25 March 2009

FORENSICS – Have you seen any aliens lately?

A very special blog today about a very special artist who has just released a new EP. Forensics is a compulsive creator of top quality mixes and a gifted producer of his own music living in South East London. I have been following and downloading his music persistently for the last two years. His selection is always very eclectic and inspiring, actually I learnt a few great artists through his mixes. He releases mixes and records with the machine-gun speed and regularity, I wish I was a friend of his PC’s hard-drive, as it is probably full of still undiscovered gems. I have never heard a weak installment in his mix series and all his productions fall into the category of good-better-best. And believe me, there is no exaggeration in my statement. His music can be broadly described as atmospheric dubstep, although it goes much beyond the restrictions of one music genre. Forensics creates absolutely beautiful, extraterrestrial sonic journeys to undiscovered fairy lands. I do not know what are his eating or smoking habits (wink, wink), but I wish he continues them in the future.

If you never heard Forensics, try and download the following mini promo mix from February 2009 including his own releases. Just to get you in the right mood and to see whether his music attunes well with your emotions and sensitivity. For me personally, the music created by Forensics clicks immediately with my nervous system and listening to e.g. All to waste, Empire, 2029, The depths, Your blood, my hands, transports my mind into the dimension overloaded with endorphins and tranquil joy (sorry for such grandiloquent description, but it is sooo difficult to verbalize one’s emotions and impressions when listening to this type of music).

Three releases by Forensics strongly recommended to any fan of intelligent cosmic music:

Hibernate: released on 2009-03-23 (hail Eris!)

“Hibernate” released just a few days ago, is much to short to satisfy my insatiable mind. It includes the best intro track I’ve heard in ages, a very cinematic and absolutely contagious Music box dancer (but why, oh why, is it so short?). Besides, we get a very fat track, i.e. Untitled Riddim (This One remix) which has been in rotation for some time already and I can never be bored of it. You should not also miss a heavy bass trip in Your blood, my hands – a typical track for Forensics. All in all, top-notch release again.

The Horror and the Glory, released on: 2009-01-26

A very tight and consistent concept with fabulous and touching gems of spacey music. Ready-made movie score for an alien SF Drama. The Depths, Empire and All to Waste are the absolute highlights of this much too short album. I would call it heavy bass ambient music. Or post-apocalyptic beats. In my private ranking, best release by Forensics so far.

Silver Linings, released on 2008-11-02

Definitely a record inspired by some encounters of third kind. Beautiful, melancholic trip across the landscapes of long gone or never discovered planets. I am currently reading a book by British SF writer – Peter F.Hamilton, thus the music on this release evokes deep images of a starship flying across the cosmic voids, but this can be also some barren arctic ice desert or whatever your imagination will produce. I often ‘see’ music in the form of moving pictures, thus my descriptions. Anyway – Silver Linings is a great food for any mind. Highlights of these release are: 2029, Atlantis, Exile, Endgame VIP. Go get it, you will not be disappointed

Furthermore, do not forget to check an extensive catalog of mixes by Forensics. My favorites are: Tripping Point, Adventures in Death Star Valley vol.4, Dark Matter vol. 2., Automatism vol.2.

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