13 May 2009

Hostage - Pirates, Rudeboys, aUtOdiDakT

Hostage never ceases to amaze me. This guy is pure rocking rave tiger releasing tune after tune of stomping bangers. This time he is on a much heavier tip than usually. Dubstep sub-bass combined with fast ravey drops and punches creates a molotov cocktail of sonic mayhem. Love at first hearing, as usual with this Edinburgh's adrenalin addict. Disco dust released 3 free tracks, grab them NOW.

Hostage - Pirates - what a use of bass, just listen to this Mega Ultra Banger !

Hostage - Rudeboys - another propa dancefloor hit.

aUtOdiDakT - Ghetto Nonsense (Hostage remix) - dubstep ghetto tech rave, dark and heavy!