13 March 2009

.s0n!ka & Cosmetics (UFO! & .s0n!ka) Filthy 07 released

s0n!ka & Cosmetics (UFO! & .s0n!ka) Filthy 07

Two fantastic, filthy, dirty and evil tracks by production duo from Costa Rica have been finally released! And yes, one of them is this UFO!, whom dnb headz should remember from the times back then. Check this out as these tracks are pure sonic pleasure.

This is what I wrote some time ago after listening to these tracks for the first time and I definitely hold my opinion after listening to these tracks for a dozen or so times:
Among tones of harsh dancefloor smashers, bangers and killers, very often of mediocre quality, it’s nice to find in a blogosphere the music of clearly different nature, definitely aiming at the dark side of the moon. I’m talking here about two tracks by two guys ‘broadcasting’ from Costa Rica, namely s0n1ka (Federico Gomez) and Cosmetics (Federico Gomez + Edwin Garro – aka UFO!). I am not a big fan of drum and bass productions, but this double pack exceeds narrow restrictions of the genre and has so much darkness embedded, that it will definitely appeal to a more dubstep-oriented souls (I include my soul here, if I have one of course).

Doktor Krank highly recommended release!