02 July 2009


Luke (DJ Boxset) and Rocco are Bluntinstrument, a duo hailing from Brisbane, Australia. They recently released a recording of their live set, a support gig for Blu + Exile for Red Bull Music Academy in Brisbane. All glitch hop headz should definitely check this bwompy shizz, full of contagious and wicked accapellas and heavy, head-nodding beats. Bluntinstrument really knows how to keep proper vibe all across the board. Their mix just hit the target, as I have been recently feeling a lack of pounding and ass-kicking live sets in lazer / crunk / glitch department in my player. Thanks guys, for filling this gap! Gimme more some time in the future :)

I wish we had more parties like that here in Poland. BTW, since my university time, I've always believed that "there is no better party than the one YOU organize" (IT IS TRUE!!!), thus Luke and Rocco if you come to Europe someday give me a shout :), I'd be stoked to hear and see you playing live.