31 August 2009

Schlachthofbronx - Schlachthofbronx 2009 + Belly Full of Pills EP

Schlachthofbronx - Schlachthofbronx (2009)
8 out of 10****

Ghettobassdancehallairhornsteppers from Munich have just released a fantastic double feature. Full length self-titled Schlachtohofbronx digital album and a Schlachthofbronx ft. Slushpuppykids - Belly Full Of Pills EP on vinyl. I hereby announce the official opeaning of the horn step Bavarian season. Watch out for happy pranksters equipped with air-horns making practical jokes of unsuspecting party goers at venues next to you.

Schlachthofbronx came to my attention with two fantastic tracks hitting the blogosphere earlier this year, i.e. kuduro / cumbia influenced La lente and infectious dubbed-out dancehall riddim Good to Go. I have been eagerly awaiting their full-length debut and I have not been disappointed at all. 15 tracks full of stomping beats and drums but most of all crazy synths, trumpets and horns deliver a modern dancefloor-oriented world music, ranging from balkanian turbo folk through bloodclat Jamaican dancehall, flirtations with kuduro to full-grown modern banger beats.

Schlachthofbronx have created a very unique 'trickster' style with unexpectadly rich sense of humor (they are October Fest folks remember) and inclinations towards kitsch and ridicule, but at the same time full of unrestrained fun and sonic pleasure and above all, great production skills. Schlachthofbronx music would force the most stuborn and coldest ass in da house to shake at least a bit. I can easily imagine them marching in the Notting Hill Parade beating big drums and ferociousoly playing synths making stupid faces :)

Highlights of the release: Chupchik (the name seems to be inspired by Borat!) - balkanian turbo folk trumpets in a nice little joint which your mother and even grandfather would love to hear at a crazy wedding party in some far far away village in Kazakhstan. Bretto - ghetto tech banger with stomping beats TIP!!, Spot Clean - dancehall riddim of Doubla J served in a fantastic ass-shaking electronic sauce by Bavarian ravers. Regulate - more stomping ghetto stuff, We run this - bloodclatt jamaican step. Too High - f...g dancefloor killer, it will definitely make rounds in DJ sets, this autotune / vocoder Slush Puppy Kids voice is sooo off kilter but I love it. If you like this you should definitely check the EP. Regulate - heavy beat and great synths (am I reapeating myself?) Belly full of Pills - Slushy Puppy Kids again in a killing 'autotune' track. Schorschl Take 3 - turbo-folk beat vs. ghetto bass and my personal candidate for a few nice remixes. Uff, I will soon mention all the tracks from this album.

To celebrate this releases on disko b, the bwyos released one track from the album named "holdin that dick". spoek mathambo & bigspace on dirty talk, schlachthofbronx on bass & airhorn.


You should also check the Belly full of Pills mix with all the tkunes and remixes from the EP and some surprises.


Schlachthofbronx will tour Europe in November & December. Make yer air-horns ready!

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