09 October 2009


YES, YES, YES!!! One of the best Cubmia labels, hailing from LA and SF, Bersa Discos has just released a new EP Bersa Discos # 6. I am big fan of this series and I'm positive this EP will be no exception. The featured artist this time is Sabo from New York associated with Turntablelab/Sol Selecta. The EP will be available soon via Turntablelab and you can grab a vinyl sold during the parties promoting the release as Sabo and Bersa Discos are on tour on the West Coast. Check the schedule on Sol Selecta's site.

You can listen to one track from this EP: Sabo & Cassady - Kuff Kumbia. Nueva Cumbia beats and dancehall ranting create quite a bright, funky roller. Can't wait to hear the rest!

Mad Decent writes:

..with remixes and re-edits of cumbia and Colombian folk songs, including classics like “La Cumbia Cienaguera” a.k.a. the song sampled for Samim’s “Heater” (on “Esa Loca Cumbia”) and Toto la Momposina’s “Curura.” “Soundboy Cumbia” puts a new dancehall spin on El Hijo de la Cumbia’s version of “Bombon Asesino” from the sold-out Bersa Discos #1 and “La Negra Chula”is a Bmore version of the merengue classic.