27 August 2009

Dev79 - Live from Full Service at Club Love NYC + Donaeo - Party Hard (Dev79 Refix)

I still have vivid recollections of the brainsmashing Contra Bass party during which the ratio of killing bangers per minute went through the roof. That's why I more than welcomed the stuff hitting my mailbox from none other than Dev79 - Philly's Street Bass and Seclusiasis crew posse (Starkey, Kotchy - you all know them right??). Banging beats mood continues and Dev79 delivers what I'm craving for - namely bass-heavy ass-ripping ravey live set from Full Service at Love Club, NYC.

Live from Full Service at Club Love NYC 7-31-09 (zshare)

The tracklist is simply stellar. No exaggeration. Really. The mix starts from the earthquake and continues in the same spirit till the end. It's even hard to mention a few highlights as the whole set soaks with consistent and merciless energy downpour ranging from ravey anthems through deep breakdowns, distorted drops, punches and sick basslines to low frequency dubstep tunes, and grimey rants. Refixed, remixed and reprocessed but with one common denominator - lotsa heavy bass (or should I write street bass?). I wish I was at this party.

Well, I have to mention at least a few tracks.

Dev79 - In Ya Face (Willy Joy Remix) - smashing anthem, I've danced my ass off last Saturday to similar shit, arghhh. No f...g mercy to all beard-strokers and bar flies. Move your joints or scram.
BD1982 - Space Boots (Slugabed Remix) - f..g mental track! Slugabed has just recently released a few heavy glitched tracks and remixes and is fast gaining on appreciation. You should definitely memorize this name. Check the entire EP by BD1982 now on Seclusiasis with more great remixes by Hovatron (my fave on this release next to Slugabed), Starkey, Tayo and more.

Playdoe - Freeze Step (Starkey Remix). Philly's don Starkey never falters and delivers only quality tunnage and his remixes are class in themselves.
Backlash (Raffertie Remix) - Crazy, sick Raffertie at his best. I love this man.
Kudos to Dev79 for including Pacheko, Various Production, Dnae Beats in his mix. Great producers all of them.

Shit, I will soon list all the tracks on the mix. And music speaks better than 1000 words. You better listen for yourself.

Finally check gunky (Dev79's own term to describe this type of ruffed up funky music) bass refix of pretty infectious funky house / 2-step'ish track by Donaeo - Party Hard cooked by Dev79. The remix is definitely heavier, deeper and I would even risk saying more "funky" than the original :)

Donaeo - Party Hard (Dev79 refix)

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