03 June 2009

Pure filthy MADNESS - Raffertie and A1 Bassline in Rob Da Bank's show on BBC1

Oh my God!!! I officially proclaim Raffertie the craziest and most insane and intensive DJ across the f...g globe! Just listen to this one hour mix for Rob Da Bank & Friends on BBCRadio1 and you'll understand my bombastic statement.

A1Bassline mix is okey, bouncy, housey and kicking,
but Raffertie... Well, I'm speechless. 2 Unlimited vs. George Micheal vs. Baby D vs. Vanilla Ice / Aretha Franklin accapelas. Akira Kiteshi, Reso, Starkey and others plus ton of stuff from Reffertie himself. Pure filthy sonic mayhem, unlimited artistic expression indeed. Love or hate, wicked wobbly, style. Not for all tastes but I personally have been completely and utterly destroyed by the sound coming from my speakers.