20 June 2009

Integrated Grime Unit to host weekly BWAMP's on glitch.fm radio

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Glitch FM radio is rolling pretty fast and heavy now. Another great glitch hop / dub crew has a weekly spot there. BWAMP Radio Show will be hosted by the Canadians from Integrated Grime Unit every Friday at 6-8PM PST (9-11PM EST), which sadly means 2-4AM GMT :(

Actually the show begins in just a few hours, thankfully - for all of you who will not manage this time, definitely a podcast of this show will be available later. Well, for all of you who live in a more convenient time zone - drop by at glitch fm and listen to this fantastic show (knowing IGU stuff I'm absolutely positive it will be great) and don't forget to bring your friends with you - very high glitch-hop conversion rate guaranteed.

There is no better way to encourage and convince potential listeners than to give'em a chance to listen to podcasts from other shows on glitch.fm. Sugarpill's show on 28 of May 2009 was absolutely amazing. Tight mixing skills and great selection of whompy (or should I write bwampy?) glitch hop tracks definitely ensures good fitness for your neck and shoulders muscles. Enough of this verbal diarrorheaa (or however you write this word) - just listen here:

Sugarpill - Glitch FM set 28 May 2009

You can catch Sugarpill droping wicked tunes on glitch.fm every Thursday 8-10PM (CST)