29 October 2009

Piotrus Pan vs. Halfmanhalf - Beat your block


I'm really proud to post this banging, crunky tune on my blog. East - West cooperation between Piotruś Pan, a young beatmaker from Poland and Halfmanhalf, producer and emcee from Portland who collaborates with e.g. Lazer Sword! I nod my head like crazy listening to bouncy beat, lazer synths and infectious rapping of Halfmanhalf. Hit proper this is, I tell you young padavans!

Piotruś Pan is 22, he is a DJ, producer and turntablist. He has won the Skrecz.Com Battle in 2006. He has created an exclusive compilation of 20+ drum loops, synth lines and chordes “BEAT + Piotrus Pan” for Beatmatch.info  He is currently working on his EP, which will combine hip-hop, glitch, IDM and dubstep. His collaboration with Halfmanhalf is just a begining of the bigger project (I really cant wait to hear more stuff from these guys).

Check more music from Piotruś Pan and Halfmanhalf:

An ancient, very ancient track from 2001, a collaboration between Low Limit from Lazer Sword and Halfmanhalf - Touch My Hand. Oh, well I nearly shed a tear from my glazed eyes and felt so uplifted :))