27 August 2009


Białystok, Metro Club, 22 August 2009. CONTRA BASS. Best party of the year, great vibe. I had so much fun, I danced my ass off. My neck, my legs, all my muscles hurt for 3 days afterwards. This almost reminded me of tribal/industrial/trance parties at the beginning of the 90's when Poland had just kicked off communism and embraced the West with all its pros and cons, including acid/extasy culture and rave revolution.

Here are some pictures and vids shot by your humble humble narrator (bear in mind under the influence of various, ehmmmm nice drugs, alcohol including). Bangers were flying high, crowd was sweating and dancing, friends were there and girls were smiling and shaking their asses and DJ's definitely had the best time of all :) I was totally surprised how well everything clicked and exceeded my expectations. My best friend DJ Koola played the best set I've heard of him in like, hmm 10 years. Heavy, fast, banging and whompy, full of drops and kicks, killing basslines and fantastic remixes. My brother DJ Montek equipped with a Mac, Ableton and controlllers actually played his first full-digital / no vinyl live set and he fucking set the dancefloor on fire! He shot bangers with the speed of an Uzi and when the dancers couldn't stand more ended them with heavy dubstep sub-bass. I'm really proud of my brother's skills. Expect a heavy mix from him soon on my blog. Dtekk had to replace Montek behind the decks at 2 a.m. probably saving a few dancers but nonetheless continuing with propa sound what two rudebwoys started. Uff, this was a hell of a party and great closing of the summer in Poland. Well, I couldn't make to Flying Lotus, HudMo, Tim Exile gig in Katowice this weekend :(

Koola on the buttons !! What a hug with Montek!

Montek killing with bassline Mumdance remix! Actually this is the best track of my 7yr old kid :)

More Montek and wicked shit

Koola and some ladies (there's too many men, too many men, we need some more girls in here!)