13 June 2009

Glitch FM Radio on air!!


THE Internet Radio of the glitch community is finally up and running!!!! I've prepared a totally cheesy and not very funny bollywood film teaser to celebrate the launch of this great radio "saturating your ears with delectable details".

<a href="http://www.grapheine.com">Agence communication Paris Graphéine</a>

The radio's team is looking for DJ's to fill in the empty slots - don't be shy girls and boys, it's a great opportunity to present your skills to the outer world. Contact them here: http://glitch.fm/contact.

A few rules published on Glitch FM site:
  • PLEASE NOTE: All shows are 2 hours long with priority given to weeklies. You must have the capability to record into your computer (going through a mic in doesn't count). Owning a microphone is strongly suggested as well.
  • Shows can be ANY format you wish as long as they're live. For example, you don't have to just DJ - you could host a weekly countdown, do interviews, have an industry news show, etc.
  • HOW WE DEFINE GLITCH: Glitch is not so much a genre but rather a cross-genre design philosophy in the music: paying lots of attention to fine-grain detail. You could be into glitch-hop, IDM, dubstep, breaks, house, trip-hop, or ambient for all we know - but the focus should be on the edgier more ornate productions within.