04 March 2009

Low End Theory Club podcast #1

Low End Theory Club in LA released podcast # 1 by the Club’s resident Dj – Daddy Kev and a very interesting producer Samiyam. Glitch electronica, full of surprising melodies, mutated sounds, heavy bass, enriched with funny samples and distorted hip-hop rants. Plus very spacey rock compositions with typical guitar riffs and powerful vocals reminding me of a combination of Pink Floyd with Guns’n’Roses (well it’s California, USofA, remember). Although I still believe that Rock IS Dead, in this podcast such a strange mix works very well. Very nice flow, very nice ‘oldschool’ keyboards. Well, you should just listen to it, as any description does not reflect the full spectrum of presented soundz. Although done by the Club crew, the music is not necessarily dancefloor-oriented, but provides a great listening pleasure at home (or at boring work). West Coast at its best! Sadly no tracklist.