07 May 2009

Glitch Hop forum young blood Reposted

Well, I hate when google takes down a post with several tracks without indicating which track could have possible mean an infringment of copyrights of some of the artists (usually just one track and usually some bootleg remix, I never post tracks of which I'm sure will deprive their artistis of any rights).
As I don't want to lose the entire post, I will remove 'big names' like justin, beastie, nas etc. A few tracks will still remain and they are really worth promoting.

Fresh load of great and heavy glitch hop tracks from GlitchHopForum. I wish I had more time to write extensively about each of these young guns as they deserve it. For now, just listen to what they have cooked so far. DELICIOUS!!!!

Ben Samples – Motorthroat Extremely bass heavy motor sound by one of the best young producers on the glitch hop scene.

Ben Samples – Glitchy & Scratchy – Get back (Samples refix). One more by Sample, a refix of one of the anthems of glitch hop – quite a nice rework actually, more ‘steppy’ and ‘cut-up’ but still very powerful.

Plus 2 – Open Clipse – f…g heavy bassline !! whomp, whomp whomp ! Loving it!

Kat1lyst & Instynkt - Cold As Me I have a penchant for such darkey, slowed down bass. And if some aggressive synths are ripping through it. Well, I can only grit my teeth and bow to it.

Glitchy & Scratchy - BrainSaw Heavy dubstep sound from glitch and scratch warriors!!

Subvert – Shoota Heavy bassssss, mashed dubstep / glitch soundz with great riddim on top

Dj Echo – Balkan Beat box remix - Balkan bass bombs. Balkan beats spiced with heavy bass and glitch. I LIKE!

Messy Jesse – The Future Totally heaaaavvyy tune with crazy Nintendo soundz.

Freddy Todd - Oh Ma Gad Drap Tha Bass – Freddy Todd –Very tight and ass-shaking track using a great mix of soundz plus a few classic beats and pieces. Thumbs up for Michael Jackson's sample.

J.Roby & graintable – trapdoor Pretty spacey, heavy track with nice melodic sound excursions.

Chip chop - los gorditos (graintable plus AD/AM) Another solid glitch hop track from graintable and his mate AD/AM. Again, lots of space and nice synth work.

Finally, a funny, spacey downtempo vocoder track to crown this selection:

Dj Wood – I Ran “me singing flock of seagulls over TI w/ vocoder” – the words of the artist himself. Funny and contagious little shit !