26 March 2009

Memekast038 Sexytime (Sleepyhead + Mimosa) and Memekast037 dj SpaceInvaders

Thanks to dancefever5000 for turning my attention towards memekast again. I forgot about them for some time after this absolutely gorgeous mix delivered by Mochipet in Jan 09. As it turns out the newest installment is equally good. Hail memekast for their fantastic work! And remember to check previous podcasts – their catalog is full of goodies.

Sexytime is comprised of Sleepyhead Sleepyhead (LowPro Lounge) and Mimosa Mimosa (Muti Music). They have been detected by my radar very recently, but I am absolutely sure they will stay there for a long time. Sleepyhead has been collaborating with KnowOne (as KnowSleep) and their self-titled album from KnowSleep, available on Addictech, is highly recommended, definitely one of the records of 2008. Now also available on Beatport. Mimosa's debut EP, Hostilis, is out now on Addictech, with appearances from Colorado MC Souleye and Canadian vocalist Sasha Rose. Another highly recommended release. It’s no surprise that collaboration of these artists produced such results.
I love low, sub-bass and in the memekast, Sexytime delivers music ‘soaking’ with merciless power making my head swing and ass shake (as promised by memekast crew). Sexytime presents glitchy and crunky dubs with strong dubstep sub-bass and smooth synth melodies on top. Just take Freeway for example – spacey melodies and distorted vocals with heavy sub bass wobbles work perfectly!!!. Dubby riddims subjected to serious deconstruction (like in I’m a Flirt) make your head swing a bit slower than usually but still there is no chance you can sit still listening to this. But the best treat waits at the end. Mimosa’s remix Forget About Dre is even better than Megasoid’s edit of the same track which was on permanent rotation in my car’s SS last year! Actually, the mix includes ONLY killing tracks. Definitely the mix of the month for me.

Memekast 037 - another mix worth mentioning by the resident and founder of Memekast – dj SpaceInvader.
In general I would call this mix: hit parade, as the tracklist includes the examples of the best trends and artists on the wonky / glitch scene (with more focus on wonky, and yes I know the name ‘wonky’ sucks). Definitely you’ve heard all of them already. If not, I can hardly imagine a better introduction to this uber prolific scenes. Memekast 037 is a nice mash up of wonky stuff represented by Zomby, Joker, Lorn or Eskmo and glitch-hop from Megasoid, Glitch Mob, Rustie or Squincy Jones. BTW, Chimpo - Lockoff / Gucci Mane ft Ludacris - Freaky Girl [Squincy Jones Nintendub edit], was in my opinion the best track of last year! Yes, I’m glad someone is rotating this track! A model example of the formula: dubstep + hip-hop = glitch hop. And thanks Dj SpaceInvader for a really nice mash up of Zomby’s anthem Spliff Dub vs. Damian Marley – Fire. Entertaining.