25 October 2009

Mimosa vs. Marty Party - The Perfect Flaw

Mimosa, whose Flux for Life EP is still very high in my personal ranking of best releases this year, has just set up a soundcloud account and shared a few interesting tracks. In particular his collaboration with Marty Party from PANTyRAiD sounds really nice.

Marty Party vs. MiM0SA - The Perfect Flaw by TigranMiMoSA

MiM0SA - iN The Trap by TigranMiMoSA

The Perfect Flaw resembles the instrumental wonky grime made in Bristol, of course Joker immediately comes to mind. Purple wow synths flow smoothly on a very solid glitchy bassline in a typical Mimosa 'spacey' style. 

In the Trap could have been included in the Flux for Life. The track merges glitch hop beat and acapellas with dubstep sub-bass. A perfect combination for me, this joint will rock you hard!!