mix. Beautiful, haunting, light, full of delicate synth-beats, weird melodies and strange, typical Zomby-style ‘retro’ sounds. Very cinematic indeedI wish somebody made a movie with Zomby’s soundtrack! Gosh, I love this guy. His full-length release on Hyperdub (??) will be maaaaasive. BTW – listen to the description of the way Zomby sent this mix as presented by the host of the show – I laughed my ass off!
Another great highlight is a preview of Kryptik Minds material from Loefah's new Swamp81 label. This label looks very very promising and definitely will mark its presence this year. All the featured tracks by Kryptik Minds have hard and heavy sub-bass rolling through the darkness to deliver an ultimate sonic pleasure to any fun of low-frequency electronica. Organica is my number one here. I will eagerly wait for this release. Another highlights of the mix are: unreleased, yet already a classic tune by Starkey – Gutter Music VIP, plus Dusk and Blackdown and Martyn’s remixes.
Enjoy – Doktor Krank’s Recommended Mix!
Tracklist in the comments session: