14 May 2009

Mishka presents Passions - Music Without Tears Mix

Another great and surprising mix (after recent mix by Jokers of the Scene) by an artist best known of its dancefloor-oriented productions and DJ’ing. Until now I have not been even aware that Math Head is Passions. I’ve heard a few tracks by Passions but I did not know he was from T&B (yes, throw your stones now) It’s pretty strange that a guy from this particular crew, which I immediately associate with bass-heave dancefloor excess explores just these regions. Maybe, some paradigm-shift is in the air, and people are fed up with hedonistic pleasures (honestly speaking I am, sometimes) and are looking for more meaningful methods of expressing themselves in music? Time to start a Music Revival or wot? Music is a beutiful thing if you are wise enough to use it in a creative and self-fullfilling way, that’s why I welcome wholeheartedly any attempts at broadening its current limits.
And this mix fulfills this task perfectly. Cold, dark, industrial and esoteric beats from the past clash with modern productions by Passions and exclusive productions from London based goth / darkwave label Disc Errors. Ben Deitz has collected very inspiring tracks on this compilation and lots of artists I used to listen frequently 15 years ago. TG, DiJ, NIN, Nitzer EBB, PIL, Joy Division, New Order, SPK. What is most important – this music gives an equally strong kick as listening to banger-style mix, though in a bit different, deeper, more contemplative way affecting more body organs and reaching much deeply into your mind. Oh yes, this is the music of my youth, and again it’s sooo nostalgic to return to these times, but this music has not aged a bit. It still rocks my body, my mind and soul. Call me a talentless, bombastic hack but I really dig this mix by Passions.