04 August 2009


Ben Samples is definitely one of my favorite producers I came to know through the mighty Glitch Hop Forum. His tight production and mixing skills combined with heavy, straight-in-year face aesthetics always do the trick for me. On the simplest level, I am never bored listening to his stuff and this is what music should be about – entertainment, but properly ill one!

In his newest mix Samples delivers mega ill acapellas in a totally glitched out sauce with proper heavy bass and pounding basslines. Solid and tight shit especially from 18:45 mark and on with my personal best Samples’ track Players Anthem through great Skanky Legg remix by Lunice (this is another f…g enormous track by Lunice – Europeans catch him and Novatron in Europe, they are on tour right now) and PantyRaid mash-up to the very end. Definitely the glitch hop mix of the month!

According to Samples: “Pretty much inappropriate for all ages, unless you're doing coke off some strippers tits backstage of a Queensyrche show. 35 minutes, heavily influenced by strip clubs, Enjoy!” Thanks, I have enjoyed myself a lot!