02 July 2009

Bluetech - Call of the Wild EP - free / voluntary donation

Music to play in the dark, preferrably in early morning hours. After body fitness, jumping your ass off to bwampy beats, do not forget to feed your soul - you have to keep your bodymind in balance. There is no better way than booking a lodge on a vessel captained by Evan Bluetech and letting him to take you for a trip into the long forgotten lands.

Evan Bluetech has been producing downtempo psy ambient for a few years already creating quite an original mixture of spacey music with etno / ancient melodies and more distinct and heavy beats than in the majority of productions in this genre. If you are a fan of Heyoka, Mimosa, Knowa KnowOne, SleepyTime and similar idm artistis you should definitely check this interesting release. I like most Abandon all cities and Another bridge burning, but all the five tracks are quality and will take you for a fantastic journey through etheric electronic landscapes. Terence McKenna would have loved listening to this music.

Autonomous Music 001: Evan Bluetech - Call Of The Wild EP