23 September 2009


Canada has become one of the most interesting and thriving spots music-wise on my global map. Turbo Crunk crew (Megasoid, Hovatron and the rest), Glitch Hop Headz (Ill-Esha, Ill-Gates, Glitchy 'n Scratchy, Integrated Grime Unit crew and many more), big dubstep community (DZ plus Taal Mala, Max Ulis, Self Evident from Lighta! crew to name a few). Now, I have come across a gifted banger / heavy bass producer from Toronto - Terror Tone.

I hate nationalism and all -isms as a matter of fact, but it's still nice to find some traces of Polish ancestry out there in the global music community. Terror Tone was born in Poland and emigrated with his parents to Canada as a child :) but I am not promoting his music because of this 'sentimental value', I do this because it is pretty straigthforward, pounding and ass-kicking quality banger shit.

Terror Tone's Badman Bounce EP is coming out around October / November on
Intelligenix Records. You better watch out as this release should be quite intense. As a foretaste grab his original mix off the forthcoming EP.

Terror Tone - Dirty Disco

Infectious acid-like, ravey bassline in a groovy but pretty dark and dirty house track.

Everything All The Time - Getting Higher (Terror Tone remix) (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

This remix of the Toronto's group, Everything All The Time by Terror Tone is pure banger with a longish vocal intro which builds up into ultra dirty and heavy bassline. Think Hostage, A1 Bassline, The Squire of Gothos, Foamo and you get the picture. Don't miss this one!

Anna Cyzon - Reputation (Terror Tone Breakbeat Remix)

This one is another solid work from Terror Tone, a remix of pop song by
Anna Cyzon (again quite a skillful Polish-born singer!). Broken beat and cut-up vocals work quite well spicing up the original while synths add a lot of space and I really really like Anna's dirty singing.