03 November 2009


Oh, boy! Lazer Sword killed me on Saturday. This was like the best f...g bounce I in my entire life. And believe me I've seen quite a number of various acts doing havoc but none of them compared to what Lazer Sword did in Metro in BiaƂystok with people jumping like crazy all around with big smiles on their faces. It was hard, rocky and full of lazers as expected. I'm still tired after extremely exciting but also exhausting experience on this unforgettable halloweeen night. Well, the first post on this very blog was about Lazer Sword's Blap to the future mixtape, and now just barely a year after I had a chance to meet the boys and see them playing live. WICKED!!! I cant wait to see them again plyaing in Poland, which I'm sure will happen rather sooner than later. Once again thanks a lot guys for the fresh music gracing my ears and really pushing crunk sound all across cold northern part of my home country. Big up Low Limit and Lando Kal for a devastating set, Dj Dials for some heavy heavy dubstep bangers, DJ Koola for making this all happen , EH! Marine and Dizzy Trouble for bounce bounce bounce and more bounce and DJ Auricom for warming up the crowd!! YOU WERE ALL FANTASTIC!! (even backstage ha ha ha). Also mucios gracias to Metro's management for open minds music-wise and such a laidback atmosphere inside. Metro has been a great venue for years but 2009 seems to be like f...g huge. Don't stop please. You are the best. Enough. Let the music and pictures speak.