21 June 2009

SUPRA1 - Lower End Spasm Podcast

There is a famous slogan and project here in my homecountry called: "TERAZ POLSKA" (POLAND: NOW!). This is a kind of super brand granted to the individuals or enterprises of my country for outstanding achievements in various fields, mainly adressed to business but also covering some culture. Although, being a slave in the corporation, I know how all such promotional shizz is working (and how much you have to pay to get a medal, statuette or other prize), having such an opportunity I would give POLAND: NOW! award to SUPRA1, a duo of great young artists from Cracow in Poland for their work as remixers and for promoting the sound straight outta Poland :) SUPRA1 is a member of the famous NYC Trouble & Bass crew and they are responsible for absolutely killing remixes of Polyhedron, Blackfinger and the newest shit - the remix of Rico Tubbs track. They are about to release an EP on T&B Label, so you better be prepared for dancefloor smashing basslines and a few ass-kicking puches and drops from them.

They've just released great bass-heavy podcast for Lower End Spasm. It's Trouble&Bass all around the beats and pieces, but with a nice warm twist. If you have never heard of SUPRA1 (which I doubt), you should definitely check this mix: